realme is serious, GT Master Explorer is just the last of the tests

realme is serious, GT Master Explorer is just the last of the tests

realme is serious

If there is a brand that has certainly attracted a lot of attention in recent months, it is realme. With the presentation of products at aggressive prices and, more recently, with the announcement of new innovative and capable top-of-the-range technologies, it is quickly carving out space in the hearts of many users in Europe as well.

We had the opportunity to try realme GT Master Explorer for a few weeks, the flagship of the brand that will not arrive in Italy but which demonstrates how a brand with such an impressive growth rate should not be taken lightly.

There would like more smartphones in eco-leather

I reiterated it already in our review of the Racing Yellow variant of realme GT, the eco-leather finish for the back shell of smartphones should be more common, at least in the high-end of the market.

No more smartphones full of fingerprints, extremely slippery and which necessarily require the use of a cover, the feeling of warm and soft rough skin on the back of a smartphone is unbeatable.

Like the model that preceded it, the realme GT Master Explorer is also equipped with an eco-leather cover, this time characterized by the presence of some rectangular reliefs which according to the brand should recall the appearance of a suitcase . The silver realme logo, the signature of the designer Naoto Fukasawa, the housing for the photographic compartment in glass with an elaborate reflection, are all design elements that are greatly appreciated when you have the device in your hand.

Premium in every respect

In a world where high-end smartphones are getting bigger and heavier, use this realme GT Master Explorer weighing just 185g and measuring 159.9 x 72.5 x 8.8mm is definitely refreshing.

“But Luca” - I already see someone writing in the comments - “it's not small at all and much less light! ". By the standards we were used to until a couple of years ago, you're right, but when compared to modern flagships weighing 200g or more and 6.7 ”or more diagonal displays, it's still a nice improvement. br>
Speaking of the display, this is one of the areas where realme GT Master Edition improves on the classic GT. We find a slightly curved AMOLED panel on the sides with FullHD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Not only that, it is able to reach 1100 nits of peak brightness ensuring that the certification of compatibility with HDR10 + content is exploited properly.

From an aesthetic and display point of view this product has very little to envy to the top of the range of other brands. Unlike the base realme GT, however, we do not find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC in the Master Edition, on the contrary we find a more modest Snapdragon 870. Don't be fooled though, it is difficult to distinguish differences in performance even by placing them side by side except by observing the results of the benchmark tests.

The guarantee of never running out of battery

I don't want to make you understand that the The autonomy of this smartphone is so impressive that you can forget to recharge it, because this is not the case, however the possibility of being able to recover precious "vital energy" at 65W of power is a convenience that is difficult for me to give up nowadays. .

Other smartphones, especially Chinese, which in recent years have continued to see improved fast charging technologies, are also accomplices, knowing that your phone can go from 0% to 100% in just over 30 minutes allows to live much more relaxed and without anxiety about a low battery.

In this specific case, the smartphone still has a commendable autonomy despite a battery that is not overly large test on 4500mAh. Most likely due to the firmware installed dedicated to the Chinese market, in which the Google services and social apps we are used to are completely missing, the smartphone is able to withstand much more than a product with equivalent hardware on sale in our market. It is really difficult to use it here in this way though, I do not recommend it.

realme, underestimating it is a serious mistake

Although it is a relatively young brand, despite to make itself known l 'company is focusing on products with excellent value for money instead of premium ones and although there are certainly more advanced (even if more expensive) products on the market, underestimating realme is a very serious mistake.

The company entered the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in Europe and was the fastest company in the world to reach the target of 100 million smartphones shipped. The speed at which it was able to enter the hearts of users is unprecedented and certainly has no intention of stopping at this point.

With the announcement of realme Flash and MagDart magnetic charging technology , also made available to competing companies to speed ecosystem expansion, realme has shown that it is not afraid to push the limits of technology once again. It also demonstrated this when it was one of the first companies to announce fast charging at 125W and, first, it launched one of the first smartphones with a 64MP camera.

The road to the Olympus of brands more noble and desired by users, perhaps taking the place that once belonged to Huawei, is still long and certainly not easy. However, if there is a company that could have what it takes to fight on equal terms with the big names in the sector in the near future, it is realme, as long as it continues to grow, improve and innovate at this speed.

realme 8 Pro with its 108MP camera is available for purchase on Amazon for only € 279.00!

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