BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 69

BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 69

Here are the BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 69. The catalog was released this morning. Worth noting is the second volume of The Girls of the Pillar by Stefano Turconi and Teresa Radice but above all the graphic novel by Roberto Saviano entitled I Am Still Alive.

Let's find out all the news in detail. For the news announced by BAO Publishing on Preview 68 instead, find our dedicated article.

The BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 69

The Girls of Pillar 2

di Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi

152 pages - 19 x 26 cm color, hardcover € 20.00

When readers found themselves for the first time The forbidden port, debut graphic novel by Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi for BAO, they immediately understood that that story hid a more variegated and multifaceted world than was told in those pages. And the two authors also knew it very well, who through The Pillar Girls make us discover something more of that world through the gaze overflowing with humanity of the prostitutes of the Pillar to Post. A second volume that contains two new stories each dedicated to a different girl, for a series that has already earned Teresa Radice the Award for "Best Screenwriter" at Lucca Comics & Games 2020.

Twenty-four Seven

160 pages - 17 x 24 cm color, hardcover € 18.00

Imagine if a zombie invasion took place, one night, in a hard discount shop that is always open, and if there were only the listless, underpaid employees of that supermarket to face the horde of the undead. Here is the story, a subtle social metaphor of precariousness and the sense of permanent crisis that afflicts an entire generation, which Nova tells, between irony and the purest horror.

Pre-order Nova's Twenty-four Seven

Brown's Nao New Editions

by Glyn Dillon

208 pages - 19 x 26 cm color, hardcover € 23.00

Much loved by readers since the first edition published in 2013 and sold out in a very short time, Il Nao di Brown is a unmissable and highly sought-after jewel of the BAO Publishing catalog. The story of Nao Brown, a half English, half Japanese hafu suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is told by Glyn Dillon with unique sensitivity and depth. A sumptuous volume ready to conquer a new slice of readers, with unpublished extra pages made by the author himself for the Italian edition.

Black Hammer: Through the Streets of Spirale City

by Jeff Lemire and AA.VV.

128 pages - 17 x 26 cm, colors, hardcover € 19.00

The mosaic of the world of Black Hammer is enriched with a fundamental piece: not only for the spectacularity of the tables made by the many and acclaimed authors who drew the different stories written by Jeff Lemire, but also for the narrative importance that each of these stories gives to the universe created by the Canadian screenwriter paired with Dean Ormston, acting as a true and just glue of the series. A volume that will be loved by the growing number of Black Hammer fans.

Sons of the Moon

by Greta Xella

224 pages - 17 x 24 cm color, hardcover € 21 , 00

Tia is a girl whose mother is ill, and the long journeys her family undertakes to try to restore serenity to the family prove fruitless. It will be up to the girl to take courage and set off in her turn on a journey fraught with dangers to the Kingdom of Spiders. A great test of maturity for the very young Greta Xella who, through a fantasy wrapped in an aura of mysticism, tells a story of acceptance of pain and personal growth. A story that will move readers of all ages.

I'm Still Alive

by Roberto Saviano and Asaf Hanuka

144 pages - 17 x 24 cm color, hardcover € 18 , 00

With simplicity and disenchantment, through short chapters of a lucid and hallucinating intensity, Roberto Saviano scripts a comic book for the first time and entrusts the drawings to Asaf Hanuka to tell one of the most difficult aspects of own existence: the constant protection that allows him to stay alive. Unraveling like a dialogue between the writer and the designer, the book candidly recounts an unpublished side of the journalist and writer, giving us his most personal work to date.

Pre-order I'm still alive on Amazon.

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