Pokémon Team Championship, the second edition of the Pokémon competitive tournament starts

Pokémon Team Championship, the second edition of the Pokémon competitive tournament starts

Pokémon Team Championship

The Pokémon Team Championship or PTC2, the largest Italian competitive Pokémon project for video games, debuted on Tuesday 21 September on the Twitch channel of FrancescoPardiniVGC and sportsgaming.win. After the announcement of the captains and the new logos, the rosters of the players that each captain has decided to bet on have finally been revealed. The team leaders had 500 credits each to grab the 7 players who will form their team through a fun auction system in fantasy football style. Among the highest paid players are Andrea "BanFox" Olea, computer expert and member of Team Aqua, who will compete with the Dragons of captain Enrico Mostallino, and Giuseppe Musicco, drafted by the captain of the reigning champions, both for 205 credits.

The matches of the first week

The legendary Pokémon of Sword and Shield As if this were not enough, the most significant matches of the first week of competition were then played, enriched by the technical comment by the creator of the project -the good Francesco Pardini- and Pietro Xella. The first battle aired saw Marco Silva, captain of the Cannons, against Giacomo Bovolenta, captain of the Guardians. Marco Fiero, champion of the last official international Pokémon tournament, namely that of Oceania 2020, presented himself to the challenge with a team focused on Zamasenta, the legendary pokémon that heads on the cover of Pokémon Shield, a choice rarely seen in competitive teams. On the other hand, Giacomo Bovolenta has bet everything on one of the most popular pairs, Kyogre Tornadus, adding a pinch of originality with a Ditto, capable of copying any Pokémon that is placed in front of him. However, Ditto did not allow the captain of the Guardians to also copy the talent of his opponent who imposes himself for a resounding 2 to 0.

The second meeting that aired, saw the captain of the Spoons, Davide Carrer, clash with Roberto Ceglia of the Meteors, MVP of last season with the Spoons. Both players have bet on Zacian, the legendary Pokémon that heads on the cover of Pokémon Spada, as the uber slot of their team, flanked by a very interesting pair of Pokémon water, Pelipper Urshifu-water, in the Davide Carrer sextet. This choice -definable exotic by most- did not however allow the former captain of Roberto Ceglia to be able to defeat the award-winning MVP of PTC1 who won 2-0 after two top-level matches.

The third The meeting again saw a captain, Enrico "RoxasVGC" Mostallino at the helm of the Dragons, challenge Emanuele "Asuya" Ciliberto, the highest paid player of the Blasters. Both presented themselves with two different teams, with the first relying on Xerneas, the legendary Pokémon on the cover of Pokémon X, already widespread in the competitive in past years, while the second decided to bet on Calyrex-Shadow, an alternative form of the legendary protagonist of the second DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Emanuele Ciliberto, thanks to his experience and his most recent successes in online tournaments, manages to prevail over the Dragons captain by 2 to 0.

The fourth match aired had as protagonists the Trains captain Daniele Spuntarelli and Carmine Ragone, member of Travelers. The first relied on Xerneas as legendary, while the second on the renowned couple Kyogre Tornadus, flanked by a public danger such as Shedinja, a Pokémon with only one life point, but which can only be wounded with super effective moves or indirect damage. It might have seemed like a winning choice, but the head of the trains again managed to demonstrate his talent with a resounding 2-0 in his favor.

Last match of the PTC2 launch broadcast saw Luca " Ciemmelle "Clemente, drafted for 185 credits by the Spoons, against Matteo Ghisini, highest paid player by Meteors together with his partner Sali Resuli for 150 credits. The first showed up with a purple-colored Zacian team from an unusual Drifblim. On the other hand, Matteo Ghisini has bet on Kyogre depriving him of his historic companion Tornadus, replaced by an equally unusual Zapdos. The choice, however, did not reward the member of the Meteors who is defeated by Luca Clemente who closes the second game won with a decisive double protection.

Final results

The result of the first week of competition saw the Cannons prevail over the Guardians for 3 victories against 2, the Blasters yield 2 to 3 under the incessant blows of the Dragons, the Trains derailed for 2 to 3 suffering the wrath of the Travelers, and the Spoons dominating the Meteors for 3 to 2.

Don't miss the second week pairings as well as insights and memes about the competition and its protagonists on the official Instagram page of PTC2. In addition, the next appointment on Twitch is Monday 27 September at 11:00 on the sportsgaming.win channel for further information and previews on the results of the second week of competition, which will be broadcast the following day or Tuesday 28 September at 18:00 on the channel. FrancescoPardiniVGC.

Curated by Angelo Peruzzi.

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