Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Review

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Review

Wo Long

Nope! Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not a soulslike and it would also be time to stop combining every action created to test the players' skills with the works of From Software. Wo Long is a Team Ninja production and, as such, brings with it all that baggage of experience, and peculiar elements, that the famous software house has gained over the course of its twenty-eight-year career.

Undoubtedly Wo Long, as previously done by the Ni-Oh series, takes inspiration from some dynamics seen in From Software's works (in this case from Sekiro's combat system and from the role-playing components that have always distinguished Hidetaka Miyazaki's titles), but it is nuances that decorate a production that, never like this time, seems to draw heavily from the past of the famous software house.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, in fact, the most attentive will find similarities with Ninja Gaiden and Ni-Oh, in what is a colorful videogame fresco, designed to make all lovers of above-average challenges and the history of Imperial China fall in love with it.

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Chronicles Of The Three Kingdoms

regards the story narrated by Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, one could say that “the winning team does not change”. In fact, Team Ninja has opted again to create its own peculiar version of a specific historical era, this time going to set the events during the years that preceded the Chinese Middle Ages, or during the period of the three kingdoms.

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