3D printers for industry: Formlabs Fuse 1

3D printers for industry: Formlabs Fuse 1
Formlabs of the United States today announced the debut of Fuse 1, the first industrial benchtop 3D printer of the SLS (selective laser sintering) type. A product intended to integrate into the workflow of engineers, designers and manufacturers.

Fuse 1 is Formlabs' new SLS 3D printer

Strength is Surface Armor technology in addition to the rate of 70% dust regeneration to reduce operating costs. These are the words of Max Lobovsky, CEO and co-founder of Formlabs.

Form 1 redefined stereolithography (SLA) printing for the additive manufacturing industry ten years ago, and now Fuse 1 offers the same standards of reliability and accessibility that Formlabs customers have come to expect from industrial 3D printing. SLS 3D printing should not be reserved exclusively for those with large budgets, but must be accessible to everyone, from startups to large manufacturers, so that every company can benefit from the design freedom and high productivity offered by SLS 3D printing. br>

Also presented are the Fuse Sift post-processing system for Fuse 1 and Nylon 12 Powder, Formlabs' first powder material for Fuse 1. These are the main features of the printer:

a modular printing chamber that allows continuous printing and reduces downtime; patent pending Surface Armor technology that creates a semi-sintered shell to protect the surface of the part during printing; ability to print with up to 70% recycled powder; material regeneration rate, minimum ratio of fresh powder required for printing of 30% for minimal material waste. Formlabs' new Fuse 1 is available now for $ 14,999.

Source: Formlabs

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