BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 68

BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 68

Here are the BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 68. The catalog was released this morning. A month reserved for the Aiken label with 3 volumes on the 4 planned releases.

Let's find out all the news in detail.

BAO Publishing news announced on Preview 68


by Pat Grant

200 pages - 18 x 25 cm, colors, hardcover

€ 20.00

In an unrecognizable Australia, hit by a mysterious climate disaster, humanity is now in disarray. The slime covers the streets of the cities, but perhaps the one that dwells in the hearts of each of the inhabitants is a far worse danger. Two brothers determined to make ends meet thus open a business to seek their fortune, but in a world where slipping into the mud is all too easy, nothing will go the right way. Pat Grant packs a fierce satire of our society, pushing himself to the limit to show us what we could become if we don't start - right away - to reverse the course of our actions.

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Aiken news announced on Preview 68


by Yaro Abe

304 pages - 15 x 21 cm, B / N, paperback

€ 17.00

There is only one dish, marked on the menu on the wall, but all the patrons of the Midnight Tavern know that the chef will prepare whatever they want for them, if it has the ingredients. The lives of Tokyo's night dwellers are intertwined in this successful series of short stories in which food is an excuse to tell oneself. Delicate, ironic and profound, it is now in effect the flagship manga of BAO's Aiken line.

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by Aoi Ikebe

216 pages - 13 x 18 cm, B / W, paperback

€ 7.90

A thirty year old looking for a house. How exciting can a story like this be? Yet, the protagonist's adventures in the Tokyo real estate market, in the hands of a thoroughbred mangaka like Aoi Ikebe, become a reflection on the aspirations and difficulties of today's young people. A bittersweet and extraordinarily pertinent story also for Italian readers, although it takes place in Japan, a country that is culturally very different from ours. The final volume of a series that, with delicacy and almost on tiptoe, has won an important place within BAO's Aiken line.

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by Daisuke Nishijima

272 pages - 13 x 18 cm, B / W, paperback

€ 8.90

A new volume of Dien Bien Phu, the beloved manga from BAO's Aiken series. Daisuke Nishijima recounts the horrors of Vietnam from an unprecedented point of view, amidst unlikely friendships, alliances destined to fail and perhaps ... love. But how can two people know and fall in love when the whole world around them says they should hate each other because their flags are different?

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