The J-Pop Manga releases on 8 September 2021

The J-Pop Manga releases on 8 September 2021

Through the official website of the publishing house, the J-POP Manga releases of 8 September 2021 have been disseminated. Of note is the new issue of Black Jack and Dead Tube.

The J-Pop Manga releases on September 8

The apothecary's diaries 3

by Natsu Hyuuga ,, Itsuki Nanao, Nekokurage

€ 6.50

Maomao reveals to Renshi the background of the poisoned soup served during the reception in the imperial gardens. Without paying any further attention to the eunuch, now overwhelmed with work, the young woman uses the clips received to be able to return home, after having been away for ten months. She still does not know that she is about to get involved in a new accident ... but thanks to her acumen she will be able to solve cases one after the other this time too!

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Dead Tube 16

by Mikoto Yamaguchi and Touta Kitakawa

€ 6.00

Here we are among the coils of the terrible “Dead Tube Neo”. Immediately after accidentally seeing an extreme video of one of her friends, Eno Yotsusaka is forced to participate in the game following the blackmail of "Happy Evangelist". The confused girl is rescued by former film club members, Mashiro, Miwa and Mizuno, and narrowly escapes danger…

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Super HxEros 8

by Ryoma Kitada

€ 6.50

During a school trip to Okinawa, Retto finds himself paired with Sho for a group courage test, in the course of which Kirara is attacked by a Kiseichu. Rushed to the scene together with his new classmate, Retto knocks out the attacker and saves his friend, but the monster recovers and swallows all three.

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Hell's Paradise - Jigokuraku 12

by Yuji Kaku

€ 5.90

In the middle of the fight against Pangu, Gabimaru gets involved in a bloody fight against Shija, but a few words from the opponent are enough to convince the shinobi that his wife is real, so he strengthens himself and the fight comes to an end . Meanwhile, the mysterious Jikka Yamada Asaemon comes into action, as Rien's true target begins to become clearer…

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Blackjack 3 - Osamushi Collection

by Osamu Tezuka

12.00 €

The cases proposed to him become more complex and desperate, and in this third volume we discover to what extent Black Jack is willing to go out of his way to get his job done and for the sake of his client. In addition, Dr. Kiriko, a doctor with a ruthless philosophy of life, makes his debut.

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