F.P. Telematics: a personalized and quality communication solution

F.P. Telematics: a personalized and quality communication solution

F.P. Telematics

Small and medium-sized enterprises need specialized services with a high technological content and customizable, with costs that are reasonable and manageable. Not all suppliers can satisfy this need, but when it comes to switchboards, Italian SMEs can count on F.P. Telematics.

F.P. Telematica is a company that offers personalized and high quality communication services thanks to a very well differentiated and particularly interesting offer compared to those of the large operators in this sector.

With the help of Pietro Pisoni ( Business Development Manager, F.P. Telematica Srl), we will analyze the main differences between F.P. Telematica and its competitors, also spending a few words to analyze the differences between traditional switchboards and those in the cloud, as well as the company's future objectives.

F.P. Telematics: differences with competitors

F.P. Telematica distinguishes itself from its competitors in the communication market thanks to the personalization of its switchboards. The major telephone operators offer pre-packaged switchboards, packages where the customer does not have much freedom of choice, often being forced to accept a product that is not exactly what they need.

F.P. Telematics, on the other hand, can accurately analyze the real needs of the customer and thus provide a customized solution for each individual customer, tailored to their business needs. Furthermore, unlike competitors who present binding contracts and pre-packaged service packages, F.P. Telematica offers flexible and adaptable services.

Naturally, the relationship with the customer should not be overlooked. F.P. Telematica finds its point of pride in high quality assistance: where others offer "external and depersonalized call centres", in fact, the assistance of F.P. Telematics is internal to the company and highly specialized, able to offer dedicated and competent support.

"Our operators are highly qualified and trained" , underlines Pisoni, "able to provide personalized and professional assistance for each individual customer. We don't limit ourselves to solving technical problems, but we try to understand the customer's needs and offer tailor-made solutions for their business".

Differences between traditional and cloud switchboards

F.P. Telematica also offers an innovative solution for telephone switchboards, thanks to its cloud switchboards.

The main difference between the traditional switchboards and the cloud switchboards of F.P. Telematics lies in their structure: traditional switchboards are usually made up of a physical device installed in the company, while cloud switchboards are entirely managed online. This means that cloud PBXs do not require costly investments in hardware infrastructures or costly maintenance operations. Furthermore, the cloud switchboards are highly flexible and customizable, able to adapt to the needs of each individual customer.

The services of F.P. Telematics

F.P. Telematica offers a wide range of personalized communication services, in addition to cloud switchboards, which can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual customer.

The Web collaboration platform, in fact, guarantees a wide range of functions that cover different aspects of the company, improving efficiency and quality of working life.

Sharing of information in real time: Web Collaboration systems allow company teams to share documents, images and other files in a simple and fast, eliminating the need to send emails or use external (sometimes even insecure) file sharing services. Better communication: Business teams can communicate in real time via chat, video conferencing or voice calls, eliminating the need to physically meet or wait for email responses. More efficient activity management: tasks can be assigned directly to the platform to individual workers or teams, monitoring their progress and sharing deadlines quickly and easily to increase efficiency in activity management. Accessibility: all functions are generally accessible from any device connected to the Internet, allowing workers to act from anywhere and at any time. Integration with other tools: Web Collaboration systems are often integrated with other business tools such as CRM, calendars, email and other productivity software, increasing the synergy between the various aspects of the business activity. Furthermore, F.P. Telematica is constantly committed to training its team to keep up with the latest technologies in the field of telecommunications.

F.P. Telematics, looking to the future

The goal of F.P. Telematics is not only providing a high quality telephone switchboard, but creating a real communication management system, capable of optimizing the human resources and business opportunities of their customers. For this reason, the company pays close attention to the development of the Web collaboration platform and its integration with the switchboard functions in the cloud.

F.P. Telematica wants to become the single point of contact for corporate communication, integrating their cloud switchboard systems with their customers' websites, positioning them on search engines thanks to advertising campaigns and SEO strategies. “In this way,” – says Pisoni – “we will not only help our customers improve their online presence and reach a wider audience, but we will also create real added value for their business.”

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