Stuck 2, review: the return of Ficarra and Picone

Stuck 2, review: the return of Ficarra and Picone

Stuck 2, review

After just over a year, Ficarra and Picone are back to conquer the binge watching audience, with Incastrati 2, available on Netflix from March 2, 2023 in all of its 6 episodes. If you were passionate about the first season of this all-Italian comedy-crime TV series released on January 1, 2022, you certainly cannot miss the twists and turns of the second part, especially since it is a true continuation of the narrative right where we had it left on the debut season finale. The comic duo will accompany you in a narrative increasingly full of misunderstandings and ambiguous situations, which will involve almost all of the characters until the end of the season. We remind you that if you don't want to miss this TV series but also all the news of March 2023 in the Netflix streaming catalog.

Ficarra and Picone

Ficarra and Picone again… Stuck

Incastrati 2 picks up where we left off: Salvo ( Salvatore Ficarra ) and Valentino ( Valentino Picone ) find themselves on their knees in front to Tonino Macaluso (Tony Sperandeo), called Cosa Inutile, who threatens to kill them, pointing a weapon at them. Since the first episode of the second season, therefore, the ambiguous and paradoxical events continue in which the two protagonists have constantly found each other from the beginning of the story narrated.

Ficarra, Picone and Marianna Di Martino Salvo is still in crisis with his wife Ester (Anna Favella), Valentino is at the mercy of moral dilemmas caused by the situation he is experiencing between the criminal affairs in which he has been involved, the relationship with an overly apprehensive mother and the stormy relationship with Agata Scalia (Marianna Di Martino), also involved in the Gambino case as a policewoman. The story becomes more complicated and intertwines more and more when the murder of Alberto Gambino is joined by a further double homicide which conceals the identity of a mysterious man, perhaps the same culprit of the previous case, on which no solutions can be found.

Ficarra and Picone In short, the plot thickens more and more with the appearance of foreign criminals, the revelation of some facts anticipated in the first season, the inclusion of numerous twists and turns that resolve some outstanding issues, all this always poised between the classic never vulgar comedy of Ficarra and Picone and a thriller alone, on which the whole series is based, which makes it all the more engaging.

Why watch Stranded 2?

In Incastrati 2 the positive traits that we listed in our review of the first season are reconfirmed: the more engaging pace compared to the previous season, but at times waning, of all 6 episodes allows you to fully enjoy the TV series without too much effort, also thanks to the duration of about 30 minutes per episode which flows quickly without unleashing too many doubts in the viewer.

Going forward with the episodes, a growing suspense is perceived which reaches its climax during the last two episodes and this happens precisely because with this second season all the "circles" started and left open in the previous season are closed. This second season of Stuck could almost be defined as a season in between, a sort of season 1.5, with the aim of wanting to conclude the story without having to start other narrative arcs. Therefore, if "pieces of the puzzle" were missing in the first season, here we find them all, insert them in their place and, once the episodes are finished, we can put it back in a frame, this puzzle full of joints, misunderstandings and light comedy.

Stuck 2, one of the initial scenes The narration, therefore, is convincing even if emphasized and full of clich├ęs that attempt an attack on the judicial system, not so much towards Sicily, the place where the series was filmed, but really aimed at the Italian state. All these aspects are always aligned in parallel with the irony with which Ficarra and Picone talk about these issues which, even if they aim to elicit a few smiles, are always tackled with awareness and intelligence, as indeed they have always done in their sketches .

There are, however, some traits that didn't make the second season of Stuck shine: one of these is certainly the inclusion of Mexican criminals who keep the mafiosi protagonists of the events of the series under pressure for economic reasons. but whose backgrounds are not explored, leading the viewer to wonder the reasons involving the two criminal groups. The other reason is perhaps only for moral principle, but the humanization, through flashbacks and anecdotes, of ambiguous personalities such as those of the criminals is a bit in bad taste. We agree it's just a TV series with events taken from fictional stories by Ficarra and Picone, but this fact suggests that "even the bad guys have done good things and suffered", an epilogue that makes one's nose turn up a bit.

Tony Sperandeo, Ficarra and Picone


To conclude, the finale of Incastrati 2 is really very intense, certainly thanks to the strong message it wants to leave, a message of liberation in every sense, of which however we will not make spoilers so as not to influence your vision. Finally, the excellent Maurizio Marchetti deserves a mention, already appreciated in Pif's comedy E Noi Come Stronzi Rimanemmo a Guardare, and the legendary Leo Gullotta, who we know well is particularly linked to issues of the fight against the underworld, especially the Sicilian one.

Ultimately Incastrati 2 is a good, totally local product, as well as being the launch product in the world of the TV series of Ficarra and Picone, which wants to open your eyes in a comic way on issues on which there would be no nothing to laugh about, but they fully succeeded and we certainly didn't expect the opposite. We remind you that all 6 episodes of the TV series are available from March 2, 2023 on Netflix.

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