Garden lounger | The best of 2023

Garden lounger | The best of 2023

In this March update, we replaced the Amazon Basics patio lounger with a different model from the same brand. The new proposal is more interesting than the previous one as it integrates two cup holders (one for each chair) and a folding table that allows you to place two more cups. Finally, in the final part of the article, we have added a short paragraph dedicated to the amount that should be spent to buy a good garden deckchair.

After having pointed out which are the best garden hammocks and the correct method to understand whether a model is valid or not, we now want to go back to talking about outdoor comfort and garden items, creating a guide dedicated to the best garden deck chairs which, during the summer, play an important role in trying to relieve stress or simply turn out to be excellent products for spending the afternoons on the hottest days lying down under an umbrella or perhaps under one of the best gazebos.

Read also: Gazebo | The best of 2021 As you know, garden deck chairs are not all the same, which is why we decided to go looking for the best ones and bring them back in this article, adding in the second part the reasons that led us to select certain models rather than others . Indeed, although the task of a garden deckchair is to make you relax, there are models able to offer you greater comfort, thanks to more ergonomic structures and quality materials, perhaps enriched with cushions and headrests. Having said that, let's not waste any more time and let's find out immediately which are the best models that will allow you to obtain comfort equal, if not superior, to the deckchairs you find on the beach.

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The best garden loungers

Amazon Basics Ampel 24 Totò Piccinni Kidkraft Outsunny

Amazon Basics

As often happens, especially in certain product categories, the items made by the Amazon Basics brand are excellent and with a very good quality/price ratio. This is the case with these garden deck chairs which, in our opinion, deserve to be included in our buying guide because they have everything you need for you to relax and enjoy excellent comfort. Available in various colors, these models have been designed to give you the sensation of weightlessness and feature a resistant steel frame and textilene fabric. Furthermore, they include two removable headrest cushions, but above all two cup holders (1 for each chair) and a folding table on which to place two more cups. A complete set, ideal for those who don't want to limit themselves to a single deckchair and, in this regard, we inform you that the proposal includes two garden deckchairs.


Ampel 24

Available in various structures, the garden deckchair produced by Ampel 24 is another model to be taken into consideration by those who want to equip themselves with a solution capable of guaranteeing excellent comfort. Just like the previous model, it has been designed to give you a "zero gravity" effect, for the benefit of relaxation typical of professional beach solutions. The maximum capacity reported by the manufacturer is 150 kg, while the structure is made up of a solid and weather-resistant larch frame, as well as covered with a quality breathable fabric.


Totò Piccinni

If you like wood, this garden deckchair is the one for you! Unlike the previous models, it has a very soft and very comfortable cushion padded with foam, washable and replaceable with numerous other cushions in multiple colors (sold separately). The wooden structure was designed to be reclined in 3 positions, adapting to both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it's simple to fold away, making it easy to transport and space-saving when not in use.



If you're looking for a solution dedicated to children, you will be happy to know that it exists and is produced by Kidkraft. Unlike the other models, in this case it will not be possible to adjust it in different inclinations, but we believe that this lack is not important if we consider that it is intended exclusively for children. The overall quality, however, is excellent and the three-sided canopy and mesh window will allow your little ones to shelter from the sun. Included in the price, you will find 2 lined cushions and 2 cup holders, as well as assembly instructions, which will allow even the less experienced to assemble it in a few minutes.



We could not close the list of the best garden deckchairs without mentioning a model from Outsunny, the leading brand in gardening equipment. This solution is undoubtedly the most desired, but it has a much higher cost than the other models. It is ideal for those who want to have, in addition to comfort, a deck chair that can make an aesthetic difference. In fact, the structure boasts first-class workmanship and includes a sun canopy resistant to sunlight and bad weather. Being double and supported by a high quality structure, the base can easily support 2 people. Understand that we are dealing not with a simple garden deckchair, but with a piece of furniture that combines design with functionality.


How to choose the garden deckchair

As you can imagine, the factors that determine whether or not a garden deckchair is valid focus almost exclusively on comfort, so it is not surprising if the elements to take into consideration are similar to those we have reported in our recent guide to the best garden hammocks. In any case, there are some features that should not be missing if maximum comfort is to be achieved and they are the following:

What should the structure of a garden deckchair look like?

Since that we are talking about garden deckchairs, checking whether or not a given model has a folding structure is important, given that the latter will help you move it from one place to another quickly and easily, as well as having the advantage of occupying little space when you need to put it aside. This structure should possibly be made with materials such as steel or wood which, in addition to making the product resistant, absorb heat better than a plastic solution.

If the deck chair will be placed in a fixed position, then you may not even consider folding models, opting for a bulkier and heavier structure, which translates into a more resistant and, often, more comfortable product. However, we reiterate that the bulkier models will prove to be excellent only if you intend to place them in the immediate vicinity of your home, since they would be too difficult to move from one place to another.

What is the right inclination of a garden deckchair?

Although any garden deckchair allows you to adjust the backrest, except for models with a very rigid structure (usually wooden ones), it is right to take into consideration the model that offers the greatest inclination possibilities , so you can easily find the most comfortable position for you. Furthermore, it would be preferable for the deckchair to have the possibility of adjusting the inclination also in the front part, using a special integrated footrest, allowing you to bring your feet and legs to the height you prefer.

What for do you need armrests in a garden deckchair?

Although they are not essential, armrests have the potential to increase the comfort of a garden deckchair, especially in models whose shape tends to resemble a chair. This also applies to headrests and footrests, which should not be missing in the most expensive and refined solutions.

What weight must a garden deck chair support?

Among the factors to take into consideration when if you buy this type of product, there is also the maximum weight that can support the structure, which is essential to avoid damaging the deckchair and, consequently, if the frame gives way. In this regard, our advice is to take your weight into consideration, and then evaluate a model that supports a slightly higher weight, although the higher the better, of course. In any case, most of the models are able to easily support over 100 kg.

What materials should a garden deckchair have?

Although the materials tend to influence the stability and the resistance of a product, in the case of garden deck chairs also have a good impact on comfort. Depending on the intended use, in fact, the deckchair offers different comforts with the same materials and the most important factor is due to perspiration. For example, if you intend to use the deck chair to sunbathe on the terrace or get a few hours of sleep, the plastic models are not recommended, as they do not promote perspiration, which then indirectly impacts comfort. Other materials, such as wood, are much more suitable for afternoon naps, especially when accompanied by cushions or padded surfaces. Summarizing, here are the main characteristics of each one:

Wooden deck chairs: wooden models are among the most sought after, thanks to their beauty and variety of style. They can be designed in pallets, with thin rods or with whole wood. The resistance substantially depends on the quality of the wood and on the maintenance, since they require to be painted regularly, especially if they are exposed to the sun, wind and rain for a long time; Plastic deck chairs: these are also popular and are usually found around swimming pools. The design and functions have reached a standard nowadays, but they differ in countless styles. However, the material plays an important role, since there are different types of plastic that determine the resistance of the product. Although plastic deckchairs do not require any kind of maintenance, the advice is not to leave them exposed to high and low temperatures for too long; Aluminum deck chairs: these can be made of simple aluminum, reinforced aluminum, galvanized or steel. The latter variant is the most recommended, as well as the most expensive, and is characterized by its resistance and lightness.

How to clean a garden deckchair

Although some deckchair canvases are machine washable, it is recommended to manually clean the dirty part, dabbing the canvas with a liquid laundry detergent and working it with a soft brush or cloth. Then let the canvas rest for about 15 minutes and add a pinch of detergent diluted in a liter of warm water and clean the stains with a cloth.

How important is the brand of a garden deckchair ?

In these gardening products, the brand does not play a significant role at the time of purchase, given that today there are now many manufacturers who make good garden deckchairs, with various precious materials. On the contrary, it is often better to turn to emerging brands, which guarantee an excellent quality/price ratio. Having said that, historical manufacturers such as Outsunny should not be underestimated, sometimes the only ones to create particular and design solutions, with double seats and sunshades included.

How important is the design of a garden deckchair ?

You know, even the eye wants its part, especially when it comes to products that are usually displayed outdoors and potentially visible by anyone. A specific model can therefore become an integral part of the garden furniture to all intents and purposes, helping to create a pleasant and harmonious aesthetic atmosphere. If it is your intention to give a touch of elegance and personality to the garden, as well as personal comfort in moments of relaxation, then we suggest focusing on models with lively and imaginative coverings, which wink at elegance. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, wood is undoubtedly among the materials that go well with these needs, while plastic or monochromatic models should be set aside if you want to attract the attention of guests and make your deck chair a point of visual interest in the garden.

Are garden deckchairs resistant to the sun?

Since a garden deckchair will be used and will remain in your garden, almost certainly exposed to the sun for many hours during the day, it is good to know if the model you have purchased is resistant to sunlight or not. In fact, if the materials are of poor quality, the sun's rays could ruin the aesthetic finish of the deckchair. In any case, the most recent deckchairs are now made with fabrics with good protection against UV rays. To prolong the life of the garden deckchair, however, it is advisable to avoid leaving it exposed to the sun for a long time or to cover it when it is no longer in use.

How much to spend on a garden deckchair?

As with any other product, when buying something you should spend the amount that best reflects that specific item. The price of a garden lounger can vary based on many factors, such as the material, design and brand. The average price for a basic model is around 30-40 euros, while more expensive options can reach several hundred euros. That said, if your intention is to aim for a standard model with common shapes, you should stay in this price range. Otherwise, for example for handcrafted models, expect higher costs.

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