Nintendo eShop: 10 open world games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo eShop: 10 open world games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo eShop

The open world genre has become, over the years, a pillar of modern video games and for those who love free exploration of digital worlds we have decided to make a selection of the 10 best games on eShop for Nintendo Switch. The open world is usually associated with large productions capable of extensively exploiting the technological potential made available with large and complex maps, but this is not always the case: exploration in an extended setting can take place at different levels and with different solutions, something that we have tried to take into consideration in the selection that you find below, carried out trying not to prefer only large-caliber productions and opulent graphics but also the most particular interpretations of the concept of open world.

D ' on the other hand, it is true that in most cases the open world requires a rather demanding type of development, precisely in order to support a concept that provides ample freedom of movement and interaction with a very vast scenario. One would think that it may not be the main genre on Nintendo consoles, yet with the arrival of Nintendo Switch this consideration has profoundly changed, starting with the first game selected for the Nintendo hybrid console, that masterpiece that in fact showed to the world the particular concept of open world coming from the Kyoto house. Although some iconic games of the genre have not yet arrived on Switch and perhaps never will (like the Rockstar Games titles), we can still put together 10 great titles suitable to immerse yourself in digital worlds.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

An artwork dedicated to Link and Zelda Of course we are talking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in the introduction above. The choice is certainly trivial but in a selection of this kind we cannot avoid mentioning the Open World par excellence, which literally staged the concept of free exploration in an open world with an immediacy and simplicity that could only come from Nintendo. . There is very little to say about the chapter in question: it is the surprising intersection between the idea of ​​the open world and the structure of Zelda, which in fact led to a transformation of both elements into something completely new. The freedom of action is intoxicating and the great attention to detail, visible in every minimal interaction with the game world that logically responds to physical laws, or from the many secrets hidden around Hyrule, makes even the simple exploration of the map.

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A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a small adventure that turns out to be a memorable experience The desire to explore, with the spirit of a picnic in nature, is precisely the main element of A Short Hike, which presents itself as an open world definitely out of the ordinary. schemes such as aesthetic choices and structure but still perfectly similar to the basic concept as a game centered on a freely explorable map. Claire, the protagonist of the game, is a young female bird who finds herself momentarily entrusted to her aunt, who is a Hawk Peak park ranger. The initial premise is very simple: finding herself completely isolated, Claire decides to climb the great mountain to find some field and receive an important phone call. This initial thrust will then turn into her desire to explore nature, when she realizes that the short route is in effect a real adventure through woods, streams, lakes and mountains. Between escapism and cuteness, A Short Hike is a very small but memorable open world, thanks also to its particular graphic style.

Direct link to purchase on Nintendo eShop


Minecraft on Nintendo Switch also met the world of Mario A game that practically represents a genre in its own right is Minecraft, which however starts from the concept of open world to build a very special experience, where exploration remains basic for gameplay. Despite the simplicity that characterizes the scenario, the cubed world of the Mojang game is one of the most dense of potential adventures and richest in ideas for gaming experiences. Its substantial lack of narrative superstructure and rigid paths to follow make Minecraft a unique game, as well as one of the most popular and played in the world: the open map can seem simple and bare compared to other richer and more loaded open worlds. graphic elements, but it is only an impression because there are so many things to do, discover and build that many continue to get lost in it every day. It is probably the greatest example of creative freedom applied to the open world video game.

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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Wide panoramas and open spaces are constant in Xenoblade Chronicles Returning to the Nintendo Switch exclusives, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is also fully part of the genre, as well as the second chapter of the series. Here we mention the re-release of the first chapter because it probably represents the best experience currently available on the console: the original still remains an exciting RPG today, characterized by a charge of charisma and innovative ideas that probably surpasses the sequel and is further enhanced by this excellent technical rework released last year specifically for Nintendo Switch. The open world gives a truly unprecedented breath to a game that, for the rest, is structured largely like a classic JRPG but which finds a characterizing element in its enormous spaces, expanding the exploration to excess and giving a strong sense of grandeur to alien environments, passable on foot or aboard large combat gears.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ten years later, Skyrim still remains one of the best digital worlds to get lost in. The most obvious choice couldn't be, yet when it comes to the classic open world, you can't help but think to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Ten years after its original release, the Bethesda game continues to sell and be played by millions of users around the world, having also found a welcoming home on Nintendo Switch, where portability seems to marry perfectly with the game. vastness of the glacial explorable area. On the other hand, it is a series that has substantially introduced and perfected the concept of open world and free roaming in the field of videogame RPGs, starting from the mammoth Daggerfall to get to the Nordic lands of Skyrim. Waiting for the sixth chapter, we cannot fail to mention once again this game among the best open world currently in circulation on the Nintendo console, thanks to the typical charm of free exploration and the many secrets to discover, hidden in its world.

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Retro City Rampage DX

Madness, freedom and pixel art are the building blocks of Retro City Rampage DX And ​​now, for something completely different, let's talk about Retro City Rampage DX, which takes the open world interpretation of the old GTAs with top view and transports it to an action game in full 80's style, including pixel graphics and assorted quotes from the era. Having become a real cult in the indie field, the DX version released on Nintendo Switch essentially represents a sum of the gaming experience offered by the particular title of Brian Provinciano, who succeeded in the not easy feat of building an open world practically alone. , obviously on a smaller scale. It is not exactly the most fitting example of this type of games nor the most impressive in qualitative or technical terms, but it is interesting to note how the concept of the open world can find different applications and also transform a rather classic action game, even enough to fish out. the tradition of the NES, in a title set on exploration and the diversity of settings and situations.

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Wonder of discovery and anguish of survival underpin Subnautica Another rather original interpretation of the open world comes from Subnautica and its sequel / expansion Subnautica: Below Zero, which we both cover as a single entity in this case. The sea depths can be a perfect setting for a game focused on the exploration and discovery of new scenarios and creatures, as well as the sci-fi space setting: putting the two together, Unknown Worlds has brought out one of the most immersive experiences and fascinating that have been seen in recent years. The two Subnautica are able to unleash the wonder of exploration and discovery to the maximum by staging alien ocean abysses and thus being able to range between the mysteries classically inherent in the marine scenario and those even more daring and free from any realistic reference that derive from the setting. alien. In this sense, the series has something of Metroid and No Man's Sky but all beautifully interpreted in an underwater key.

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Terraria stages the open world in 2D Ten years after its original release, Terraria continues to be one of the greatest expressions of the open world, although to see it it may seem rather far from that concept. This is because the Re-Logic game is based on a rather particular and ambitious idea: to create an open world but in 2D, a project that seems to come from another era but which is still possible with advanced hardware, considering the quantity. of elements contained in the game. The structure is quite similar to that of Minecraft, also based in this case on exploration, collection of resources and crafting, also here with the possibility of dealing with everything through different modes including one essentially creative and free and others instead linked to the characteristics survival, with frequent and challenging encounters with various creatures and bosses. Although this is not the same identification as that given by the great 3D worlds, the pixel universe of Terraria is still extremely fascinating.

For more information, this is the Terraria review Direct link to purchase on Nintendo eShop

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt brings a huge world to be explored on Nintendo Switch Another game that cannot be missing in a selection of open world of greatest interest is once again The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, arrived on the Nintendo Switch with the surprising Complete Edition that has managed to bring the entire adventure of Geralt of Rivia on the hybrid console of Nintendo, a feat that was thought unlikely until some time ago. In this case we are faced with one of the most classic interpretations of the open world, used to act as a scenario for an action RPG that makes the breadth of the explorable map an important element of its gameplay. Although it is also equipped with a powerful narrative structure, The Witcher 3 does not force the player on a linear path but allows free digressions in the depths of the Continent, with the possibility of discovering surprising settings and encounters, even if potentially lethal or very demanding. Precisely this freedom of action and choice increases the spirit of adventure in a world that is perfectly chiseled and alive.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 perfectly blends JRPG with survival open world Derivation of the open world trend inaugurated by Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders 2 evolves and expands the features of the first chapter by further perfecting its particular hybrid structure. As its appearance suggests, it is the union between the Mojang game concept and the Dragon Quest-style RPG, which gave rise to a successful digression of the series in the context of open world survival with elements of construction and crafting. . In practice, a real RPG structure is added to the typical elements of Minecraft, complete with history, dialogues and the inevitable characterization by Akira Toriyama, able to make this variation really very peculiar and interesting. The spirit halfway between JRPG and survival open world smooths out certain rigidity of the second and substantially enriches the first of many game features and situations, making Dragon Quest Builders 2, but also the first chapter, titles to be absolutely taken into consideration.

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