Romantic movies: 10 unusual titles to catch up on right away

Romantic movies: 10 unusual titles to catch up on right away

Romantic movies

Whether it's Valentine's Day or any other time of the year, it happens that you feel like dreaming or being moved by good romantic films. But even if the model of love films, whether they are rom-coms or poignant dramas, is very often pre-established and sugary always identical to itself, there have been, especially in recent years, several attempts to renew the genre with experimental plots or with a pinch of madness. Because love and romantic movies with it are better if you don't take yourself too seriously .

An explosive wedding

One of the most recent additions in terms of rom-coms unusual is An explosive wedding , Prime Video film starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in the role of a couple whose exotic wedding is sabotaged by a group of pirates. It's worth it just to see Jennifer Coolidge pick up a machine gun.

Isn't it romantic

Always with regard to romantic comedies revisited , Isn't it romantic casts the protagonist Natalie, played by the Australian comedian Rebel Wilson , resistant to any kind of fuss who wakes up after an accident in a way that works just like Hollywood rom-coms . It will take him a while to get used to the idea.

If you leave me, I'll delete you

If love for you is something bizarre rather than ironic, If you leave me, I'll delete you - despite the aberrant Italian title (originally Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ) - has become a classic: the complex love story between Jim Carey and Kate Winslet is reconstructed by the director Michel Gondry between memory removal procedures, psychedelic memories and a as labyrinthine as it is fascinating.


Always on the edge between love and science fiction, Spike Jonze's film Her (Her) wonders what could happen if a human being fell in love with the voice of an artificial intelligence . Very easy if that AI's voice is that of Scarlet Johansson. But the sentimental complications that the character played by Joaquin Phoenix has to manage are no small matter.

Lars and a girl of his own

It's hard to imagine that one can fall in love with a doll, even if it has the shape and size of a real woman. And honestly, it's even harder to picture Ryan Gosling as a loner loner. Yet Lars and the Real Girl is a delicious dramedy that reflects on the power of love, which is also revelation and self-discovery.

The shape of water

About loves unlikely or even better impossible, Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water is an almost dreamlike dissertation on how invisible the boundaries of feeling can be. Elisa, a mute and solitary girl (played by an excellent Sally Hawkins), falls in love with a sea creature that finally no longer makes her feel like an outsider. But their love, like all unusual or special ones, must face the threats of society as a whole.

500 days together

The illusions of love in a bittersweet comedy starring Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Zooey Deschanel: 500 days together tells of the lack of communication that sometimes occurs between two people who are attracted to each other but also of how you can always experience very strong emotions, for better or for worse. To be recovered also for the excellent soundtrack.

Moonrise Kingdom

Love has no age, and not even many rules in this delightful film by Wes Anderson: in Moonrise Kingdom an enterprising and a determined orphan scout convinces his beloved, a seemingly tender and friendly girl, to run away with him to fulfill their dream of being together. Obviously the adult world will do everything to take them back and hinder them but certain feelings are greater than anything.

There is no two without…

Love without sex? Or not, and this Spanish ensemble comedy on Netflix proves it, which in the original is titled Donde caben dos… (that is: if there are two…). The stories of several couples but also of variously dissatisfied singles intertwine in a swingers club, where everyone will discover that experimenting with their erotic desires also allows you to fix your heart.

Iron 3

Awarded at the 2004 Venice Film Festival, Kim Ki-duk's masterpiece Ferro 3 is a poetic and bizarre dissertation on love and loneliness. A homeless man who has the habit of occupying houses left temporarily uninhabited ends up in a house where the wife of an abusive husband lives, hidden and segregated. After a temporary escape, the two reunite in an amazing and unreal way, crowning an understanding that surpasses everything.

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