eSerie A TIM 2023 | Road Show at the Dacia Arena in Udine, details on the event

eSerie A TIM 2023 | Road Show at the Dacia Arena in Udine, details on the event

eSerie A TIM 2023 | Road Show at the Dacia Arena in Udine

The first eSerie A TIM 2023 | took place on 10 November 2022 at the Dacia Arena in Udine Road Show during which the Udinese players, the talents, together with the many fans and enthusiasts of the competition took part.

The official communication reads: "The evening opened with the institutional presentation of the A TIM eSerie 2023, during which the most exciting moments of the last edition were recalled and the news of the tournament that is about to begin were told. "

" Lega Serie A CEO Luigi De Siervo commented so the evening: "We officially presented the new season of the eSerie A TIM, now in its third edition. We are very satisfied with the path we have taken with this tournament, in which we have combined the world of real football with the virtual one, in a fair and balanced competition where everyone can aspire to win the title. "

" Many are in addition, the commercial opportunities created by the TIM eSerie A which then expanded to the entire world of the Serie A League, increasing the visibility of our football in the world. Also this season there will be news, with the aim of involving more and more the many fans of the championship, in particular the generation Z, accustomed to adopting the most modern methods of fruition of sporting events, stimulating us to experiment with innovative and projected formats. future. Finally, I take this opportunity to wish all the teams the best of wishes for this new season which I am sure will be even more spectacular and up to expectations "."

eSerie A TIM 2023 | Road Show "On stage representing Udinese was Vice President Stefano Campoccia, who declared:" Esports are a phenomenon in constant expansion and represent a vehicle for the loyalty of young fans and, in general, for increasing fan engagement. In this sense, the Lega is doing a lot as the success of the TIM eSerieA demonstrates, which has become a real event, creating an incredible appeal and atmosphere. We are very happy, as Udinese we immediately understood the potential of this phenomenon and, for over two years, we have invested and continue to do so in our D-Link Udinese eSports team which has already given us great satisfaction. At the same time, it is a great honor for us to have hosted the eSerieA TIM road show at the Dacia Arena, a recognition that certifies our commitment in this area and follows up on our ambition to make our stadium, always alive 365 days a year, a real gaming house "."

"Following the fans present at the Dacia Arena had the unique opportunity to challenge the talent Lisa Offside, Sabino Palermo, Marco" Dr Whi7es "Bianchi, Flavio" V3nom "Dell'Erba and Matteo" riberaribell "Ribera in exciting challenges at EA SPORTS FIFA 23."

"The evening finally ended with Udinese players Deulofeu, Makengo, Bijol and Samardzic commenting on the their FUT cards and they faced off in a tournament that saw Samardzic's final victory. The entire event was broadcast on the official Twitch channel "SerieA". "

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