Star Wars Heroes of the Galaxy | Better Characters and Tier List Teams

Star Wars Heroes of the Galaxy | Better Characters and Tier List Teams

Do you want to find out which are the best characters, the tier lists and the best teams for the many heroes present within Star Wars: Heroes of the Galaxy? You are in the right place!

Star Wars heroes of the galaxy is a free to play role-playing game for smartphones released in 2015 thanks to the publishing of Electronic Arts; the title includes a huge cast of heroes from the Star Wars expanded canon, going to draw heroes and characters from many different iterations of the franchise.

Given the huge amount of heroes present and the numerous updates to the game it is very important have a guide or at least a canvas from which to start training the right characters right away without wasting time with the most miserable ones.

Star Wars Heroes of the galaxy: 10 best characters

It's difficult say the ten best characters in this title, given the variety of the proposal and the huge amount of mechanics that are recalled by each individual character. However, there is a handful of heroes who are able to make a real difference no matter how you use them.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn is an incredibly powerful, capable character to inflict fracture status on opponents and gain from this status the ability to counterattack and dissipate itself, so that you can present yourself to the next round even stronger than before. Perfect for an Empire background team.

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, unsurprisingly, is one of the strongest attackers in the game and is, therefore, also one of the strongest heroes in the game. From a purely statistical point of view, in fact, it is difficult to counter against Luke Skywalker having several of the highest statistics in the game; if paired with Yoda, moreover, he will be even more powerful thanks to the extra protection.

Darth Vader

Always talking about powerful characters we find here Darth Vader, the dark lord. As for Luke we are talking about a purely offensive character, capable of doing very high damage (especially if the enemy has debuffs above). If you manage to use his Ruthless Slaughter skill you will be able to use his skills three times in a row, really going to destroy the opposing team.

Darth Malak

Darth Malak is really hard to unlock but, like Tank, it is practically irreplaceable. Its main characteristic is to become progressively more resistant and resilient the more its health drops, not to mention that its dark fusion buff is one of the few that cannot be dispelled in any way.

Jedi Knight Revan

Revan is a very flexible (and very strong) character for multiple reasons: his Direct Focus and Fast Charge skills, when used in tandem, are able to eliminate any opponent (leaving 0 room for enemies on the side dark), is immune to stuns or skill blocks, is able to ignore taunts, and allows an allied Jedi to go from 1% health to 100% once per fight. Go find another character with these characteristics, come on, we challenge you

Darth Revan

When we talked about Revan as a flexible character, well, we were referring to this a little bit too and this dark version of him. The alecration ability is perfect to use on opposing leaders, it can very easily inflict fear on opponents and is able to heal itself independently if his life points drop below 50% of the total. A real monster.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is the perfect character for a First Order themed team, as he is able to get faster in the presence of others characters of this category. Once he uses his final ability he can dispel all kinds of debuffs from himself, inflicting massive, unavoidable physical damage to the team of opponents. Kylo Ren cannot be staggerated, he cannot be provoked, during the use of his charge he does not suffer damage, he cannot be defeated and, if in doubt, he does not even revive the opponents he eliminates. At the definition of the word fearful we find him.


It is useless to hide how strong Rey actually is, despite being a rather complicated character to upgrade. When using his final ability he becomes, like Kylo Ren, immortal and is able to inflict pure damage on the opponents he attacks, with attacks that are neither counterattackable nor evadable; to all this must be added the not indifferent ability to nullify to 1 all the damage that is received by the characters belonging to the light side. Rey can become immune to damage for one turn if an ally goes below 50% life points, is able to obtain the inspired status and also make us an ally and, above all, becomes immune to stuns thanks to the ability galactic legend.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is almost certainly the strongest character ever seen for the light side. If equipped correctly, focusing on the defensive aspects it becomes practically unstoppable, acting as the engine for a Jedi team. His abilities, in fact, allow the Jedi to gain speed, protection and to add their attack power to the attacks of another character, creating a frightening synergy. Luke Skywalker's passive abilities heal fallen allies, slow opponents by dealing heavy damage, and allow Jedi allies to attack 35% stronger without major problems.

Eternal Sith Emperor

Last but not least we find the Eternal Sith Emperor, a hero immune to provocation, able to oneshot heroes through a single ability and capable of fully regenerating himself if an allied Sith dies in battle. One of the most fearsome characters in the entire game.

Star Wars Heroes of the Galaxy: 10 Best Teams

10. Rebel Squad

Mon Mothma (Leader, support) (5E light side Ardua) Commander Luke Skywalker (attacker) (hero's journey) Rebel officer Leia Organa (attacker) (battle for territory) Chewbacca (attacker) (legendary event) Threepio & Chewie (attacker) (7-A side clear Ardua) The rebels are a large and varied team with lots of heroes, which makes building the "best team" really complicated.

We can definitely say that Mon Mothma is the best leader of the rebels thanks to his ability to summon a summon a rebel fighter capable of becoming progressively more powerful.

Alternatives to Mon Mothma are Hera or Grand Admiral Thrawn.

9. Bounty hunters

The Mandalorian (Leader, attacker) (3-C Dark Side Hard) Bossk (Tank) (9-B Dark Side Hard) Jango Fett ( Attacker) (8-D Light side Ardua) Greef Karga (Support) (3-E Light side Ardua; 4-C Battles of the Ardua fleet) Embo (Attacker) (8-C Dark Side Ardua) The bounty hunters are extremely strong teams against teams composed mainly of Jedi thanks to their skills which, precisely, have specific bonuses against that category of heroes. If you don't have high-level bounty hunters, you can replace one with Cad Bane.

8 Geonosians

Alpha Geonosian Brood (Leader, Support) (8-D Cantina) Poggle the lesser ( support) (4-E Light Side Hard; 6-E Light Side Hard) Geonosian Soldier (attacker) (1-A Cantina) Geonosian Spy (attacker) (4-D Cantina) Sun Fac (Tank) (Reward during battles) The Geonosians are a microcategory of the separatists and are, for sure, the strongest team in the middle. The most important units of this team are the Geonosian brood alpha, poggle and the spy; these three and their abilities and synergies allow the team to be truly menacing, especially at high levels.

7. Clones

"Rex" (Leader, Support) (Arena shop in the fleet) "Echo" CT-21-0408 (Support) (Arena shop in the fleet) "Fives" (Tank) (2-D dark side Ardua) "Cody" (attacker) (expeditions) ARC troop (attacker) (5-G Cellar) Another team that works in a particularly synergistic way. Echo and Fives help each other to deflect opponents' heels while Rex, thanks to his strategic advantage, is able to inflict massive damage on opponents.

6. Empire

Darth Vader ( Leader, Attacker) (Acquired through trophies) Emperor Palpatine (Support) (Legendary Event) Director Krennic (Support) (9-D Light Side) Grand Admiral Thrawn (Support) (Legendary Event) Death Striker (Attacker) (8- A Cantina) If you play with the dark side, well, it's mathematical to have a team belonging to the empire. These teams make extensive use of characters like Palpatine or Vader, often pairing them with supporting characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn or Moff Tarkin. As happened with the bounty hunters, here too we are dealing with a team with a lot of specific characteristics to take down the Jedi. Darth Vader and Palpatine are very powerful characters, able to hit opponents effectively and violently while the death assailant is particularly strong in the case of rebels.

5. Jedi

Knight Jedi Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Bastila Shan (Support) (2-D Battles of the Arduous Fleet; 5-B Dark Side Arduous) Grandmaster Yoda (Support) (Legendary Event) General Kenobi (Tank) (Raid of guild) General Skywalker (Attacker) (Epic Confrontation) There are so many Jedi in the Galaxy of Heroes, which is why putting together the strongest team is a rather complicated affair. Surely the best place to start is to put a capable and powerful leader like Revan in charge of the team or, alternatively, Skywalker and Kenobi can function as decent substitutes. Other interesting characters to use are Ezra (able to dispel opponent's power-ups and strike like a blacksmith) or Jolee Bindo, an excellent support character.

4 Sith

Darth Revan (Leader, attacker) (Ancient Journey) Emperor Palpatine (Support) (Legendary Event) Darth Vader (Attacker) (Unlocks through archievements) Bastila Shan (Fallen) (Support) (7-A Dark Side Arduous) Sith Troop (Attacker) (6 -C Dark side Ardua) The Sith name must rightly be accompanied by awe: these heroes do very badly and are also quite complicated to obtain, since none of this can be done in the late game. The best possible Sith team uses the abilities of Revan, Palpatine and Vader to create a synergy of the highest level, creating a perfect combination of attack and support skills.

3. Sisters of the night

Mother Talzin (Leader, Support) (8-A Hard Light Side) Asajj Ventress (Support) (Team Arena Shop) Nightsister Zombie (Tank) (8-D Dark Side Hard) Old Daka (Healer) (4- B Dark Side Arduous) Nightsister Spirit (Forward) (7-F Cellar) Against all odds the sisters of the night are able to assemble into a truly formidable team. This faction has some of the best tanks in the game, allowing for powerful synergies like the one between Old Daka and the sister of the night Zombie, with the former able to resurrect all of her companions and the latter able to absorb all the damage. Mother Talzin's ability is also very strong, able to combine the power of two heroes belonging to the Sisters of the night factions, to carry out incredibly powerful attacks. As if that weren't enough, the Sisters of the Night are a perfect team to take down the Geonosians, not to mention their actual usefulness in PVP events or challenges.

2. Sith Empire

Darth Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Darth Malak (Tank) (Epic Confrontation) Bastila Shan (Fallen) (Support) (7-A Dark Side Arduous) HK-47 (Attacker) (Squad Arena Shop) Troop Imperial Sith (Tank) (8-B Cellar) The Sith Empire team is fairly recent in the game as many of the units have only been added along with the events related to the “Knight of the Old Republic” video games; Nonetheless, the title includes some of the strongest strikers in the game. Darth Revan and Darth Malak, for example, are a very strong duo to use while Bastilla Shan (Fallen) as support is the icing on the cake.

HK 47 is also a great unit, as it possesses abilities that go hand in hand. with the characteristics of Darth Revan or Bastilla and always turns out to be the ultimate anti jedi. This team, in summary, is perfect for taking down light side teams, the Jedi or an Old Republic team. Bastilla, in fact, is the perfect countermeasure for anyone who wants to take advantage of the enormous power level of Jedi Knight Revan on the other side.

1. Old republic

Jedi Knight Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Bastila Shan (Support) (2-D Battle Fleet Hard; 5-B Dark Side Hard) Jolee Bindo (Curator) (6-D Dark Side Hard) Mission Vao (Attacker) (7-A Cellar) Zaalbar ( Tank) (3-C Arduous Fleet Battle; 5-D Arduous Light Side) The old republic team, among all those we have seen above, is certainly the most versatile and is adaptable to practically any situation. This is because it has a mix of high damage heroes, heroes with strong support skills and great healers - all characteristics that put this team on top of the best. The best leaders for this team are, as expected, Calaiere Jedi Revan or, alternatively, Carth Onasi. The latter, again from a budget point of view, can be used together with T3-M4 to add a powerful light-side ship to your fleet.

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