All new Philips TVs of 2021

All new Philips TVs of 2021

The news in the oled and mini-led fields and the headphones coming out in the coming months

(Photo: Philips) Many news in the TV field for Philips, which has just unveiled the 2021 line. With the new P5 processor of fifth generation, the support of the hdmi 2.1 interface and increasingly abundant xxl screens, the historic brand will naturally focus on the quality of the oled, but also on the potential of the mini-led technology, which will be one of the trends of the current year.

Philips TVs for the first months of 2021 will also continue to improve the audio experience, the search for natural materials and the popular Ambilight solution that embraces the four sides for a more immersive vision.

The Philips Oled 806/856 range will arrive in the third quarter in 48 ", 55", 65 "and 77" sizes for the 806 model and in 55 "and 65" sizes for the 856. They will be compatible with hlg, hdr10 standards and hdr10 + and hdr10 + adaptive for better in-car optimization matrix of brightness levels and proprietary anti-burn-in technology that detects logos and other static content, protecting the integrity of the panel without loss of quality. The sound system is a 50 watt 2.1 with dedicated bass driver with triple ring on the back and four passive radiators. The interface on board is Android 10 Tv Os with Google Assistant and compatible with Alexa.

(Photo: Philips) The Philips 9636 Premium MiniLed will arrive in the summer in 65 "and 75" formats with the invative backlight with local dimming is the proprietary solution that creates deep blacks locally and with a peak brightness of up to 2000 nits. The color range reaches 95% DCI-P3, the sound is based on a Bowers & Wilkins 3.1.2 multi speaker. Same output window also for the Philips 9506 Premium MiniLed model - 65 "and 75" - with peak brightness of 1500 nits.

(Photo: Philips) Collaterally, the Philips A7306 Sport Tws in-ear headphones (price, 179.99 euros), the Philips A6606 with bone induction (149.99 euros), the Philips A4216 on-ears (69.99 euros) and the Philips A3206 wireless earphones (49.99 euros).

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