Gaming Headset | The best under 100 euros

Gaming Headset | The best under 100 euros

It's now official: video games are no longer a simple hobby reserved for a small, insignificant niche, but a legitimate entertainment method in which millions and millions of players try their hand every day. This translates into the inevitable increase in the quality of this type of product, and among the most important titles we can often find real masterpieces in our hands. It goes without saying, therefore, that to enjoy this type of experience to the fullest, the least you can do is try to get the best possible "equipment", if you have the opportunity. Even the audio sector is no different, and a good pair of headphones can really make a difference in our gaming experience. However, if you are not going to spend a fortune on it, there is nothing to fear: fortunately, if you are looking for the best gaming headphones under 100 euros, know that it is possible to get by with such a budget without problems, and you can bring respectable gaming headphones at home.

The choice of a pair of gaming headphones, in reality, depends on several factors, including comfort, quality of sound and materials, the features included , or even the possibility of using them without wiring (in the case of wireless headphones, then, there is also the battery life to take into account). Being that we are on a budget, it will be necessary to prioritize the factors that you need most in headphones, so it is not always an easy choice. Don't be discouraged: fortunately, staying under 100 euros does not involve making any major compromises, so you will certainly be able to find the product that can meet your expectations, always staying within your budget.

At this point we have made enough premises, but before showing you the best gaming headphones under 100 euros, if you are looking for other components to improve your gaming station and don't want to spend too much, you can always consult our articles dedicated to the best cheap controllers and the best gaming monitors under 300 euros .

Best gaming headsets under 100 euros

HyperX Cloud II, the best ever SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1, the most functional Logitech G435, the best wireless Trust Gaming GXT 433K Pylo, the best at low price Razer Kraken, the best for glasses wearers

HyperX Cloud II, the best in absolute

If you are looking for a headset that offers you the best possible quality while staying within the budget, then the HyperX Cloud II is definitely for you. At the moment these are undoubtedly the best gaming headphones under 100 euros: this product offers extremely crystal clear audio thanks to its 53mm drivers, accompanied by closed earpads that isolate from surrounding noise to allow you to concentrate completely on the sounds of your game. Obviously, there is also the possibility of activating 7.1 virtual surround sound, in order to make immersion even more effective.

The microphone supplied with the headphones is also detachable and equipped with for noise cancellation, in such a way as to guarantee the high quality of the incoming audio. Among the other conveniences of this headset, then, there is the small remote control connected to the headphone cable, thanks to which it is possible to conveniently control the volume of the audio and the microphone, or activate and deactivate the latter.

Speaking of comfort, the materials of these headphones make them extremely comfortable, even in the case of prolonged use. The ear cushions and the upper band are covered in faux leather and made of 100% memory foam, and this causes the headset to adapt comfortably to our head without applying excessive pressure. The original cable with 3.5mm jack output has a length of one meter, to be combined with the 2 meters of the extension with USB output, to have maximum freedom of movement around our workstation. In short, a respectable gaming headset that will take your gaming experience to another level, whether you play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or mobile.

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SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1, the most functional

Another option that defends itself very well has the SteelSeries Arctis 1 as protagonists, which have many useful functions. The sound quality is guaranteed thanks to the Hi-Fi speaker drivers and 360° spatial audio, in such a way as to hear even the most insignificant sound and therefore giving the possibility to abruptly turn a critical moment during your games to have the better of the opponent. The earcups are rotatable and adjustable in height, and the AirWeave fabric of the cushions helps to leave the ears dry even after long periods of use.

The quality of communication is no different: the microphone can be retracted inside of the pavilion, and has the ClearCast Gen 2 anti-noise technology, optimized in particular on Discord, which allows you to silence background noise up to a good 25 dB, in order to be able to speak with the best possible clarity. The headphones also have a 1.3 meter long cable with a 3.5mm jack connection, and can be used both on PC and on mobile or other consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Behind the pavilions there are volume and microphone controls, to be able to change the latter in an instant; a great convenience for when you are fully concentrated on your game and need to act quickly.

Another advantage of these headsets lies in their portability: first of all their slim and low-profile design (at the which also contributes the microphone that can be easily hidden, as already mentioned above) makes them very elegant and also suitable for other purposes. Add to this their ultra-light weight of only 236 grams and the extremely flexible and elastic headband, which distributes the weight evenly. All these elements make this headset an excellent solution for those looking for a pair of headphones to use not only in gaming, but also in everyday life, even outside their own home walls.

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Logitech G435, the best wireless

If you are looking for a pair of wireless headphones, then the Logitech G435 are without a shadow of a doubt the best option. The quality offered by this headset with 40mm drivers is among the best, starting with the sound which, thanks to the LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity provided by the USB-A receiver and low latency Bluetooth, offers a more than excellent experience. Even prolonged use will not be a problem: with an 18-hour battery life and a range of 10 meters, memory foam earpads and a weight of only 165 grams, comfort while using these headphones it is guaranteed.

Furthermore, the headset does not have the usual microphone arm, but is equipped with two beamforming microphones that capture the sound while keeping its quality intact and reducing background noise. Behind the pavilions, then, there are also the volume controls, so as not to miss anything. The headphones can be used not only on PC, but also on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or mobile, and are equipped with a USB-C input, thanks to which it is possible to carry out a quick charge and return to use them as soon as possible when will download.

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Trust Gaming GXT 433K Pylo, the best at low price

For those who intend to stay the lowest possible with the price, there are other alternatives that can be right for you. Among the best we find the Trust GXT 433K Pylo , which present themselves as a good product despite the low budget. With 50mm audio drivers sounds are reproduced in all its facets, with deep bass and clear highs. To ensure comfort, the earpads and headband cushions are made of memory foam, and the cable with 3.5mm jack connection has a basic length of one meter, which can be increased with a one meter extension. to reach a decent overall length of 2 meters .

The retractable microphone with flexible arm gives great freedom in its positioning; in addition, the cable has a 3.5mm jack output, and there is an integrated remote control with which it is possible to adjust the volume or mute the microphone. A pair of headphones that offers all the essentials and more, accessible to anyone, on any platform; therefore not only PC, but also PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or mobile.

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Razer Kraken, the best for those who wear glasses

Let's face it, finding a comfortable pair of headphones when you wear glasses can often be a challenge. It is easy to run into pavilions that tighten too much on the temples of the glasses, causing us a headache in a short time. Well, if you want to remedy this problem without sacrificing audio quality, the Razer Kraken are what you were looking for. On the sides of the bearings of these headphones, in fact, there is a well-hidden recess that allows the temples of the glasses to sink; to this is also added the thick padding of the headband, which relieves pressure on the head, both characteristics that make this product an excellent ally for "bespectacled" gamers looking for a quality product, regardless of the platform on which they play (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or mobile).

Among the main features we find 50mm audio drivers, with a 1.3 meter long cable equipped with a remote control to adjust the audio volume or mute the microphone, and a 2-metre extension cable with 3.5 mm jack input, thanks to which it is possible to split the socket into two further jacks, one for audio and one for the microphone. There is also an excellent quality unidirectional retractable microphone, which thanks to its flexibility can be positioned as you prefer. Another little gem concerns the pads again, which are infused with cooling gel to dissipate heat, and thanks to their leatherette material they offer greater insulation.

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How to choose the best gaming headset

With so many products on the market today, choosing the best gaming headset under $100 could be tough, especially given the price increases of prices in the last period. Finding headsets with this budget is absolutely possible, but before jumping headlong into the purchase, several factors must be taken into account and decide which ones we need most in a headset.

Audio quality

The first thing to take into account is obviously the audio quality of the headphones. This is not only measured in the workmanship of the headset itself, but also by the presence or absence of other features designed to further improve the experience, such as the 7.1 surround sound, of which only the most powerful headphones are equipped . Even the bearings play a small role in this: the immersion, in fact, is obviously even greater when you have a pair of headphones with well-insulating earpads in your hands.


If before the headphones consisted only of a headband and two earcups, now the situation is quite different: it is easy, in fact, to find headsets equipped with remote controls, buttons behind the ears or removable microphones. These are all factors that contribute to making headphones much more "comfortable" to use, and which should not be underestimated when it comes to satisfaction with a specific product.


Having a pair of headphones with the cleanest and clearest sound around are useless if the headset is uncomfortable to wear. Especially when it comes to prolonged use, choosing headphones that fit comfortably on our head is essential, of equal importance with the quality of the audio to have a great experience. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the measurements and see if the headphones you have been eyeing have any adjustments that make them more comfortable; an example are the Razer Kraken , which with their bearings equipped with hidden recesses are the dream of every gamer with glasses


In addition to the technical characteristics of a gaming headset, there the aspect of the latter must also be considered. In the end it is true that the eye also wants its part, and finding the right compromise between quality sound and good looks, fortunately, is not that difficult nowadays. It all depends on your personal tastes and what you are looking for in a pair of headphones in terms of appearance (so color , shape , size etc.).

Wired or wireless

In the last period the wireless devices are depopulating, and of course the gaming headsets are no different. Choosing whether to buy a wired headset or not is all up to your preferences: if the device's cable doesn't bother you, and it's the right length for you, then it's recommended to go with wired headphones to preserve sound quality. If, on the other hand, you prefer to sacrifice some quality for more comfort and not have any cables in your way, then wireless headphones are the right choice to make. In the latter case, however, it is important to find a product with good battery life.


Almost all gaming headsets are now equipped with a microphone , since often "videogame" is also associated with communication with one's allies, especially when playing multiplayer games. It is precisely for this reason that it is important that the microphone is of good quality, so as to make communication as efficient as possible; it is therefore advisable to take into account any features that this could have integrated, such as for example the reduction of the sound.


Finally, there is obviously the pitfall of the price. Being that in this case there is already a pre-established budget, however, the matter is simpler. Keep in mind, however, that more often than not going with the more expensive purchase will not guarantee you find the product you were looking for, as in reality it could simply be equipped with more features that you may not need .

In general, however, among the best gaming headsets under 100 euros, if you spare no expense (while staying within the pre-established budget) and are looking for the highest audio quality, the number one are certainly the HyperX Cloud II , as they offer an experience that, at these prices, can hardly be found elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you still want to try to save as much as possible, and you are not interested in having too excellent audio quality, then the Trust GXT 433K Pylo can also be a valid choice to include in your gaming station.

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