Controllers to Play Warzone 2.0 | The best of 2023

Controllers to Play Warzone 2.0 | The best of 2023

What is the best controller for Warzone? Recently launched compared to other exponents of battle-royale, to replace what was Blackout in Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: Warzone has gained a lot of space and in a short time. Especially on consoles it has blown up completely, rivaling the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends. It must be said that as far as style is concerned, it takes a completely different path, not going so far from having a realistic look. The success of the Activision product led to a real sequel, which replaced the original video game, a decidedly more unique than rare phenomenon in such a world.

Competing with such a large community, however , it's not easy: that's why we thought we'd recommend the best controllers to play it better. Of course this does not mean that if you collected losses yesterday, you will collect victories today. It is simply a big and substantial help that facilitates various in-game maneuvers, thanks to the capabilities and multiple keys of the controllers that we are going to show you. Before proceeding, we remind you that HERE you will find a guide dedicated to the best pro controllers in general.

The best controllers to play Warzone 2.0

DualSense Edge Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon Razer Raiju Elite Controller Series 2 Razer Raiju Tournament Edition DualSense and Xbox Controller

DualSense Edge – Best for PlayStation

Several years behind the Xbox, PlayStation now also has its own Pro controller. Called DualSense Edge, the new controller intended for PS5 has all the perfect characteristics to be defined as a real pad dedicated to professionals, even to those who play Warzone and Warzone 2.0.

The main feature is certainly the key remapping, which allows you to record the configuration directly on the controller. Present the covers for standard levers and for the raised and lowered profiles. The DualSense Edge also includes two half-dome rear keys and two rear lever keys, allowing you to expand your gaming setup. The DualSense Edge is also sold with a carrying case, where the various housings for the components are present. Only note? The battery, which lasts significantly less than the standard PS5 controller. If you can get past this disadvantage, surely this controller is for you. Finally, also pay attention to the premium price: 239.99 Euros are not an expense that everyone can face lightly.

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Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon – the alternative for PS4

Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon is an almost perfect solution for competitive gaming on PlayStation 4 , therefore also for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 . Inspired by what Microsoft has done with the Elite series, Nacon has launched this controller for the Sony console, this very useful but also expensive device.

Let's start with the packaging, which immediately makes clear its nature as a premium controller: the the box is in fact full of accessories, from spare analog sticks to padding to be inserted inside the two handles to significantly increase the weight and return an even more successful grip. Even the build quality is what one would expect from a high quality product: every single material is worked to the fullest, designed to give excellent sensations to those who wield it; the same goes for the keys, really excellent.

But let's get to the highlight, perhaps the reason that will push many of you to buy this model, namely the addition of more keys than the traditional Dualshock 4. In addition to a significantly better directional pad, Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon contains a series of buttons placed on the back, reachable with the middle finger. Among these we also find the profile switch, because yes, this controller also allows you to save multiple configurations at the same time, in order to find them all ready for use. But the real highlight are the 4 buttons that can be fully mapped to your liking, which allow you to perform actions without taking your thumbs off the sticks; an example is charging, gliding and so on.

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Razer Raiju

A great alternative to the Revolution Controller Pro Nacon is definitely the Razer Raiju. It is a pad that provides a mobile app for reconfiguring the keys and for calibrating the sensitivity and intensity of the vibration motors. The action buttons are Mecha-Tactile and the layout adds four multifunction buttons to allow you to customize your style of play and face the sessions with much more practicality and comfort. In addition, the controller is also compatible with PCs as well as Sony consoles. All of this is available at an even more affordable price than the previous one. It is therefore a solution that could appeal to many Warzone 2.0 players and beyond.

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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 – the best for Xbox

It might perhaps seem like a trivial, obvious choice. But why fall back on other brands when Microsoft itself offers an exceptional controller? In fact it would make no sense, except in rare cases concerning the price. It must be said that anyone who wants to make an investment of this type does not have a very limited budget, otherwise little would change from a traditional controller.

Elite Controller Series 2 is a device full of additional features, built very well and compatible with the whole family of Xbox consoles, from the traditional One , One X to the upcoming Series X .

We were saying that the price is not exactly the lowest, in fact it is around 150 euros . If you want to spend a little less, we therefore recommend cheaper alternatives. The first and inevitable is Elite Series 1, a bit difficult to find after the release of its big brother but still very handsome and comfortable to use. The characteristics are almost identical to its updated version or to the Nacon that we have suggested for PlayStation 4, so we will avoid repeating ourselves.

We are a little sorry to have nothing to recommend to players who hate the asymmetrical setup of thumbsticks, but unlike what happens for PS4 , unfortunately the market does not offer much.

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Shortly before the launch of Warzone 2.0, However, Microsoft has also unveiled another configuration for its Pro Controller. This is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core, sold with fewer accessories and at a slightly lower price. The pad allows you to save up to 3 custom profiles. The only difference is the absence of certain accessories, which can also be purchased separately.

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Razer Wolverine – the best for PC

If you play on PC most likely you already use a mouse and keyboard, but if you come from the console world it is very likely that you will continue to look for a controller, even to play an FPS like Warzone 2.0. If you are looking for a controller for the Steam and version of the game, at this point the solution could be the Razer Wolverine V2, a gaming controller designed by Razer and compatible with PCs and even Xbox consoles.

The form factor is obviously that of Xbox controllers and includes Razer's mecha-tactile buttons, additional keys positioned on the front of the controller and fully remappable. The controller offers the Hair Trigger mode, with the lock of the triggers, in such a way as to reduce the travel of the same. There is also an input for the 3.5mm audio jack and you can connect to your PC either via cable (using USB-C) or via Bluetooth.

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The best for mobile devices

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Considering that soon, with the release of Warzone 2, the well-known Battle-Royale will also land on mobile devices, we thought it best to go ahead and recommend two of the most well-known devices available on the market: we are talking about the Xbox controller, the classic one that you find in the package together with the new Xbox Series X|S, and the PlayStation 5 Dualsense (controller review), also contained in the console packaging. Why this choice? Because we believe mobile gaming is more relaxed and less competitive; hence the decision to focus on two devices that are widely known and perfectly suited to the purpose. In short, it seemed a bit of a waste to propose a €150/200 elite pad to be used with a mobile phone.

Furthermore, the difference between the two devices, when connected to a smartphone, is purely linked to the ergonomics . From this point of view, you alone will decide: do you like the symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement of the analogs? Here, even this alone could already be a more than decisive question to determine the purchase. In this regard, before leaving you, at this address it is already possible to register for access to Warzone 2.

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If you want to take advantage of a controller designed specifically for mobile, the choice falls again on Razer, a brand that we have already seen in this guide. The Razer Kishi is exactly what a mobile gamer is looking for. The phone is positioned in the center and on the two sides there are analog sticks (positioned exactly as in the Xbox controller) and the ABYX layout. There are obviously no particular indications that make it a real pro controller, but it is certainly a perfect solution for playing on the go, perhaps on the train or bus during longer journeys.

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How to choose the best controller for Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0, as we will also see in the following paragraphs, is a rather competitive game. For this reason, in our selection of controllers, we have chosen mostly premium products, full of additional features and full of comfort. In the following paragraphs, therefore, we will explore some of the features to keep an eye on before trying your hand at buying a suitable controller for your Warzone gaming sessions.

What is Warzone?

Warzone 2.0, conceptually born with Call of Duty Black Ops 4, is a free-to-play battle-royal video game that sees a fairly massive group of players clash within a vast map. The gunplay, just like the speed of the game, is the same as always, and enthusiasts will have no trouble recognizing it. Furthermore, the title is available on all platforms, which is why we decided to select controllers for each platform.

Analog layout

A big debate that has been going on for some time:  is it better a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement? Difficult to answer, perhaps not even so correct to do so. The truth is that it all depends on your habits and comforts, there is no absolute best arrangement. Trivially, if you usually play on PlayStation, you will probably be used to a symmetrical arrangement; opposite speech in case you were Xbox players. It also has little influence on Warzone, since the question is purely subjective. Go ahead and choose the one that best suits you.


Hours and hours spent in front of your favorite game, perhaps even competitive as in this case. It's normal to get tired! After a while, your hands won't want to feel any more and the grip of the controller will become more and more slippery. When dealing with very long sessions, you have to make sure 100% that you feel comfortable with the controller, and to do this you must first of all choose - as we said before - the most comfortable analog layout, and secondly a controller suitable for our hands, small or large that they are. Also not to be underestimated are some non-slip textures, in case your hands are particularly sensitive to perspiration.

Additional features

Necessary in the case of video games such as Warzone 2.0, the additional features of premium controllers play a vital role. In case you usually face many competitive matches, or perhaps aim to become real expert players, in this case there are two solutions: switch to the PC with mouse and keyboard, or, and if you are here it is your case, buy a controller that has many additional features such as extra fully mappable keys and levers located on the back of the controller. In this way, the controller will become perfect for the game in question and the matches will undergo a nice boost!


In the guide, since there are mostly premium controllers, therefore devices designed to assist the most demanding and competitive players, the question of price is, this time, not very varied. It is useless to get around it: controllers of this type are expensive, and although we have tried to include not too expensive ones, the average cost is still quite high, over 100 euros. But you should already know this well, since if you are looking for a controller to improve your gaming performance, you are bound to aim for premium controllers.

Recommended controller settings

We know it, we know it, every single parameter present in the game options is subjective, since many users may not be comfortable even with the default settings. However, there are settings that give your games a noticeable boost in movement, camera shift and aiming. Below, therefore, we provide you with a list of parameters to modify. We suggest you try them all, and if they don't work for you, you can reset them in the blink of an eye.

BR Control Pattern – Default Thumbstick Pattern – Default Inversion of view on vertical axis – NO Minimum input stick dead zone left input – 0.4 Right stick deadband minimum input – 0.4 Left stick deadzone maximum input – 1 Right stick deadzone maximum input – 1 Vertical stick sensitivity – High 7 Horizontal stick sensitivity – High 7 Scope mode sensitivity multiplier – 0.80 Custom zoom sensitivity – NO Curve Aim Reaction Rate – Dynamic Controller Vibration – NO Aim Assist – Standard Scale aim assist based on field of view – NO Shared Weapon Positioning Input – Scope Mode + Melee Weapon Positioning Cancel – YES Scope Mode – Hold Stable Aim Functionality – Hold Equipment Functionality – Hold Use Reload Functionality – Contextual Press Weapon Swap With Depleted Ammo – NO Armor Plate Feature – Apply All Slide Feature – Press Auto Advance – No Tactical Sprint – Double Press Auto Sprint – Auto Tactical Sprint Vehicle Camera Center – NO Auto Parachute Deployment – ​​NO

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