Facebook would have created lists of VIP users above the rules

Facebook would have created lists of VIP users above the rules

According to the Wall Street Journal, the XChek program has given celebrities and politicians, including Trump himself, preferential treatment on content moderation rules

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images time that all its users are equal and are treated the same it seems that some are more 'equal' than others. According to what emerged recently thanks to the Wall Street Journal, it seems that the company founded and directed by Mark Zuckerberg has subtracted 5.8 million people, including celebrities and politicians, from the normal rules of moderation that applies to the contents published on its platform. >
Facebook has for years provided a program called XCheck - or Cross Check - which exempts its members from being subject to the policies that are applied to normal users, according to what emerges from internal company documents that have arrived. of the American newspaper.

The vip club

XCheck was initially intended as an additional control measure to protect the accounts of important personalities from actions against them. In reality it has become a pass for these profiles. The Wall Street Journal writes that some have been put directly on a white list making them immune to any platform measures, while others "are allowed to post material that violates the rules pending Facebook employee reviews which often never happen. ”.

For Facebook removing or punishing a user for the content they post becomes more complicated the more this is a view character. To ban the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, from the platform - and not yet forever - an attempted coup by his supporters, inflamed (also) by his posts, was necessary.

In this sense, XCheck seems like a system to avoid applying the rules in the vast majority of cases, avoiding controversy. In recent years, celebrities and politicians have been able to publish content that foments hatred or contains disinformation without consequences, while for the same users normally suffer removal and sanctions.

The list

Among the people on this list would also include Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., right-wing commentator Candace Owens, and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. Even Brazilian footballer Neymar was allowed in 2019 to post a nude photo of a woman who accused him of rape. The Wall Street Journal writes that most of the people on this list did not know they were part of it.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone responded to requests for comment on the news on Twitter saying that XCheck is not a privileged system and that in any case the program will undergo improvements. XCheck, Stone wrote, "simply means that certain content on certain pages or profiles receives a second level of review to make sure we have applied our policies correctly." problem. "We are not doing what we say we do publicly," the company researchers said in a 2019 memorandum quoted by the Wall Street Journal. If Facebook is really working on improving the program, then it is making a lot of effort to get some results. In 2020, the posts reviewed by XCheck were viewed at least 16.4 billion times before being removed and, according to a March memo, also quoted by the US newspaper, "VIP lists continue to grow".

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