Zelda: Skyward Sword: Jewels of Goodness - Tips for all localities

Zelda: Skyward Sword: Jewels of Goodness - Tips for all localities


Find all the jewels of goodness in Zelda Skyward Sword? We offer you tips on all locations. You will find 15 jewels in the game world (mainly Wolkenhort) of the Nintendo Switch and Wii adventure. However, these are only visible at night. For the rest, you complete side quests and receive five as a reward for each. You need a total of 80 jewels of goodness in Skyward Swort, so you complete 13 side quests and get the reward here.

To start the quest with the jewels of goodness, you meet "Search" during the Skyward Sword sidequest according to Kukia "the demon Morsego near the cemetery of Wolkenhort. He wants to regain his human form and asks you for the 80 jewels of goodness. As soon as you have met Morsego once, you visit him at the same place to hand in jewels. The following levels are rewarded with an enlargement of Link's wallet, rubies or a part of the heart.

Zelda: Skyward Sword - Find all the jewels of goodness

1 Jewels of goodness - The rewards 2 jewels of the Kindness - Locations in Wolkenhort and the surrounding area 3 Jewels of Kindness - Rewards from NPCs from side quests

Jewels of Kindness - The Rewards

You will receive corresponding rewards for different numbers of Jewels of Kindness. We list all the rewards for Link in Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Number of rewards 5 jewels Medium wallet (max. 500 rubies) 10 jewels Heart part 30 jewels Large wallet (max. 1000 rubies) 40 jewels 300 rubies 50 Jewels Huge wallet (max. 5000 rubies) 70 jewels 600 rubies 80 jewels Luxury wallet (max. 9000 rubies)

Jewels of goodness - localities in Wolkenhort and the surrounding area

You will mostly find a total of 15 out of 80 jewels of goodness in Wolkenhort. We list the locations for the jewels that you can only find at night.

Location Description Wolkenhort In left bedroom on the desk Upper floor in the knight school at the flower pot in front of the exit above In Zelda's room in the knight school. For this you need the grapple hook. This will take you to the roof of the school and let yourself fall through the chimney into Zelda's room. Between the knight school and the southern village square in Hirus and Galea's house. In the practice hall of Wolkenhort. Explore the hall with the beetle, in the roof you will find the jewel. After you have freed your cloud bird from the cage, look into the cage again. A small cliff near the jump ramp at the knight school. For this you leave the knight school through the lower exit and take the stairs down. You look down at the jump ramp and see a ledge with a jewel. On the way from the knight school down in the direction of Wolkenhort you take the stairs. At the last step keep left and cross the wooden bridge. The jewel is in a niche on the right. At the southernmost point of Wolkenhort you will find the Tower of Light. You climb the ladder here and find the jewel on the way up. At night behind the cave of the waterfall. On top of the Wolkenhort waterfall. For this you need the grapple hook. This pulls you at the cave by the waterfall on the floating island. From here you can get to the top of the waterfall. Pumpkin Island Upper floor in the pumpkin bar. Run up the stairs and look for the jewel on a closet in the hallway. Behind the pumpkin bar in the storage area. Terris Island You enter Terri's flying shop during the day and lie down in his bed. As soon as it is night, you leave the shop, which is now on Terri's island. With the beetle you will reach the roof of his shop, on which you will find the jewel above the propeller.

Jewels of goodness - rewards from NPCs from side quests

You will receive 65 more jewels of goodness in five packs from NPCs as rewards for side quests. We list the corresponding side missions for Link in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (buy now € 54.99).

Quest explanation Search for Kukia In this quest you get to know both Kuki and Morsego. However, you solve the first area in the forest of Phirone beforehand. Then she put the stone tablet from the Himmelsblick Temple on the statue of the goddess. On the way back you meet Kuki's mother Sasia, who entrusts you with the task. Where's Galea? (1) According to the Phirone forest area, Hiru, who is missing his sister Galea, is found on the southern village square. You are flying towards the island that Hiru described. Galea sits next to her injured bird in need of medicine. Return to Hiru, get the medicine and bring it to Galea. She rewards you with 5 jewels. Where's Galea? (2) After you have given Galea the medicine and received the reward, return to Hiru and talk to him. For this you will also receive 5 jewels of goodness from him. Pica, the warehouse clerk If you visit the warehouse more often and talk to Pica, she will flirt with you at some point. Speak to Pica's father as soon as you are supposed to visit her at her house at night. He instructs you to drive out their secret admirer. During the day you return to Pica and talk to her again. On another nightly visit, Pica reciprocates or refuses advances. If you reply, you will receive 5 jewels from Pica directly. If you refuse, you get the 5 jewels from Pica's father one night later. House cleaning You need the magic jug from the Ranelle stone factory for this. In the east of Wolkenhort you will find the house of Cuco's mother. You offer to clean her house from the dust. Use the magic jug to blow away the dust in all places. As soon as everything is cleaned, you will receive 5 jewels of goodness and 20 rubies from Cuco's mother. The toilet and the love letter For this you must have fought the exile once. In the bazaar you hear a rumor that an eerie voice can be heard in the knight school at night. If you go into the toilet at night, a voice asks you for paper. Returns here that day and Rax is standing at the entrance of the toilet with a love letter to Giruna. There are two ways to get the 5 Jewels of Goodness. 1.) In the classroom you give Giruna the letter. Then you talk to Cuco on the upper floor. Then return to the classroom where Cuco and Giruna meet and you will receive the 5 jewels. 2.) You go to the toilet at night and offer the letter on paper. Now enter the toilet and find a ghost hand reading the letter carefully. During the day you return to Rax, who is now hiding in Bado's room. At night you will find the ghost hand there that hands you the 5 jewels. Grus Perseverance This side quest starts after you have completed the Ranelle stone works. Grus does push-ups in his room at night (to the right of the room to the left). He asks you for a stamina drink, which you get during the day at the bazaar and bring to him. After you have completed the cave sanctuary in Zelda: Skyward Sword, you visit Grus again and bring him another endurance potion. You can answer his questions at will. After you have completed the sand galleon, you will receive the 5 jewels of goodness from him. The missing roulette wheel As soon as the robot Trapo is available, you start this side quest. Go to Roulette Island. Here Dodo misses a wheel to start his roulette game. Use the aura search that leads you to the entrance of the desert. Near the bird statue of the Ranelle desert you will find a time stone under a rock. This forms tendrils, the path of which follows it to the end. Bring the wheel to Dodo and he will reward you with 5 Jewels of Goodness. Finding the baby rattle Here you need the grapple hook beforehand. Then Diomed tells you that he can no longer sleep at night. Visits him at his house at night and he explains that a bird stole the baby's rattle. You can find the nest on a tower on the other side of the bridge. You now climb at the entrance of the cave with the grappling hook to a rock that will bring you to tendrils. From here you can get to the waterfall. You will find a myth stone that gives you a clue to the tower. Now jump from the slope onto the bird's nest and blow the dirt out of the nest with the magic jug to get the rattle. Bring it to Diomed at night and get the 5 jewels of goodness. The pumpkin fields on the pumpkin island You need Din's flame for this and you must have helped Kabocha with the pumpkin harvest. You also have to bring down the chandelier and do all of the bar owner's tasks. When you have finally completed the Grand Old Shrine and helped with the harvest, return to Pumpkin Island. Now Kabocha needs help digging up the fields. Using aura search you go to Eldin in the cave of the Mogma to the elder Goldo. You use Trapo to transport him to the pumpkin island, where he is happy to help. Now you will receive the 5 Jewels of Goodness from Kabocha. The suffering fortune teller For this, the time portal must be open. After that, you should realize that the fortune teller has disappeared from the bazaar. Check his house in the eastern residential area. He lost his crystal ball and needs a new one. By searching for the aura you will get to the entrance of the Temple of the Earth. To the west of it you pull yourself up onto the wall with a grapple and find a crystal ball on a pillar. With the help of Trapo you transport the thing to the fortune teller, who then rewards you with 5 jewels of goodness. Search for the demon bug As soon as you have freed Narisha, you will find an island with an obstacle course southwest of the tornado. There you will find Stru to talk to. Now you go to Terri's shop, who suddenly has a request for you that he wants to discuss with you at night. You sleep in Terri's bed and then talk to him around the campfire. Terri lost his demon bug. You return to Stru on his island. Stru has found the demon beetle and leaves it to you, provided you finish his insect paradise mini-game expert course with a good time. After you've done this, go to sleep again in Terri's shop and hand over the beetle by the campfire to get the 5 jewels of goodness. Otus rare plant As soon as you have freed Narisha, speak to Otus in the knight school. He is looking for a rare plant. The aura search leads you into the forest of Phirone to the Kyu Kombu. You can find it at the place where all Kyus were hidden or on a floating plant in case the forest should be flooded. With Trapo you transport Kombu to Otus and get the 5 jewels from him.

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