Electric Fat Bikes | The best of 2022

Electric Fat Bikes | The best of 2022

Using the bike instead of the car is a small gesture that can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. If we think, in fact, that vehicle-related emissions continue to increase, a greater diffusion of bicycles could inevitably contribute to environmental protection. If we really want to achieve the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set so far, it is important to contribute to a significant shift away from motorized transport.

In order to address these critical issues, the Italian government has decided to introduce some initiatives to encourage the purchase of low-consumption cars and green vehicles such as electric scooters and e-bikes. Since the beginning of March, more than one billion euros has been spent on infrastructure in Europe, with the construction of 2,300 km of new cycle paths. However, if you are tired of the usual routes with your bike, it is time to undertake new challenges and new routes with an electric fat bike.

Today's guide is entirely dedicated to this type of vehicle. The definition of fat bike mainly depends on the width of the rims and tires which are decidedly wider than a classic e-bike: fat bikes with 4 ″ tires and rims wider than 44mm are particularly popular, indispensable on soft surfaces such as sand, snow and gravel. The presence of large tires is essential to increase the contact surface between the ground and the bike itself.

Not surprisingly, electric fat bikes are spreading in our country as an urban and extra-urban means of transport. Their versatility, in fact, makes electric fat bikes as an alternative to the scooter, conquering not only young people but also adults. There is no shortage of highly performing models on the market, able to travel several km with a recharge.

For the choice of the best electric fat bikes we have relied on the products available on Amazon.

Best electric fat bikes

Electric fat bike FIIDO M1 Pro Electric fat bike Nilox X8 Electric fat bike X3000plus Electric fat bike ICON.E iCross X7 Electric fat bike XXCY

FIIDO M1 Pro electric fat bike

Let's start this guide dedicated to the best electric fat bikes with the FIIDO M1 Pro. The aesthetics that Fiido gives the M1Pro a perfect balance between form and function: the M1 Pro was born as an off-road electric bike designed specifically to be used on different types of routes. Equipped with a powerful 500W motor with 7-speed wide-range gearbox that allows you to reach any destination regardless of ground conditions or weather conditions. The maximum speed of the M1 Pro can, however, reach up to 40 km / h. Not surprisingly, the presence of 20-inch wheels with ultra-wide rims allows you to easily cross paths with sand, rocky beaches, puddles and terrain with obstacles. As for autonomy, the M1 Pro has a high-torque 48 V battery capable of achieving rapid starting acceleration and a maximum range of 130 km, thus allowing you to easily travel long distances. To make this e-bike easy to transport on the trunk of the car, on the subway or on the train, the adjustable body and a foldable size of 96 * 79 * 45 cm.

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Nilox X8 electric fat bike

We continue this guide with the Nilox X8, pedal assisted electric bike which, thanks to the 20 "x 4" fat tires and the double brake disc, allows you to travel in assisted mode up to 60 km. The Nilox X8 is distinguished by its modern design, with folding frame, LED lights and LCD display that allows the user to choose between 5 driving modes. The presence of the LCD display on the handlebar is essential to view information such as speed, kilometers traveled and battery range during off-road journeys. With an unmistakable look, the Nilox X8 is equipped with a 7-speed SHIMANO gearbox and a 250W High Speed ​​brushless motor for a maximum speed of 25 km / h. What makes the Nilox branded X8 extremely versatile is the 36 V battery that can be removed and recharged anywhere.

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Fat bike electric X3000plus

Among the best electric fat bikes we could not fail to include the X3000plus produced by Lankeleisi. We are talking, inevitably, of a high-end model, with a 1,000 watt motor and powered by a 48V battery that allows you to reach up to 60 km on a single charge. To characterize this fat bike, a sturdy frame in 6061 aluminum alloy, equipped with a front fork with lockable suspension, and a hydraulic oil braking system with front and rear discs. Do not miss the 7-speed Shimano gearbox and L-Drives vector control system. The presence of the LCD display installed on the handlebar allows the cyclist to monitor all pedaling modes (manual, assisted and full electric) and other useful information on the route, such as the autonomy of the vehicle. The presence of 20-inch * 4.0 fat Chaoyang tires effectively reduce noise and vibrations while increasing ride comfort.

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Electric fat bike ICON.E X7

Sportiness and elegance distinguish the new ICON.E X7 electric fat bike. The muscular and structured profile and the energetic lines help to offer more power to this vehicle. Equipped with full suspension to dominate any type of terrain, the ICON.E iCross X7 Blackned electric Fat-Bike was born as a high-end vehicle. Not surprisingly, the new ICON.E X7 shows itself as an electric bike ready to tackle even the most demanding surfaces. The power of the ICON.E X7 e is felt at every kilometer thanks to the presence of a 250W Brushless Bafang 8FUN motor. Force and thrust are also attributed by the 20 ″ KENDA wheels and reinforced aluminum alloy wheels. The 48V Samsung lithium battery guarantees a maximum range of 50 kilometers. Let's not forget, however, that the autonomy of these vehicles can vary depending on the driver and, above all, on the type of route taken. Do not miss the presence of TECKTRO hydraulic disc brakes front and rear and Shimano 7-speed gearbox.

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Electric fat bike XXCY

Made by the Chinese Sheng, the MX01 is characterized by the presence of a frame made entirely of aluminum and a 1,000 watt motor, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour: thanks to its high power is ideal especially for those who live in mountainous and hilly areas. The 48V battery, built into the frame, can be removed to allow you to recharge it at home or in the office. The MX01 is also equipped with a hydraulic oil brake system with front and rear double disc brakes, ensuring stability and optimal safety during braking also thanks to the 26 * 4.0 inch tires.

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How to choose the best electric fat bike

When the terrain becomes difficult it is essential to have a durable bike equipped with wide tires , therefore also suitable for the most hostile terrains. Not surprisingly, the combination provided by the electric motor and the rather large contact surface allow you to easily travel difficult terrain that usually creates difficulties if traveled with a common e-bike.

It is important to know technical and structural characteristics electric fat bikes before choosing the model that best suits your needs. Let's start by reiterating that fat bikes are "off-road" bikes equipped with tires with a diameter between 3.8 and 5 "and 2.16" or wider rims, hence the term fat.

Fat bikes allow you to travel on very difficult terrain, such as snow and sand. To make this type of vehicle even more efficient is the engine; its power, in fact, is essential to support the frame and tires but above all to drive easily on rough terrain.

Braking system

Generally electric fat bikes are equipped with high quality disc brakes on the front and rear wheels to provide enough braking power to ensure maximum safety. The type of brakes mounted on electric fat bikes can be hydraulic or mechanical disc. To distinguish the two types is certainly the greater efficiency and reactivity: if you are looking for an electric fat bike for urban routes, mechanical disc brakes are sufficient; if, on the other hand, you are a nature lover and want to take off-road routes, it is certainly advisable to prefer a vehicle equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. Specifically, mechanical disc brakes use a cable to close the brake calipers while hydraulic disc brakes use fluid pressure.


Divided into three types, motors for Electric fat bikes are divided according to the location in which they are implemented. So let's talk about front engine, mid engine or rear engine. The three types of engines just mentioned also have quite different power, cost and riding experience.

Electric fat bikes equipped with a mid-drive motor are the most powerful and expensive but inevitably provide a greater balance thanks to to central positioning. In the case of front or rear hub motors, these are generally less expensive; on the market this type of engine is used on folding electric fat bikes. Opting for a vehicle with a central engine is certainly essential to use the electric fat bike on very rough routes.


A higher engine power allows optimal performance on all types of terrain, reaching at the same time high speeds. As we know, the power produced by the engine affects the maximum speed that the vehicle can reach. Although it is possible to find electric fat bikes with 500, 750 or 1000 W power on the market, motors with a maximum power of 250 W are generally used, as established by the legislation.


Like the engine, the battery is a fundamental element for the performance of the vehicle. The quality of the battery will affect not only its duration but also its performance on difficult routes, such as snow and sand. Usually the batteries for electric fat bikes have a voltage that varies between 36 and 48 V; depending on the voltage, the power will be greater or less.

As regards the battery life, we must not forget that this can also vary due to secondary factors such as the terrain traveled and the weight of the cyclist. Generally, batteries for electric fat bikes offer a maximum range of between 30 and 70 km. Generally speaking, electric fat bikes can reach speeds that even exceed 50 km / h, but let's not forget that in our country the speed limit for electric bicycles is set at 25 km / h.


If you are looking for a product that is "easy" to transport, it is essential to take into consideration both the weight and the overall dimensions of the vehicle when purchasing. Folding electric bikes were created precisely to make transport easier but also as a matter of agility during use. In fact, there is no shortage of folding bikes on the market with frames in light alloys.

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