American coffee machines | The best of 2022

American coffee machines | The best of 2022

It is well known that Italians are chronic consumers of coffee, however there are many who also appreciate American coffee. This particular drink, compared to the traditional espresso, is nothing more than a coffee to which boiling water is added, consequently the taste may seem less full-bodied and strong on the palate. In order to prepare such a dish it is necessary to buy one of the best American coffee machines or special filters.

Read also: Capsule coffee machines | The best of 2022 In this article, therefore, we have decided to show you what are the best American coffee machines currently on the market, so that you can have a general idea of ​​those that can really make a difference, not only from a monetary point of view. but also for the technical characteristics they are equipped with. We have therefore compiled a selection of products, starting from the economic ones up to the top of the range of the category.

The best American coffee machines

Russell Hobbs 22620-56 Philips HD7462 / 20 Braun Pure KF520 / 1 Electrolux EKF7700R Philips Daily Collection HD7462 / 20 *

Russell Hobbs 22620-56

Generic photos As the next product in this particular guide, we present the Russell American coffee machine Hobbs 22620-56. It represents an authentic concentrate of technology, although its price is relatively low for the reference market. First of all, it has a capacity of 1.25 liters, which allows you to brew up to six cups of coffee. In addition to this, this machine boasts a power of 1000W and a programmable 24 hour timer, in order to automate the brewing process.


Philips HD7462 / 20

Philips is a company that produces an almost infinite number of products, characterized by a superlative quality / price ratio. Among these, we also point out the Philips HD7462 / 20, an American coffee machine with good specifications, starting with the aroma twister technology that promises an optimal taste in every cup. Philips HD7462 / 20, in addition to the usual anti-drip system, boasts the automatic shut-off function (set at 30 minutes from delivery) and a total capacity of 1.2 liters, which allows you to prepare from two up to 15 cups of coffee . In short, this product is ideal for families and offices.


Braun Pure KF520 / 1

Now let's move on to the high end of the market, in where there are products with good technical characteristics and sold at slightly higher prices. Among these, we mention the Braun Pure KF520 / 1, a machine belonging to the manufacturer's CaféHouse line, which have been conceived for true coffee connoisseurs. As for the technical specifications, this machine guarantees superb coffee filtering, with the possibility of keeping the freshly brewed coffee hot for thirty minutes. Everything is enclosed in a modern and graceful design. In short, with such a coffee machine it is possible to enjoy multiple coffees with the utmost relaxation possible.


Electrolux EKF7700R

The Electrolux EKF7700R coffee maker is without a doubt one of the best American coffee machines. The first peculiarity is the aroma intensity selector, which allows all concerned to adjust the duration of the preparation, in order to obtain an American coffee with a personalized intensity of flavor. Instead, the second is the auto-off function, which forces the machine to turn off automatically after 40 minutes of inactivity. While, the third is the presence of the removable filter holder, so as to improve the practicality of the entire machine and its maintenance. As mentioned, this is a complete product that needs no further introduction!


Philips Daily Collection HD7462 / 20

We have reached the last product of this buying guide, and we want to present you the Philips Daily Collection HD7462 / 20. We are talking about an excellent product, now available at a truly incredible price, since it contains all the necessary functions to be able to prepare a lot of American coffee. First of all, it has a spout, called Aroma Twister, which mixes the coffee inside the jug to offer an excellent aroma. In addition to this, it has a water level indicator and an automatic shutdown function. Clearly, there is also an anti-drip system to interrupt the delivery of coffee at any time and all its components are dishwasher safe. In short, a product of excellent value, which is difficult to do without.


How to choose the best American coffee machines

After having illustrated the best American coffee machines, it is necessary to give you a general smattering of the main characteristics of such a product, which we will report below.

Composition Power Type Carafe Water tank Secondary functions


An American coffee machine is made up of several completely different parts, in fact we have:

Water tank, which allows you to prepare a variable number of cups Coffee filter, which instead, it allows you to insert the mixture (usually 8 grams of coffee every 2 cups of 100-150 milligrams of water) Graduated jug, which is used to percolate the coffee to keep it hot for about 1 hour. from coffee is basically realized metal or plastic material, and this depends on the target audience. There are machines, in fact, that are located on a high end of the market, while others in cheaper ranges, and therefore in the medium or low range. In addition, there are more technological models, which have various functions, including intelligent ones, to be able to prepare coffee cups at a preset time or according to other functions. The simpler ones, on the other hand, are only able to prepare coffee with a simple switch.


An American coffee machine is a small household appliance, and for this reason it has a variable, based on its wattage. Clearly, a good car is chosen according to the power of the engine, integrated under the body like all household appliances. An excellent electric motor, therefore, allows the machine to have high-level performance, and this affects the size and delivery time of the coffee. There are models that can have a power that can even exceed 1000 watts.

Buying a powerful item depends on your needs, in fact a high value corresponds to the possibility of preparing several coffee cups at the same time ( based, of course, from a large jug editor's note). So, if your need is to equip yourself with an appliance that can prepare more coffees at a time, the advice is to move towards a machine of 1000w or more, otherwise any other machine with a lower wattage can be fine.


There are various types of American coffee machines on the market. In this case, there are three:

Machines with external water tank, in which usually the quantity of water is commensurate with the quantity of coffee; Appliances featuring a coffee filter, in which to insert the blend but require daily maintenance to function; Those that have a graduated jug in which to pour the coffee. Regardless of the type chosen, such a product must be made of steel or super-resistant plastic material. Alternatively, if you are looking for a carafe, these items tend to be made of glass.


One of the criteria for choosing an American coffee machine is undoubtedly the carafe , which trivially allows you to contain the doses of coffee immediately after preparation. Capacity, therefore, is a very important factor, given that a larger capacity allows you to collect as much coffee as possible. Generally, a small jug can hold up to 4-5 cups, while a larger one can reach about 20 cups. Obviously, as it is easy to guess, a greater capacity corresponds to a gradually higher price.

Water tank

Another component of an American coffee machine is the water tank. water which, not surprisingly, is the basis for effectively preparing a coffee. This element can be fixed or removable, and between the two there is a good difference in terms of maintenance and cleaning. The fixed tank, in fact, is closely connected to the body of the machine, and this involves first of all paying attention to the right amount of water and, subsequently, a longer maintenance time given the difficulty of access for cleaning. On the other hand, as regards the mobile / removable tank, this component improves its maintenance and cleaning. It should also be added that the dimensions of a tank depend on the design of the machine and the built-in jug.

Secondary functions

Each product in this category can have secondary functions, which allow you to obtain a significant plus compared to those without. Generally, the most used features are:

Timer. A system that allows you to set an alarm, similar to microwave ovens, depending on the coffee preparation time. Auto-off. A function now widespread among all American coffee machines, and allows the device to turn off independently when it has completed all its operations, so as not to impact too much on energy consumption and, therefore, on the electricity bill. Self-cleaning system. If you want to buy a premium product, it is easy to find a function that allows the machine to clean itself, thus reducing the maintenance to be made daily. Do not underestimate the presence of a removable filter holder and the heated plate to keep the coffee hot for a few minutes after it has been brewed.

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