Rivian recalls all of its cars for steering and suspension

Rivian recalls all of its cars for steering and suspension

Rivian has announced a voluntary recall campaign involving 12,212 vehicles - virtually the entire production of the company which to date consists of the R1T pickup, R1S SUV and EDV electric van that Rivian is making for it. for Amazon, one of its biggest investors.

Rivian reportedly sent a letter to all the owners of one of its vehicles - including some editors of major auto magazines. electric - reporting a safety issue affecting the car's steering, as well as the suspension compartment.

To date there have been at least 7 confirmed cases of customers who have complained of problems with the steering, problems that could lead to excessive camber in the wheels which, in extremely rare cases, could result in a wheel that detaches from the vehicle almost inevitably causing an accident.| ); }

The recall campaign launched by Rivian therefore affects all its vehicles, even if the percentage of those involved is much lower: unfortunately there is no way from the factory to confirm whether the bolts are guilty of this problem have been screwed in with the right tightening torque, and the only way to check this is to do it manually, one machine at a time.

“It is an excess of caution, but we have voluntarily decided to recall our vehicles and we aim to check them all within the next 30 days. For most owners, the process will take a few minutes, and it will be enough to tighten a few bolts to the right torque. " RJ said himself, in the letter sent to Rivian customers.

Customers can make an appointment by calling the dedicated number, or even go to a Rivian Service Center without an appointment; there are already the first very positive examples of those who say they spent only a few minutes in the workshop while their car was being checked - in the rare cases where the damage should be more serious than expected, Rivian has already provided replacement vehicles for those who will have to leave their car in the workshop.

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