Grill pan | The best of 2021

Grill pan | The best of 2021

The purchase of one of the best grill pans on the market is practically mandatory, if you are interested in cooking meat, fish and grilled vegetables in the best possible way in the comfort of your home. By purchasing such a product you will be able to quickly cook different types of food, without necessarily having to light the fire in your kitchen or other tools.

In this article, therefore, we have decided to offer you a review of the best grills available on the market, so that you can have a timely and precise summary of all the news on the market, which is why we will periodically update the article in question. Naturally, our selection involves the best products for different characteristics, which we will list at the bottom with the necessary explanations.

The best grills

Rowenta GR242D Bosch TCG4104 Severin KG 2392 Rowenta GR3060 Rowenta GR722D Optigrill + De'Longhi CGH1020D

Rowenta GR242D

As the first product of this buying guide, we present the Rowenta GR242D grill pan. First of all, it boasts three adjustable cooking levels which, at its maximum power, reaches 2000W. Among its peculiarities, we also find easy-to-clean cast iron grids and the presence of a tray for collecting drops of fat. In short, an economical product with excellent specifications, also considering that it has non-stick plates.

Bosch TCG4104

Bosch is known to be one of the best manufacturers of household appliances, both small and large. In its stable of products we recommend that you take a look at the Bosch TCG4104, one of the best grills on the market. First of all, it has a power of 2000W, in order to guarantee super fast heating and constant thermal power. Then, it boasts a structure that can adapt in three different positions, according to the workplace (open on a table for example). Thanks to the thermostat, you can control the temperature for each dish. There is no shortage of gutter plates and two containers for collecting the grease.

Severin KG 2392

With a cooking surface of well 27 x 24 centimeters, the Severin KG 2392 grill pan rightfully enters the Olympus of the best grill pans on the market. As if that weren't enough, the cooking surface is adjustable on five levels or can be placed on a table. In addition to the classic pair of striped plates, in the initial set of accessories there is also a pair of smooth plates, to be able to cook other types of food. Clearly, being a product sold at an important price, it boasts a drawer for collecting cooking liquids and a temperature regulator (with a slider that allows you to adjust the temperature).

Rowenta GR3060

The Rowenta Comfort grill pan, in particular the GR3060 model, ensures easy and homogeneous cooking, thanks to the non-stick plates and the convenient compartment for collecting meat fats . As far as its performance is concerned, this product can reach an operating power of 2000W, in order to guarantee a constant cooking of food. It can also adapt to any surface, thanks to its three positions (barbecue, oven and toaster) and there is also the Multifunction Grill function that allows you to cook meat, fish, vegetables and toast.

Rowenta GR722D Optigrill +

Now let's move on to premium products, and in this case we recommend that you buy the Rowenta GR722D Optigrill + grill. It represents a concentrate of technology since it first of all has an automatic cooking sensor, which allows it to independently adjust the temperature and cooking time based on the thickness and number of portions of the food placed on the grill. It also has a cooking level indicator, thanks to the presence of an indicator light. There are automatic cooking programs, each dedicated to a particular food (such as burgers, red meat and sandwiches). Finally, the plates are large, ie 40 x 20 centimeters, ideal for 6-8 people.

De ' Longhi CGH1020D

As the last product of this buying guide, we want to present the De'Longhi CGH1020D grill pan, one of the best products currently on the market. In fact, it has six cooking modes, each dedicated to a particular food or to the type of cooking you want to set. It boasts a digital LED display, with two independent knobs to electronically set the temperature and to adjust the plates. In addition, it is easy to clean, because the plates are completely removable and dishwasher safe. Inside the package there are also a spatula and a set of plates (grill and smooth).

How to choose the best grills

As specified in the introduction, we now explain how to choose the best grills and therefore the criteria that lead to the choice of a particular product, taking into consideration your culinary needs. Basically, the characteristics to look for are:

Structure and materials Performances Plate dimensions Quality / price ratio

Structure and materials

The grills tend to have a structure completely made of metal, in order to spread effectively heat and, above all, to improve resistance over time. Consequently, the materials must be mostly metallic, such as steel. Some, however, have a plastic shell, but even in this case they guarantee a good seal over time.


Performance must be commensurate with use. Greater power makes it possible to cook different foods faster, but it is necessary to understand what to do with such a product, before facing the purchase cost.

Plate dimensions

The dimensions of the plates plates, as stated on performance, must be proportional to the number of family members. Obviously, buying a large plate does not necessarily involve waste, but even in this case you have to understand your habits before proceeding with the purchase.

Value for money

The quality / price ratio is a fundamental feature in all products. Also in this case, therefore, it is necessary to buy a product that can cook any type of food, guaranteeing good durability and above all a competitive price.

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