Blenders | The best of 2021

Blenders | The best of 2021

Having an equipped kitchen is very important to be able to cook a large number of dishes. In addition to large appliances, which are useful for preparing countless recipes, it is often necessary to also purchase small appliances for specific functions. Among these there are also blenders, tools that allow you to prepare smoothies, cocktails and milkshakes.

There are different types of blenders on the market, which is why we decided to offer you this article to try to meet yours purchase need, explaining what the characteristics of these products are, as well as showing you the absolute best in this 2021, from the economic to the premium ones.

We will therefore start with the review of the best items, and then we will explain to you the features and, the reasons to buy them. Without further ado, we therefore wish you a good shopping, a good appetite and a good reading!

The best blenders

Philips Blender HR2052 / 90 Kenwood CH580 Electrolux ESB2500 Sportsblender Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender Moulinex PerfectMix +

Philips Blender HR2052 / 90

Our blender buying guide officially starts with a budget product, specifically the Philips Blender HR2052 / 90. It is a blender that has everything you need to be able to perform the basic operations. It has a 350 W electric motor and among its functions we find that of "Pulse-one-touch", which allows you to control the mixing of ingredients. In addition, it has a reinforced plastic pot with a maximum capacity of 1.25 liters, dishwasher safe like all the other components.

Kenwood CH580

Let's move on to the second product of this guide, the Kenwood CH580. A food processor, which can also be used as a blender, which guarantees excellent functionality and excellent operating power. In fact, it has a powerful 500 W motor and a four-blade stainless steel system (according to the manufacturer, this trick allows for greater performance than the two blades ed). There are very few buttons on the handle, in order to facilitate the understanding of the functions this product is equipped with.

Electrolux ESB2500 Sportsblender

If you are interested in purchasing a product capable of making protein shakes, then the Electrolux ESB2500 Sportsblender blender is the ideal choice. In fact, it allows you to prepare different types of dishes, thanks to a 300W motor, with the possibility of activating the turbo-boost in case there are difficulties during the operations. In addition, the sales package includes two 0.6-liter anti-breaking bottles, made entirely of Tritan, a material that does not absorb odors and flavors. Instead, inside there is a system with four removable stainless steel blades, completely dishwasher safe.

Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender

One of the best products currently on the market is the Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender, which certainly represents a concentrate of technology. First of all, it boasts a light structure with an ergonomic handle and a soft-touch coating, to allow all its future users to easily handle the handle and all the remaining components. Then, it has an electric motor with a maximum power of 600W, with the possibility of selecting up to 12 speeds and the turbo button for the maximum possible speed. It also includes a good number of exclusive accessories, namely: chopper, whisk for whipping and the ProPuree for mashing potatoes.

Moulinex PerfectMix +

The latest product in our buying guide is the Moulinex PerfectMix +. It is a blender that has everything you need to excel in this market segment, starting with Powelix technology, which allows it to achieve extraordinary performance up to 30% faster, compared to other Moulinex blades, all thanks to the combination of six stainless steel blades. It also boasts a 1200W electric motor, which manages to unleash a decidedly high power, in fact the blades spin at 28,000 rpm. It also includes three intelligent preset programs, namely: smoothies, ice crusher and self-cleaning. Finally, it has a heat-resistant glass jar with a capacity of two liters.

How to choose the best blenders

After examining the review of the best products currently on the market, it is now only right to explain to you what are the characteristics to look for in a blender, which we will list below:

Motor power Blades Functions

Motor power

First of all, there are two types of motors: DC, direct current; AC, alternating current. The first type is common to most blenders, especially non-professional ones that boast great performance, but tend to overheat. The second, on the other hand, are less common because they have a professional use, and therefore can guarantee long work sessions without various overheating. For DC motors, our advice is to opt for a high wattage, so as to be able to obtain great satisfaction, while for AC motors we suggest buying instruments with a variable wattage from 400-500 to 800W.


On the market there are blenders with different characteristics, especially on the number and design of the blades. Generally, products of this kind have four smooth blades, while the professional models (the expensive ones) have six. As for the design, many products have a linear structure, while few models have a propped design. In any case, we suggest to take those with four blades, because they are characterized by an excellent price / quality ratio.


As a last factor we want to find the secondary functions. Usually, inexpensive blenders do not have secondary functions, at most that of turbo-boost. Premium products, on the other hand, can have different technologies, each created to perform a specific job. For example, we can find the ice crusher function (to crush ice for cocktails), or the one to create smoothies.

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