Super Mario: 7 unmissable gadgets to buy at Mario Day

Super Mario: 7 unmissable gadgets to buy at Mario Day

Super Mario

Today, March 10, is Super Mario Day. For years now, this day has been dedicated to the most famous plumber in the history of video games, given that the abbreviated format of the date, or "Mar10", is practically the same as the character's name. It is therefore not a real anniversary, but a nice opportunity to celebrate the absolute star of the Nintendo house and, why not, to make some themed purchases.

Below we will present you 7 unmissable gadgets that any Super Mario fan should have, and which represent the perfect goodies to buy during this Mario Day. We have chosen various types of products for you, suitable for both adults and children and, obviously, which accommodate different budgets, so that you will surely find at least one item that will earn a place on your shelf in order to commemorate your love for the character.

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LEGO Adventures of Mario set

Among the most interesting gadgets to celebrate Mario Day we point out the LEGO 71360 "Adventures of Mario", which is a perfect set especially for the little ones, who they will be able to enjoy building the world of Super Mario and experience engaging adventures together with the character. Through a colored sensor and an LCD screen, the figure of Mario will in fact allow you to view the reactions with respect to the movements and the LEGO bricks on which he will be positioned along the way. The set includes 231 pieces and is suitable for ages 6 and up. All in all, a great introduction to the world of interactive LEGO sets, as well as one of the best ways to celebrate Mario Day.

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LEGO Bowser sets

In on the occasion of Mario Day, you could buy or at least consider taking home the model of the famous final boss, namely the powerful Bowser. Composed of 2807 pieces, it is a fairly large 3D model, full of details and therefore excellent for display or to play with; the articulated legs and tail, as well as the rotating head, will allow you to create many different poses. With the help of other LEGO sets, in particular 71360, 71387 and 71403, the mighty Bowser can also be interactive, confirming himself as one of the best items to celebrate Mario Day.

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UNO Cards

If you like card games, the Super Mario Bros version of Mattel's popular UNO is for you. The game is obviously based on the classic rules, which means that players will have to match the colors and numbers of their cards to those of the discard pile. Everything is designed to meet Super Mario enthusiasts, with themed colors and designs, and to maximize the fun for up to 10 people.

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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

If you own a Switch, the latest Nintendo console, you absolutely cannot miss the Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, which will make you experience Mario Kart in a completely new and immersive way. Thanks to the 4 doors and 2 curve signals included in the package, you can in fact transform your home into a racing circuit, driving karts in the real world and following the action in first person on the Nintendo Switch or TV screen via the cameras placed on every car. You can have fun creating circuits that are always different and original, and compete with up to 4 players in adrenaline-filled tournaments.

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Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. edition

h3> The most nostalgic fans of Nintendo will remember the Game & Watch, one of the Japanese giant's oldest consoles and which represented to all intents and purposes an alarm clock, with which, however, it was possible to play simple 8-bit titles. Well, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, a special and brand new Game & Watch was released, and Mario Day is therefore the perfect opportunity to catch it up. The console includes 3 games: the classic Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros: the Lost Level and Mario version of Ball; of course, when you're not playing you can decide to use it as a digital clock, making any room you put it unique.

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Super Mario Bros lamp

L The nostalgia effect continues, in this case with a stupendous lamp dedicated entirely to Super Mario Bros., a classic and timeless title dated 1985. Perfect to be placed above a desk or a bedside table, it features a print depicting a typical scenario on the entire surface of the game, complete with clouds, Goomba mushrooms and boxes with question marks; another gem is the NES controller-shaped switch, where the keys will be used to turn the light on and off or to change its intensity. In short, it is the perfect piece of furniture for all Super Mario fans, and also excellent as a gift.

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Eastpack backpack

Last but not least in our list of the best gadgets to buy at Mario Day is a magnificent backpack made in collaboration between Eastpack and Nintendo and dedicated entirely to Super Mario. In fact, we find a newspaper effect print in which there are some of the most famous quotes of the character, such as "Here We Go!", as well as Mario, drawn in different positions and styles. Obviously the backpack boasts Eastpack quality, so it is extremely durable: it will last generations without showing any signs of age, and will accompany you faithfully to school, work or on any journey.

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