BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 71

BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 71

Here are the BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 71. The catalog was released this morning. The latest volumes of Middlewest and Gideon Falls are worth mentioning.

Let's find out all the news in detail. For the news announced by BAO Publishing on Preview 70 instead, find our dedicated article.

BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 71


by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona -
144 pages - 17 x 26 cm, color, hardcover

€ 18.00

Third and last volume for the series written by Skottie Young and drawn by Jorge Crown. Awarded during the last edition of the Angoulême Comics Festival with the prestigious Prix Jeunesse, it addresses important issues such as anger management, the father-son relationship, the difficulties in breaking free from a toxic environment. The narration of Skottie Young, which makes the metaphor a powerful weapon to bring to light deep feelings and uncomfortable secrets, joins the talent of Jorge Corona for an ending that makes this series a real jewel of the BAO catalog.


by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino

128 pages - 17 x 26 cm, color, hardcover

€ 17.00

The Eisner Award Winning and World Success Series Comes to Its End! What will become of the many Gideon Falls scattered across the multiverse? And what destiny awaits the protagonists so entangled in the complex plots to untangle the past, present and future? A masterful and adrenaline-pumping finale for a series that thrilled thousands of readers right from the start and that raises the bar of American seriality thanks to the writing of an inspired Jeff Lemire and an Andrea Sorrentino in a state of grace.


by Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim

288 pages - 21 x 28 cm, colors, hardcover

€ 25.00

That of the Fortress is a unique concept in the world. When the two authors imagined it, they had a clear idea of ​​a humorous fantasy that would move the various narrative arcs on different temporal planes. This idea went hand in hand with a brilliant and irreverent writing, some of the most famous designers on the French scene and a lot of adventure. BAO Publishing continues the publication of the series: after the first three volumes (respectively on the present, future and past of the Fortress), the fourth focuses on the comic (dis) adventures of some of the most important characters of this multifaceted and rich narrative universe.


by Natsume Ono

192 pages - 13 x 18 cm, B / W, paperback

€ 7.90

A Japan suspended between history and myth, two men who decide to leave a ruthless band of thieves to which they feel they no longer belong, a story of friendship and redemption full of action and twists. A buddy movie dropped between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, but also the story of two men clinging to the desire for a second chance to be able to write their own destiny. After the first volume, the success of Futagashira continues, the new series of the Aiken line, the manga according to BAO.


by Aoi Ikebe

1200 pages - 13 x 18 cm, B / W, paperback

€ 39.00

What does it mean to "live" a house? And how important is it to find the right one, which reflects our attitudes and our spirit? These are the questions from which Princess Maison starts, a series by Aoi Ikebe that manages to outline the sensations and dilemmas of such an important phase in the life of each of us with delicacy and depth. A series that, brick after brick, has earned a special place among the readers of BAO's Aiken line and which now, having reached its conclusion, is re-proposed in a precious box that will make all its readers happy.


by Maicol & Mirco

192 pages - 13 x 18 cm, duotone, paperback with flaps

€ 14.00

Desecrating, cynical, irreverent , light-hearted, philosophical ... there are many adjectives that could be used to describe The Scribbles by Maicol & Mirco, now in the fifth volume of the BAO collection. None of these, however, would perhaps do justice to a unique work of its kind, made of pills of wisdom that elicit a bitter laugh and lightning-fast jokes that manage to crystallize the thousand paradoxes of our modern life.

Buy MAICOL & MIRCO'S SCARABLES - God's father.


by Jeff Lemire and Aa.Vv.

128 pages - 17 x 26 cm, colors, hardcover

€ 19.00

The mosaic of the world of Black Hammer is enriched with a fundamental piece: not only for the spectacular of the boards made by the many and acclaimed authors who drew the different stories written by Jeff Lemire, but also for the narrative importance that each of these stories gives to the universe created by the Canadian screenwriter paired with Dean Ormston, acting as a real glue of the series. A volume that will be loved by the growing number of Black Hammer fans.

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