Dead Space Remake | Where to find all the Rig [Guide]

Dead Space Remake | Where to find all the Rig [Guide]

One of the more articulated secondary missions of the Electronic Arts title will consist in finding all the Dead Space Remake rigs. During the 4th Chapter of the game, by interacting with the command console located in the Captain's room (next to the registers), you will unlock the side quest "You are not authorized" which, in essence, will ask you to collect all the Rigs of the bosses section of the Ishimura, returning them exactly to this point. As we said, you will be able to unlock the mission around the fourth chapter, and you will be able to complete it as soon as you get to the tenth, just before leaving the Ishimura.

The final reward of this mission will consist in obtaining a special card that , in essence, will grant you entry to a whole series of otherwise inaccessible rooms and areas and, moreover, will make you unlock the "Free Access" trophy. There are seven Rigs to find and, below, we will list their exact position, with all the necessary information on where to find it.

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Where to find all Rigs in Dead Space Remake

RIG #1 – Voelker's Rig

You will find it in the course in Chapter 3 , in the area where you will find yourself floating in zero gravity outside of the flight deck. Move along the left path of the bridge in question, in front of the cargo lift that leads to the engine room. Exactly in this area, near an oxygen tank, you will find the first Rig. Should you collect this collectible after Chapter 3, you will need to use the previously mentioned elevator to access the area;

RIG #2 – White's Rig

You will find this second item towards the end of the Chapter 4 . Go back to the previously mentioned area, the one where you will exit outside the Ishimura and you will be able to float in zero gravity: the Rig will be found on a ledge on the left;

RIG #3 – Holt's Rig

You can find this third Rig in Hydroponics which will be accessed for the first time starting in Chapter 6 . As soon as you have accessed the East cultivation chamber, destroy the three nodes that you will find on the left, so as to clear the area behind the elevator: it will be right there that you will find the object you are looking for;

RIG #4 – Dallas Rig

Luckily you will get this Rig automatically during the main storyline of Dead Space Remake (to be more precise, in Chapter 7 ), so you can't miss it.

RIG #5 – Rousseau's Rig

You will be able to get your hands on this Rig as soon as you have obtained level 3 security clearance. Head to the Fuel Depot: on the top floor, enter the locked room at key and you will find the Rig on the floor;

RIG #6 – Bailey's Rig

You can find it during Chapter 8, when you have access to the Communications area. In the communications control room, enter E. Bailey's office: you will find the Rig lying on the desk at the back of the room;

RIG #7 – Benson's Rig

The Last Rig you are looking for can be found in Chapter 10, in the bridge area. Go through the crew deck entrance to reach the tram maintenance tunnel, then go under the stairs; at this point, you will find Benson's Rig lying on the ground;

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