The future of cars is electric, why do you have doubts?

The future of cars is electric, why do you have doubts?

The future of cars is electric

In mid-February 2023, a few weeks ago, the European Parliament voted, with a positive effect, the elimination of petrol and diesel cars in Europe starting from 2035. The proposal, which has been on the committee's tables for a couple of years now, was definitively approved despite almost half of the representatives opposing this decree.

Ever since electric cars began to become the subject of the news everyday life, to many, including the writer, it became clear that "the future is electric". All this has created real fans, detractors of the electric car, who shout their amazement and dissent towards this decision on any information and social platform - and more generally towards electric cars, considered absolute evil.

To understand the spirit of this editorial, considering the thorny subject that easily inflames spirits, I think it is important to present the profile of who is writing to you: I am a lover of four – and even two – wheels. I've owned classic cars and still drive a sports car to this day, and I don't mind a few laps around the track now and then. However I also bought a Tesla a few years ago (which I then resold), and I deal with various test drives and car reviews, which you can find published in MotorLabs, for both electric and thermal cars. All this only serves to give a context: I'm not a fanboy of electric cars, I don't currently own an electric car, but I think I know both the pros and cons well, and above all the emotions that a thermal car can give, so how driving with an electric car changes. In what you will read further on there is no type of fanaticism, neither for one nor the other category.

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