LEGO Avatar: new 2023 sets introduced today

LEGO Avatar: new 2023 sets introduced today

LEGO Avatar

LEGO has today uploaded on the 5 new sets of the new Avatar theme and which will be available for purchase from next January 1st 2023. In fact, if the first 5 sets marketed since October 1st were inspired by the first Avatar film of 2009 (we talked about it in our article), these new sets "come" from the new film Avatar 2: La Via dell'Acqua, the which arrival in Italian cinemas is scheduled for next 14 December (no spoiler risk therefore). Let's see together the 5 new LEGO Avatar 2023 sets.

LEGO Disney # 75575 The discovery of Ilu

Age: 8+

Number of pieces: 179

Price: € 24.99

LEGO Disney # 75576 ​​The Skimwing Adventure

The set includes everything needed to build the posable Skimwing figure, Tonowari and Jake Sully minifigures (complete with Tonowari's spear, of a crossbow and a Pandora fish), the coral reef of Pandora as a setting and a support for the exhibition. The Skimwing (without the display base) measures 6 cm high, 33 cm long and 33 cm wide.

Number of pieces: 259

Price: € 34.99

LEGO Disney # 75577 The Mako Submarine

The set includes everything you need to create the Avatar Mako Submarine, 3 coral ocean environments of Pandora, with a cave, and minifigures by Neteyam, Ao'nung, Spider and RDA Quaritch. The submarine is packed with details from the movie and is packed with great features, including 2 opening cockpits and 3 movable thrusters. The set also includes Neteyam, Ao’nung, Spider and RDA Quaritch minifigures, as well as 3 environments with a Pandora seabed covered with coral. The submarine (without the display base) measures over 7 cm in height, 29 cm in length and 14 cm in width.

Age: 9+

Number of pieces: 553

Price: € 54.99

LEGO Disney # 75578 The Metkayina coral house

The set includes everything needed to build the Metkayina village house, nestled among the alien mangrove-like trees of Pandora above colorful coral reefs, with details from the film, plus a canoe with paddle, a coral reef setting from Pandora and Neytiri, Kiri, Ronal and Tonowari minifigures (complete with accessories such as a torch, Tonowari's double-headed spear, various food items and kitchen utensils). The main hut measures 19 cm high, 41 wide and 25 cm deep.

Age: 9+

Number of pieces: 528

Price: € 79.99

LEGO Disney # 75579 Tulkun Payakan and Crabsuit

The set includes everything needed to build the posable Tulkun model, Crabsuit submarine, and includes Lo'ak, Tsireya and Crabsuit pilot minifigures. The set also includes 2 buildable seabed settings and a Tulkun display stand, which (excluding the display base) measures 8cm high, 39cm long and 32cm wide.

Age: 10+

Number of pieces: 761

Price: € 99.99

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