RGB led strips for the gaming station | The best of 2023

RGB led strips for the gaming station | The best of 2023

We have updated this article with the best RGB LED strips for gaming stations in order to guarantee you many types of products, all characterized by good quality and a competitive price.

To improve the quality of your gaming station gaming you must also pass through the lights. However, to create the right atmosphere in which to immerse yourself in your videogame sessions, there is no need for large invasive systems. The lighting of your gaming station can be improved by the backlighting of RGB LED strips, long and thin applications that can be placed behind monitors, desks, shelves and more to spread a little color without taking up space, or to illuminate those free areas that your main lights cannot reach.

LED strips exist in all sizes, useful for the most diverse uses. Whether you want to emphasize the composition of the background behind your facecam in streaming, or you simply want to adorn your gaming station with space-saving methods, LED strips are certainly useful. Most of these devices also have smart functions that can be adjusted by special remote controls or apps, they can hook up to the Google Home and Alexa smart home or even adjust themselves to the rhythm of the music thanks to special sensors.

First check out our guide to buying the best RGB led strips, make sure you also check out the best smart wall lighting for gaming, the best streaming lights and the best ring lights.

RGB led strips for the gaming station, the best

Solutions for screens and monitors Solutions for the desk Solutions for PCs and consoles Solutions for the room Philips Hue, the best solution

RGB led strips for screens and monitors

When it comes to backlighting your monitors, it is essential to have RGB led strips with a low size as these applications cannot be cut as if they were adhesive tape: the strips must be divided according to the cut mark. For monitors and screens, it is therefore advisable to buy 2 or 3 meter RGB LED strips, or 5 meters if you have screens larger than 60 inches. The best RGB LED strips that you could use for your monitors are those that can connect directly to any USB sockets on the monitor, for this reason we have chosen the Govee and Tasmor RGB LED strips, both excellent brands with good value for money. Pay attention to the smart functions available, sometimes it is necessary to use an integrated remote control (usually included in the package), other times a dedicated app or the voice commands of the smart home are enough.


RGB led strips for the desk

If you need to backlight the entire desk location, including devices and furniture, then you should rely on larger strip sizes RGB leds. In this case, make sure you also have enough USB sockets available to power the strips, as you may need more than one. Alternatively, some solutions could have an autonomous power supply to be applied to a power outlet. As for the RGB LED strips dedicated to screens and monitors, also in this case we suggest you take into consideration the smart functions available. Our selection of RGB led strips for the desk focuses again on Govee and Tasmor which, also in this sector, prove to be two excellent brands on which to rely.


RGB led strips for PC and console

RGB led strips The best solutions for RGB led strips to be applied to your PC case may vary according to their type of application: if your If your case overheats easily, LED strips that use adhesives to stick to surfaces may be less suitable than magnetic LED strips. Conversely, if the PC case does not have metal supports on which to attach the magnets, you should resort to alternative solutions, such as adhesive strips. As for the consoles, be careful to disassemble the various applications according to the manufacturer's instructions. Another thing to take into account for the LED strips to be applied to the case is the square footage: since these are small-sized devices, it is possible that you prefer to have dimensions far under 2 meters . If the case is transparent on one or more sides, you could also hypothesize the insertion of RGB LEDs inside the equipment, which can be powered directly from the motherboard (watch out for the internal ports to attach the strips to). Our selection, in this specific sector, has been made towards brands known for the quality of the materials used, for this reason we have chosen Corsair, with its iCUE RGB LED strips, as regards the PC and eXtrameRate as regards the universe console.


RGB lamps for the room

If you are planning a global backlighting of your gaming station, furniture or in general of the entire room, perhaps it would be better for you to buy much larger sizes of RGB LED strips. In this case you can opt for one of the various products on this list, such as RGB led strips for desks, making sure you choose fairly large sizes. Alternatively, to illuminate the last blind spots of the room you could also opt for alternative and minimally invasive solutions, such as wall, desk or floor lamps. For this reason we have chosen both the excellent and economical Zuuko RGB smart lamps and the Goove Glide Music, which, in addition to illuminating the room at will and being aesthetically successful, change color and intensity according to the music. Not bad, right? Obviously try to buy them all of the same brand in order to have shared functions, modes and control system.


RGB Led Strip Philips Hue for televisions

Finally, there are those who play a completely different game in the field of lighting using RGB LED strips: we are talking about the Philips Hue program made up of various light sources, including RGB LED strips. The cost is much higher than its competitors, but it is completely justified: we are talking about very high quality materials boosted by synchronization with smart TVs . Philips Hue RGB led strips are all calibrated for the regular dimensions of the most common TVs. These products synchronize with the appliances to reproduce the same colors reproduced on the screen in real time! To work properly they also need Philips Hue Bridge and Philips Hue Sync Box sold separately, but we assure you that having the complete package is really worth it: 16 million colors that blend evenly in a single LED strip with shades natural!


How to choose the best RGB LED strips

To choose the RGB LED strips that best suit your needs, you must also consider other characteristics common to these products, things that may vary according to the type and size. Specifically, we are talking about the square footage and available space, energy saving and smart functions.

Size and available space

Of fundamental importance in choosing the most suitable LED strips at your gaming station is the square footage of these strips. In this buying guide we have included both the shorter ones, in the order of a few tens of centimetres, and the longer ones (up to around 20 metres). Shorter strips are better suited to PC cases or small monitors, while longer strips fit behind furniture, large TVs and screens, or even, as in the case of Govee's Smart Wall Light , act as a cable garage on the wall .

There are no standard gaming stations, very different from the layout of your room, the house, the sockets or above all from your gaming needs. For this reason, in the section dedicated to RGB LED strips for the room, we have also added similar solutions such as the aforementioned Smart Wall Light or the Smart Flow lamps that work in a similar way, covering any blind spots in the workstation.

Lastly, when it comes to large sizes of LED strips, be careful not to cut them on cables or even spotlights: many of the solutions presented in this article have dotted lines that guide the ideal cuts to be made to separate multiple parts of strips RGB LEDs and adapt them better to the shape of your gaming station. Other solutions, such as the Philips Hue RGB LED strips, are designed to adapt exclusively to specific appliances.


RGB LED strips are not to be confused with normal lighting sources and for this reason they should never be positioned "in sight" but hidden inside the furnishing accessories to which you want to install them. If, for example, you want to install RGB LED strips to your monitor or television, you will have to apply them to the rear frame so that the light radiates behind your piece of furniture and does not point directly at you. Similarly, on a desk, the RGB led strips will be installed on the lower part of the worktop. Obviously, this discourse does not apply to RGB LED lamps, which almost always have an opaque structure that attenuates their brightness, guaranteeing the same effect offered by the refraction generated by mounting the LED strips as indicated above.

RGB or White LED strips?

One of the most frequent doubts is whether to choose RGB LED strips, which therefore offer a wide range of colours, or simple white LED strips. The choice, of course, must first be made according to one's own needs. If you want to illuminate a room, perhaps you are not looking for an excessively wide range of colors and LED strips that offer various shades of white can prove to be more than sufficient for your purpose. On the contrary, if you wanted to add a light source that blends well with the images of your gaming monitor, or your TV in the living room, choosing RGB LED strips could be the right choice, obviously taking into account the smart options and compatibility with your TV. When choosing which LED strips to buy, you must always take into consideration the object, or the portion of the house, that you want to illuminate and understand what atmosphere you want to create around it.

Savings energy

Having an extra eye for environmental sustainability and ecology is not something to be taken for granted in this particular historical period. Before buying the LED strips that are most convenient for you, if you care, also make sure that they can help you save something in terms of energy: long-lasting LEDs save you on spare parts, on / off buttons rather than direct sockets avoid unnecessary waste, other functions of some products may include adjusting the brightness of the led strips, consuming less electricity. Other products, on the other hand, could connect to the PC or TV via USB sockets instead of using an independent power supply, reducing, even if only slightly, the energy impact.

Smart functions

The many colors and the infinite ways in which the LED strips can be set are characteristics to be taken into consideration when you want to illuminate multiple elements of the desk or gaming station, in order to create different and/or combined lighting effects. Take a good look at the smart functions that may change according to the different models that we have examined in this list: some may have integrations with Alexa or Google Home, still others may need the support of a dedicated remote control or an app for smartphone.

The Philips Hue lighting environment, may be the best solution in this case, given its integration and synchronization with TVs using the Sync Box. Unfortunately, in this case these are products that are not suitable for everyone's economic reach, but keep an eye on the other models being updated in this article to find, from time to time, some effective and cheaper imitations.


When choosing which RGB LED strips to buy, price is an important factor to take into consideration. Compared to the past, however, now illuminating a room, or a portion of it, with LED lights no longer has a prohibitive price, just as the cost difference between RGB LED strips and white LED strips is no longer the case. marked to make the choice for you. Even the many brands on the market can be a dispersive element that doesn't help in understanding how to best navigate the different price ranges. For all these reasons, our advice, if you don't want to rely on the choices we have made regarding the best RGB LED strips, is always to know first what you are looking for in terms of functions from your LED strips.

A excluding excessively cheap models, which could hide short-lasting materials, the large price differences between the various RGB LED strips are nowadays mostly dictated by the smart functions associated with them. Having strips that connect via USB, and perhaps interface with your device, will present a decidedly different cost compared to common LED strips which, once applied, can be connected to a very ordinary socket and controlled via a proprietary remote control .

For all these reasons, as we also suggested in a paragraph of our guide, first of all try to understand your real needs. If it is enough for the room to be lit and for you to be given the possibility of choosing which color to do it with, a kit of LED strips associated with a proprietary remote control, possibly of the same brand, could be enough for you to have a single device that controls them all, making you significantly save on the final price of your modification

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