How Autostrade's cashback works for delays caused by construction sites

How Autostrade's cashback works for delays caused by construction sites

Experimentation is underway. Through the dedicated app you can request a refund of 25% to 100% of the toll if you exceed 15 minutes of delay for works on the motorways

Telepass on the highway (Mauro Scrobogna / La Presse) The mass testing of the motorway cashback, for the reimbursement of the toll in the event of a significant delay on the sections of Autostrade per l'Italia affected by construction sites. The program is enabled by the Free To X application, is already available on the Android and iOs app stores and includes every class of vehicle used and form of payment (Telepass, cards, Viacard or cash). The experimental phase will concern the transits made from 15 September to 31 December. Refunds recognized will be accumulated in the "purse" section of the app and paid by bank transfer starting from January 2022, to the current account indicated by the user or according to methods being studied and being defined, in the case of electronic tolls.

The application is free and has already passed a limited test phase launched at the beginning of August, with the participation of five consumer associations (Adiconsum, Adoc, Adusbef, Codacons and Federconsumatori). The initiative, shared with the Ministry of Infrastructure and in the formal presentation phase to the Antitrust Authority, supports a multi-year Aspi program for the modernization of viaducts, tunnels and barriers of 21.5 billion euros of investments and maintenance to renew infrastructures built over the years 60s and 70s.

When the motorway cashback is triggered

The cashback will be paid exclusively in the event of delays generated by construction sites for works on the Autostrade per l'Italia network that affect the regularity of transits, due to reduction of the lanes originally available (excluding the emergency one). Construction sites for the restoration of safety due to accidents, delays caused by intense traffic, accidents, phenomena linked to the weather, events, or other causes not related to the modernization work of Aspi are excluded. The average speed for the calculation of the reference time is 100 kilometers per hour for light vehicles (class A and B), 70 km / h for heavy vehicles (toll class 3, 4 and 5 axles).

The reimbursement can also be recognized for itineraries of less than 30 kilometers, starting from 15 minutes of delay, allowing access to reimbursements from 25% to 100% of the toll, based on the actual travel time and on the length of the journey. . If, for example, in the Recco-Genoa East stretch, 29 kilometers, the actual duration was 31 minutes on an average journey calculated in 13 minutes, the toll of 90 cents will be fully refunded. On the other hand, on journeys of over 500 kilometers, the maximum refund payable will be 50% in the event of delays of more than two hours.

How to request motorway cashback

Who uses systems of electronic toll collection will be able to enter the references relating to the device to receive the cashback notification, limiting itself to confirming the itinerary. Those who use cash or cards must send a photograph of the payment receipt through the Free to X application, collected at the exit. Once the identity has been confirmed, also by photographing an identification document and entering the email contact information, it will be possible to confirm the transit data, receive notifications and finally a refund. When the program is fully operational, the reimbursements will have a six-monthly accumulation cycle during the calendar year and the payment of the amount allowed for cashback will take place within 90 days from the end of the semester.

The application will also provide other services useful for planning the trip: information on cameras for monitoring transit flows; the calculation of the standard toll; the positioning of active tutors along the network and a feature to identify the cheapest fuel prices in the various service areas. The reimbursement service will be made accessible to consortia and their associates at a later stage, thanks to a dedicated adhesion process that will make it possible to retroactively recover the cashback relating to the itineraries traveled since September 15th.

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