20 million investments for the Italian poke startup

20 million investments for the Italian poke startup

Poke House already has 30 restaurants and more than 400 employees in Italy, Portugal and Spain, with the new resources it aims to open 200 new premises also in France and the United Kingdom.

(The founders of Poke House Vittoria Zanetti and Matteo Pichi) Use of new technologies, differentiation and product quality are the characteristics that have earned the Italian startup Poke House a loan of 20 million euros to expand its business and open 200 new premises throughout Europe. The startup, which specializes in rice and fish-based poke, had already received a first loan of 5 million, not even a year ago, and with this second tranche it has reached a company value of 100 million euros.

Born in November 2018, the company founded by Matteo Pichi and Vittoria Zanetti already has 30 restaurants in Italy, Portugal and Spain, more than 400 employees and aims to reach a turnover of 40 million euros in 2021. The new resources will serve to extend the market to other countries as well, such as France and the UK, where Poke House aims to open new locations in time for the summer season. Euro capital, Fg2 capital and Milano investment partners Sgr (Mip) are the lenders who have bet on the company and its business model.

The restaurant chain has a strong digital component. Not only with respect to online services or the development of a contact and sales management platform, but also thanks to an approach based on data analysis that allows for very rapid scale development.

Through the continuous and real-time analysis of the data, the company is able to quickly intercept consumption trends and react quickly in changing its strategies. "I believe that this, in addition to our perpetually start-up approach, is the secret behind the success of Poke house, which has allowed us to conquer and, in the case of Mip, to confirm investor confidence: the ability to innovate while remaining true to ourselves to offer an experience that always lives up to expectations ", said co-founder Matteo Pichi.

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