No-vax, the government changes its mind on stopping fines

No-vax, the government changes its mind on stopping fines


In the Aid ter law decree, the government has not presented the amendment suspending the fines for the unvaccinated, as initially announced in the package of new measures to address the Covid-19 emergency, including the reintegration of no-vax health personnel and the use of masks in hospitals. As stated in Il Sole 24 ore, the stop occurred because the proposed amendment was "at risk of inadmissibility".

The package of amendments, presented in the special commission of the Chamber, includes 4 modification proposals of various kinds, including the extension of the guarantee up to 80% on first home mortgages for the under 35 up to at the end of 2022 and the extension until November 18 of the discounts on fuel excise duties, previously only foreseen until October 31. Initially, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef) had said it was in favor of suspending the fines for no-vax, but the amendment did not appear in the dl Aid ter presented to the special commission in the Chamber.

All regions against the reintegration of doctors and nurses no-vax The measure would affect fewer than 1,800 people and not the four thousand mentioned by the government. Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Campania and Puglia put in place regional laws to avoid contact between patients and unvaccinated was subjected to the vaccine by June 15, the new government seemed to be in line with the amendment that provided for the suspension of the fine. "The measure we took today during the Council of Ministers is to bring forward the expiry of the vaccination obligation for health professionals to November 1 - said Orazio Schillaci, Minister of Health, in a press conference at Palazzo Chigi on 31 October -. First of all, because today the epidemiological picture has changed compared to when the measure was taken. In particular, the data we have in our possession tell us that the impact on hospitals continues to be limited: there is a stabilization and a decrease in the incidence of cases of infections and a stabilization of the occupancy rate of beds in medical and medical areas. of places in intensive care ".

" To this is added a serious shortage of medical and health personnel in our hospitals, a shortage that derives from obviously wrong programming in the last 10 years with the increasingly frequent recourse to doctors immigrants or to so-called 'token' doctors - said the minister -. We strongly believe that putting these doctors and health workers back to work in our facilities serves to counteract the shortage that is registered in the area. This is important to guarantee the right to health, enshrined in article 32 of our constitution ”.

What will happen to the fines for those who have not been vaccinated? There are a million ready to go to target those over 50 who have evaded the vaccine obligation against Covid-19, but the majority of right-wingers could condone them


Those who have not vaccinated will have to wait the dl Aid quater for the freezing of the fine of 100 euros, provided that the government decides to carry out the proposed amendment. There are more than one million Italians over 50 and those belonging to certain categories of workers who have not complied with the vaccination obligation by 15 June 2022 and for whom a penalty of 100 euros was envisaged from 8 January of this year. The list of citizens subjected to compulsory vaccination included, for example, people over 50, medical staff and police officers. To practice their profession, these categories would have had to undergo their first vaccination course or perform the booster dose by mid-June.

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