The 7 best Christmas movies to catch up on Prime Video

The 7 best Christmas movies to catch up on Prime Video

The holiday season is upon us, and there's no well-deserved holiday without a major Christmas movie marathon on Prime Video. The platform offers a vast filmography, most of which can be accessed by simple subscription. Among the many in the Prime Video catalogue, here are 7 titles to catch up with or to enjoy once again, including the latest novelties – again this year – and great timeless classics to watch in the company of friends or family, perhaps even with a good cup of hot chocolate.

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The 7 best Christmas movies on Prime Video

The Grinch Dickens – The man who invented Christmas I am Santa Claus A Christmas Wish Elf: An elf named Buddy Love doesn't go on vacation Your Christmas or Mine?

The Grinch

Among the Christmas movies on Prime Video , one of the most loved classics is certainly The Grinch . How many times have you dreamed of living in the town of Chinonsò together with little Cindy Chi Lou and all the Nonsochi? The green and misanthropic creature called the Grinch, who lives on Monte Briciolato together with his dog Max dreaming of sabotaging Christmas, is part of the collective imagination thanks also to the iconic interpretation by Jim Carrey.

The Grinch It is a work that cannot be missing, with its unique atmospheres and a pungent and sarcastic sense of humor of the mysterious creature, inevitably leaving room for all the sweetness that a film about Christmas cannot fail to possess. Directed in 2000 by Ron Howard ( Willow ), it is based on the homonymous story by Dr. Seuss ; more precisely, it is the second adaptation after the television special The Grinch's Christmas Tale! from 1966, animated short film by Chuck Jones and Ben Washam .

Dickens – The man who invented Christmas

For some people, there is no holiday season without reading, at least once per year, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This great classic of British literature is the inspiration for many film adaptations, including Dickens - The man who invented Christmas.

Dickens - The man who invented Christmas Directed by Bharat Nalluri in 2017, the film narrates a particular period of the author's career. After the failure of some of his books, Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens), in the winter of 1843, spends three weeks of strong inspiration for a work destined to overturn his fortunes. The protagonist is invested by that same pinch of imagination that will soon characterize the life of Ebeneezer Scrooge's character.

I am Santa Claus

Edoardo Falcone writes and directs a Christmas film entirely Italian. Don't worry, it's not a cinepanettone at all. The 2021 film stars Marco Giallini and the great Gigi Proietti, who died a year before the film's release.

I am Santa Claus The one in I am Santa Claus and, in fact, it is the last interpretation of him. The ex-convict Ettore, locked up in prison for a long series of thefts, once on the loose leads a life in disarray, without family or sentimental ties. Returning to steal from the homes of poor unfortunates, he meets an elderly gentleman, Nicola, who confesses to him that he is the real Santa Claus. The wise humor of Falcone's film is the trump card of the work, suitable for an audience of all ages.

A Christmas Wish

Written and directed by Craig Clyde, A Christmas Wish is an interesting Christmas movie on Prime Video, one of those comedy-dramas that strongly teach you to believe in the magic of Christmas. It is the story of Matha Evans , mother of three children, abandoned by her husband a few days before December 25th. Discouraged and forced to create a new life, she moves to a town where people and events will do everything to restore the lost joy and to teach her to trust in Christmas.

A Christmas Wish The 2011 film is also intended for an audience of all ages, to spend a December 25 in the name of family, human warmth and hope. It sees the interpretation of Kirsty Swanson, known for her role as Buffy Summers in the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), inspiration for the homonymous and successful 1997 TV series.

Elf : An Elf Called Buddy

We return to the great Christmas classics with Elf: An Elf Called Buddy , directed by Jon Favreau in 2003. It is the story of Buddy , a curious child slipping into Santa's sack, who grows up with the elves in a place that is not his home. But the return among humans is not exactly as expected.

Elf: An elf named Buddy Will Ferrel's performance becomes iconic, and in Italy it is impossible not to associate the face of him to the voice of Pino Insegno. The film is a comedy capable of immersing the viewer in the Christmas atmosphere in the cities of the United States, the one that the filmography of the early 2000s always returns, inspired by 90s classics such as Mom, I missed the plane. Gets several awards: nominations (including one for the Teen Choice Award and the MTV Movie Awards), as well as awards for best comedy and best result at the box office.

Love doesn't go on vacation< /h3> Although there is no Santa Claus, Love doesn't go on holiday is a nice 2006 comedy set during the Christmas period, the one in which anything can happen… At least in the movies. It is the story of Iris and Amanda, two women as different as night and day, who in an attempt to shake up their holidays swap their homes and, in some ways, their lives.

Love Doesn't Go on Holiday Love Doesn't Go on Holiday is one of those timeless films, an evergreen that is always able to elicit a big smile and to pamper the viewer with the unpredictable stories of its characters. Cameron Diaz , among the queens of romantic comedies of the 2000s, is joined by Kate Winslet , Jude Law and Jack Black . Author and director is Nancy Meyers , whose story is accompanied by the soundtrack of the great composer Hans Zimmer .

Your Christmas or Mine?

Among the December news on Prime Video , you can find Your Christmas or Mine? , a new British comedy that, in some ways, possesses a small reference to Love doesn't go on holiday . In fact, the element of exchange returns, this time involuntary. James and Hayley, in trying to both make the same surprise, take each other's train exchanging the family with whom they spend the holidays. And what better occasion to learn more about your partner's life and, perhaps, discover a few little secrets?

Your Christmas or Mine? Asa Butterflield ( Sex Education ) and Cora Kirk star in the Amazon Original film, written by Tom Parry and with a cast that includes great British talents, including David Bradley , Harriet Walter , Lucienn Laviscount . The novelty of Prime Video offers the public a modern comedy, whose humor is enriched with very current and convincing ideas.

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