Hogwarts Legacy: Guide to the Tombs

Hogwarts Legacy: Guide to the Tombs

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, like any self-respecting open world game, is full of dungeons, present in every area of ​​the map. You will visit some of them during the main story, others during side quests and still others just by exploring the Highlands. However, there are some special ones called "Tombs" that you will need to complete to get the "Intrepid Explorer" trophy, and these are not so easy to find.

What makes these tombs special? In reality nothing, and for this reason it is difficult to understand which are among the many dungeons present in Hogwarts Legacy. In order to obtain it, you will have to find and explore all 5 of them, and while the first is part of the main story, the others are not.

In this guide, therefore, we will explain which (and where) are the 5 tombs needed to unlock the trophy , so that you don't necessarily have to explore all the dungeons in the game.

Before moving on to the tombs, we also recommend that you take a look at our Complete Guide on Hogwarts Legacy, where you can find lots of information, as well as tips and tricks, to become skilled wizards in no time at all!

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Where to find tombs in Hogwarts Legacy

Collector's cave

The first of the tombs that you will find during your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy is the Collector's Cave. Located in the southern border of the Forbidden Forest, you will unlock it in the course of the main story, in particular during the mission "The Helmet of Urtkot" carried out for the goblin Lodrock. Therefore you cannot miss it, and most likely you will have already met it if you are at an advanced level.

Tomb of the Dale family

Once the main quest is completed "The Trial of Charles Rookwood" you will be able to start the side quest called "The Curse of the Turnip" for Samantha Dale, which is located in the Hogwarts greenhouse. This will take you to explore the Dale Family Tomb, located northeast of Hogwarts Valley, east of Brucborrow.

Tomb of Betrayal

Once you have gained access to the lower part of the map, by going through the Coastal Cave, you can enter the West Manor Cape mansion. In the scandinavian part of the building, accessible with Alohomora level 3, you will find a map that is part of the secondary mission "The treasure of the Tomb of Betrayal"; this will take you to the aforementioned tomb, located under the Poidsear Coast waterfall.

Feldcroft Catacomb

Feldcroft Catacomb is conveniently marked on the map and even has a travel point kidnapped with his name, but if you are at the beginning of the adventure in Hogwarts Legacy you are probably wondering how to access it. Well, you can do it during the storyline of Sebastian Sallow, in particular with the mission "In the shadow of time" (the one that will make you learn the Imperio spell). As soon as you set foot in the tomb, it will be unlocked permanently.

Moonstone Garden

The fifth tomb of Hogwarts Legacy is also the one you will most likely unlock last, i.e. the Garden of Moonstones. Moonstones, located in the southern part of the Feldcroft Region, west of Irondale. Like the Feldcroft Catacomb, the tomb will be locked until a side quest is completed, in which case you'll basically have to complete the entire Poppy Sweeting storyline.

The relationship with Poppy becomes available at the start of the game , but you can enter the Moonstone Garden during the quest "The Centaur and the Stone" . Once done, the “Intrepid Explorer” trophy will finally be yours!

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