CO2 emissions limits in the EU: who achieved the goal?

CO2 emissions limits in the EU: who achieved the goal?
It is still not clear which car manufacturers have managed to comply with the CO2 emissions limits imposed by the European Union. However, there seem to be the first official communications revealing which companies have been able to stick to these limits and who, on the other hand, seem to have failed to meet the requirements. Apparently, the CEO of the Volkswagen group, as well as Herbert Diess, confirmed that the carmaker has failed to limit CO2 emissions according to the latest guidelines. Instead, good news comes from the Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer, which seems to have succeeded as requested by the European Union. In addition to the German company, it would seem that the BMW and Renault groups have also managed to comply with the new regulations relating to CO2 emissions. Pieter Nota, as well as sales manager of the BMW manufacturer, would indeed have stated the following:

Thanks to our Efficient Dynamics technologies and the more than 135,000 electrified vehicles we have delivered in Europe, we have achieved our fleet targets for emissions of CO2 in the European Union and we were even able to drop a few grams below the mandatory limit (100 g / km).

It would seem that the Munich group has closed the past year with sales of 2,324,809 BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce vehicles delivered to various parts of the world. These figures, if compared with those of previous years, seem to be clearly decreasing. Undoubtedly these losses are linked to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the situation was "saved" during the fourth half, with an increase in sales made possible thanks to some factors, such as the excellent results obtained with the 7 Series, 8 Series and the X7. In addition, the performance of China - thanks to which it was possible to record a + 7.5% - offset the sharp decline recorded in the USA (-18%) and in Europe (-15.7%). An important role was also played by the electrified models, thanks to which it was possible to increase sales by 31.8% to 192,646 units.

Even the car manufacturer Renault, with an increase in sales of electric vehicles has managed to comply with the rules imposed by the European Union. In fact, in a note from Boulogne-Billancourt it is possible to read that "Groupe Renault confirms that it has achieved its Cafe objectives (cars and light commercial vehicles) by the end of 2020". Sales of electric cars improved substantially, by 101.4% to 115,888 units, of which 100,657 related to the Zoe. Excellent result also obtained by cars with E-Tech hybrid technologies. However, it was not a good year for Renault in some European countries in fact, precisely in France, the car manufacturer closed the year with a drop in sales due to the coronavirus pandemic and, mainly, the lockdown.

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