Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | February 2023

Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | February 2023


The more time passes, the closer the new version 1.20 of Minecraft gets, and given the new features illustrated up to now, we can only be impatient for its arrival. One of the best ways to fill this expectation is undoubtedly to spend time with mods, who manage to amaze us day after day with their innovative and refreshing contents. That's why we are back again this month with the best 10 mods of February!

In the following paragraphs you will find mods of all kinds, so that every type of player can find the ones that suit him best. So if you are looking for mods that improve your building experience, that make the gameplay more challenging and challenging, or that introduce new features that can upset your game, then you will surely find something for you below. Before leaving you to the list, if you need help installing mods in Minecraft, you can always consult our official guide .

#1 — Meadow

Modloader: Fabric Version: 1.19. 2 Additional files: no Release date: February 3

Minecraft The first mod on this list heavily modifies the Plains biome, but without distorting it too much. The add-on implements new constructions, tons of new animals and several new items such as cheese, along with a brand new crafting system for the latter.

It will be possible to produce different types of cheese depending on the animal from which the milk to be used to make it comes. In addition to this, numerous new flowers, paintings, a new type of wood and so on and so forth are also implemented. A mod that approaches the vanilla experience, expanding into a completely new side of the game.

#2 — Cluttered

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | .18.2 | 1.16.5 Additional files: no Release date: February 13, 2023

Minecraft If you were looking for something that could help you make the interiors of your buildings more diverse and original, then this mod is for you. In fact, Cluttered implements dozens and dozens of new furniture and interior objects: armchairs, bookcases, tables, shelves and lamps are just some of the elements added by this add-on, moreover with an extremely flamboyant and colorful style, so as to give new life to your buildings.

Many of the objects implemented by the mod are also inspired by other famous titles such as Animal Crossing, The Sims 4, Starbound or Overwatch. The add-on is constantly expanding and future plans include adding new items inspired by other games, so it's a very interesting mod to follow and keep an eye on.

# 3 — Echoing Expanse

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: February 2, 2023

Minecraft The Underwater biome is still a pretty fresh addition, implemented in the game just under a year ago, and the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. For those players who loved this biome comes a new mod that further improves the gaming experience in this new location by adding different elements.

First a haze is implemented to the entire biome to make the atmosphere even darker. Among the new objects, however, we have the Screeching Horn , which can summon the Warden, or the Echolocator , which can locate all nearby monsters. There are also new decorations, together with Warding Pots scattered throughout the biome containing excellent loot, so as to encourage the exploration of the biome and not just aiming to find the Ancient Cities.

# 4 — Enchanting Table Descriptions

Modloader: Fabric Version: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 | 1.19.1 Additional files: Enchantment Descriptions , Fabric API Release date: February 3, 2023

Minecraft A simple mod, which however can be extremely useful, especially for those users who are not yet very familiar with the game, or who have only recently approached it. With this add-on, when you open the Enchantment Table and view the enchantments available for a certain item, you can see what exactly each of them does.

The mod is very useful especially for those enchantments that they have names that are not very explanatory, so as to help players without having to visit a wiki when they are faced with a spell they do not remember or do not know how to use.

#5 — Spyglass Astronomy

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 | 1.19 Additional files: no Release date: February 5, 2023

Minecraft This new mod implements a decidedly original and interesting feature. With the Spyglass Astronomy it is in fact possible to create your own constellations in the infinite Minecraft sky, thanks to the addition of new customizable stars and planets.

Constellations can be created by connecting multiple stars, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking. It is also possible to give a name to these constellations and planets, and also add information about them that can be viewed using simple commands. The mod therefore allows you to create a real story within your Minecraft world based on fully customizable narratives and elements in the sky.

Minecraft is available on all major consoles, and you can buy it on  Amazon.

#6 — Gearifiers

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: February 11, 2023

Minecraft The next mod that we present to you is perfect for giving support to the spells that we can put on our equipment. In fact, Gearifiers implements a system that allows the player to add modifiers to weapons and armor, which modify their base stats with bonuses (or maluses).

It is possible, for example, to modify the our armor so that it gives us less armor points, but more life points; or we can improve our sword to make killing a monster give us the chance to get its loot twice, but maybe it will do less damage. In short, these are modifiers that, with a little luck, can take our equipment to the next level and make us even more powerful.

#7 — Gliders

Modloader: Forge/ Fabric Version: 1.19.2 Additional Files: no Release Date: February 18, 2023

Minecraft There is no doubt that Elytras are among the most useful items in the game, but unfortunately they are quite difficult to obtain . It is, in fact, an end game item, and therefore obtainable only after beating the Dragon of the End. This mod slightly alleviates the problem by implementing an item that facilitates exploration almost at the level of the Elytra, i.e. the Paraglider.

This new item is available in all primary materials (for example Iron, Diamond and Netherite), and works very similar to Elytra. In fact, it will be enough to equip it in the Torso slot and then hold down the jump key on your keyboard to start gliding, so you can move from one point to another easily and eliminate the risk of death in case you jump from a high point. An excellent and convenient alternative to Elytra!

#8 — Mob Despawn Timers

Modloader: Forge/Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: February 24, 2023

Minecraft This very useful mod is a lifesaver for all our mob spawners. The Mob Despawn Timers, in fact, allows you to curb the functionality which, to improve performance, makes the monsters despawn in an instant when the player is too far from them, making the timing with which the monsters disappear totally customizable .

In this way it is therefore possible to get away from your mob spawner without the dozens and dozens of monsters that have spawned, for which we have waited for many precious minutes of our time, disappearing into thin air. The hero we didn't know we needed.

#9 — Fireproof Boats

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 | 1.16.5 Additional files: no Release date: February 24, 2023

Minecraft The creator of this mod asked himself a very right question: why add non-combustible types of wood to Minecraft, but then not add the possibility to build boats? The mod then does just that, implementing the ability to create boats made of crimson Ife and distorted fire-resistant Ife.

With these boats it will therefore be possible to navigate the huge lava oceans of the Nether and move around with ease; a very valid alternative if you are still in the first moments of the game and do not own the Elytra.

#10 — TugkanDeMan's Weaponry

Modloader: Forge/Fabric Version: 1.19.2 Additional files: Better Combat (optional) Release date: February 21, 2023

Minecraft The last mod on this list works on weapons, both slightly improving existing ones and implementing new ones. The revised axes and swords take on a much more intriguing look, and are also available in new variants such as Copper.

Among the new weapons we find maces, katanas, greatswords and many other options. The functionality of using weapons as decoration also deserves to be mentioned, thanks to the possibility of hanging them and making them look like hell.

The list of the best mods for February concludes with this last one. Did you happen to already know any of them? Which ones will you try? Let us know yours with a comment below, and in the meantime we also invite you to recover the top 10 of the month of January.

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