Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Guide to the Shitieshou (Panda Demons)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Guide to the Shitieshou (Panda Demons)

Wo Long

Despite appearances, not all demons are aggressive! In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Shitieshou are spiritual creatures that you will come across cyclically during your missions; they have the features of a baby panda and look incredibly hungry; your aim, of course, will be to appease their appetite by feeding them… with pieces of your equipment! The demons in question, in fact, feed exclusively on metal and, therefore, will refuse any other "treat".

How to feed the Shitieshou? Simply, approach them, open the Inventory, choose any piece of your equipment (preferably a low-level one that you don't use), select the "Drop" command, wait a few seconds and you will see the cute little bear snapping at what you have left, rewarding you with a random item.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty you can find 23 Shitieshou and, as soon as you have fed them all, you will be rewarded with the two trophies "How cute!" and “What a treasure!”.

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Where to find all Shitishou (Panda Demons) in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Quest: The Valley of Weeping Specters

This will probably be the first Shitieshou you will come across. You will find it on the way to access the cave, just before the lake with the mermaids, in a clearing guarded by a tiger.


Quest:  Yellow Paradise Demon Fort

You will find it inside a house found on the far right side of the village.


Mission: In Search of the Immortal Sorcerer

You will find it by continuing past the fourth battle flag that you will find in the area, just after the body of water with five mermaid demons at its inside.


Mission: Heishan's Flying Swallow

You will find it on the right side of the enemy camp, more precisely between two wooden towers.


Mission:  Shadow of the Holy Mountain

Just before the last battle flag (the one near the monkey white), take the corridor to the left of the monkey, destroy the bamboos, defeat the spiders, continue further and you will find the demon inside a wooden shack.


Mission: The Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

As soon as you have reached the last area before the final boss (the large garden with the last battle flag) go to the rightmost area and use the white wooden planks to go up to the next level; walk along the ledge and you will find this Wo Long's Shitieshou: Fallen Dynasty.


Mission:  Escape the Capital

Go inside of the building (immediately after the first battle flag), go up the stairs and head to the right walkway: you will find it just before the split of the wooden planks.


Mission:  The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass

You will find it by going to the leftmost area of ​​the battlefield, going up to the upper level (on the walls, so to speak) inside a building where in front you will find a brute armed with a mallet and, inside, a pikeman who will attack you by surprise.


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