Animal Crossing New Horizons: Guide to all the new activities for January

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Guide to all the new activities for January
The month of January has now also begun on Animal Crossing New Horizons: the life-sim of Nintendo Switch has in fact recently received an update that adds a new series of activities to be carried out on your island: let's find out what they are.

After the events of Animal Crossing's Toy Day, dedicated to Christmas, and New Year's Eve, the month of January has begun on the islands of Animal Crossing, which in addition to a long list of new creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons also brings with it new activities to carry out together with the other inhabitants of your island, which are added to those that started in December and will continue until the end of January.

Activities in progress

Among the activities that will be possible to undertake during the month of January, but which began in the previous months and are therefore simply a continuation of what was possible in December, we find the following.

Activities in Northern Hemisphere Course:

Snowflake Season (11th December / 24th February) - during this time it is possible to collect small and large snowflakes using the net, which can be resold at Nook's shop or used to build some of the objects dedicated to winter. Snowman Season (11th December / 24th February) - during the same period as the Snowflake Season, it will be possible to create talking snowmen by rolling the snowballs scattered around the island until they become big snowmen , from which it will then be possible to obtain large snowflakes. Activities in progress for the southern hemisphere:

Seashell Season (1 December / 24 February) - during this period you will have the opportunity to find some rare summer shells on the beaches of your island: these objects can then be used to build the exclusive objects of the season, or they can be resold at a price of 600 stars. New Activities

During the month of January it will then be possible to take part in a series of new activities.

Fishing Tournament

Starting January 11, from 09: 00 to 18:00 every day players from both hemispheres will be able to find Castorino wandering around the central square of the island: by talking to us, you will be able to participate in the event. It should be emphasized that the first registration is free, while for the subsequent ones you will have to pay 500 stars per registration.

The fishing tournament is basically a competition whose objective will be to catch the greatest number of fish over a period of 3 minutes: once the time is up, Castorino will award the participants a certain amount of points, which can then be spent to purchase the exclusive items of the event. The fish caught, then, can be sold to beaver, or brought to the museum. Insectomania

The January Insectomania event is dedicated to the southern hemisphere only, and will take place every day from 09:00 to 18:00 starting from 18 January. To participate in the event you must first speak with Ivano, a passing inhabitant who will be waiting for you in the central square of the island.

Similar to the fishing tournament, during the insect mania event you will have to try to catch as many insects as possible during the 3 minutes allowed for the race: depending on your final loot you will get a certain amount of points from Ivano, with which you can then buy the special items dedicated to the event.

As per the fishing tournament, also in this case the first participation will be free, while for each subsequent registration you will have to spend 500 stars. The captured insects can then be sold or donated to the Blatero museum. Animal Crossing New Horizons will receive a series of further updates throughout January and beyond, introducing additional events and special seasons.

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