5 new apps from the Google Play Store you should know about!

5 new apps from the Google Play Store you should know about!

Here we are again with the review of the 5 most deserving/noteworthy apps selected from the new releases of the Google Play Store. This week's applications all have one thing in common: the great success achieved just a few days after their launch. In detail, we have Kiwi, already nicknamed the "BeReal" of music; GoodNotes 5 , the Android version of one of the most loved apps by iPad users; Silent Cloud, a very interesting medical application and finally two games designed one to train intuition and the other to entertain astronomy enthusiasts. However, whatever your taste, you're sure to find something here!

Kiwi – music with friends

Released on January 10, Kiwi has already reached 100,000+ downloads and a large number of positive reviews. It is a sort of “ music social network ” with a mechanism very similar to that of BeReal . In practice, at a random time of day, all friends in a given circle receive a notification with an invitation to share a song and a message. Songs shared by your friends end up in a widget that you install on your home screen and can be rated with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Cost: Free / No Ads / No In-App Purchases

Download Kiwi – music with friends from the Google Play Store

People Say

People Say is a game designed to train intuition and at the same at the same time provide interesting sociological curiosities. The challenge is to guess – given a certain question or statement – ​​the 5 most common answers given by people. For example: what is one thing that people (in general) would never put on pizza? One of the answers is pineapple, of course, but it's up to the player to guess the others!

Cost : Free / Contains ads / Contains in-app purchases

Download People Say from the Google Play Store

My Planet in Miniature

My Planet in Miniature is a brand new game that has already received over 5,000 reviews and ratings for an average of 4.5 stars. The graphics are very kawaii and the concept is even cuter, especially for astronomy enthusiasts. The goal, in fact, is to discover and colonize new planets to create a real galactic or even inter-galactic "empire". On the other hand, the universe has no limits!

Cost : Free / Contains Ads / Contains In-App Purchases

Download My Miniature Planet from the Google Play Store

Note-Taking GoodNotes 5

If you are a college student, you may have heard talk about GoodNotes by your fellow iPad owners. Well: now you can experience its unique features on your Android tablet as well. In fact, someone has created a notepad app very similar (if not the same) as GoodNotes, including flash cards, handwritten text recognition and all those writing tools that make the "note-taking" experience as pleasant as the analog one.

Cost : free / contains ads / no in-app purchases

Download Note-Taking GoodNotes 5 from the Google Play Store

Silent Cloud: Tinnitus Relief

Excessive use of headphones or earphones can cause tinnitus, an annoying ringing in the ear that is difficult to get rid of unless you know how to do it. If you suffer from this ailment, you can give Silent Cloud a chance, an inexpensive and relatively "fast" tool to cure tinnitus in a scientific way. First, you can take a test to understand if you really have tinnitus, and then – eventually – you will be guided through an 8-week individual sound therapy journey.

Cost : free / no ads / contains in-app purchases

Download Silent Cloud: Tinnitus Relief on the Google Play Store

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