Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus

Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not only the period of romanticism, but also the one in which we reflect on love understood as a relationship with another human being. There are many TV series that deal with the subject, even if only some manage to be interesting and different while talking about it. Obviously there are no feelings without inner worries, or characters who somehow have to understand what they want out of life. With this in mind, we have decided to collect for you 5 Apple TV Plus TV series that manage to tell not only feelings but the inner battles that the various protagonists must face in order to understand them and understand each other.

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Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus

Acapulco Loot – Una Fortuna Physical Little America Trying


The first Apple TV Plus TV series that we would like to recommend for you the period of Valentine's Day, is Acapulco. This tells the story of Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon), a young man who manages to fulfill one of his greatest dreams ever: to work as a waiter in the pool area of ​​the most exclusive resort in Acapulco. The new work, however, immediately turns out to be very different from how he imagined it, finding himself in a context that does not seem to forgive any of his rookie mistakes. On the spot, then, he must learn to handle his mentor and the crazy demands of his new and regular clientele, while keeping out of the sweet eyes of a colleague who seems to bring him nothing but trouble.

Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus A journey of growth, therefore, in which even a certain type of love finds its way, trying to extricate itself from everyday tasks. Hilarious, irreverent and light-hearted, this series is perfect for an evening with friends without too much commitment.

Loot – A fortune

With this second TV series we want to turn the tables on the table, offering you a story that talks about rebirth and which, in a certain sense, could become an interesting accompaniment for everyone during Valentine's Day. In Loot – A fortune we find the story of Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph), a billionaire who literally lives a dream life, made up of the wildest luxuries. When her husband cheats on her after 20 years of marriage, however, everything suddenly changes, generating a scandal that soon becomes public knowledge and ends up being fed to the tabloids.

Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus A situation like this, of course, destabilizes her in a profound way and when she is about to let go she discovers However, the existence of a charitable foundation in her name managed by Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), who once met her tries to bring her back on track and as far away as possible from the scandal-hungry press. Together with her assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) and with the help of Sofia and her team, Molly embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The possibilities offered by this fund to help others will be the main fuel for his personal recovery, outlining a story that speaks of love, betrayal and support for others.

Physical, independence and growth beyond San Valentino for Apple

Also with Physical we find ourselves in front of a series unusually associated with the Valentine's Day period, even if in reality, especially nowadays, there is a lot to learn about the couple relationship starting from this Apple TV story Plus . Let's make it clear right away that it is a path of emancipation, a temporal snapshot that today should make us reflect a lot on the relationship with others in terms of love. Going beyond any patriarchal and pseudo-romantic stereotypes, Physical is a dark comedy series that follows the story of Sheila Rubin, a tormented and seemingly subdued housewife, all focused on the aspirations of her husband. At some point, however, we also see her struggle with a series of personal demons related to her self-image, at least until she finds relief in the world of aerobics.

Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus This, from a momentary passion becomes a real business idea that will soon transform the suffocated housewife of before into a real independent economic force and safe . Sheila's is a path that highlights all the most archaic and negative dynamics found in a couple, trying to open your eyes to the importance of mutual respect and support.

Little America

With Little America we arrive in the dimension of reality, of the real world told through a TV series that could work on Valentine's Day if you have Apple TV Plus. Written and produced by Lee Eisenberg, also showrunner, and by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, Little America is inspired by some true stories presented by Epic Magazine .

Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus So it collects excerpts from the lives of immigrants and immigrants of America, making it a real anthology of the human spectrum. Hilarious, romantic, sentimental and passionate moments crown the entire narration made up of faces and paths that here again acquire an entirely subjective resonance.


Concluding this list of TV series to try for Valentine's Day on Apple TV Plus, we recommend you to catch up on Trying . Created by Andy Wolton , with Esther Smith and Rafe Spall , it tells the story of a couple who are at a very late stage in their history. They have settled down for a while and would like to have children. Unfortunately, the situation turns out to be more difficult than expected and, between dysfunctional relationships and unsolicited advice, they find themselves analyzing their lives under the magnifying glass of the adoption center.

Valentine's Day: 5 TV series to watch on Apple TV Plus Focusing on the couple relationship and reflecting on love and parenthood in our day, this comedy can only get a few laughs, reminding everyone what it means to share everything with your partner, trying to grow together.

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