King's Bounty 2: special on history and moral choices

King's Bounty 2: special on history and moral choices

King's Bounty 2

With just a few days left until the release, King's Bounty 2 is preparing to expand the RPG component to the point of making it the founding column of the experience. To do this, 1C Entertainment has dedicated great attention to the narrative aspect, taking care of the game's plot and deepening the important moral choices. The opening of horizons towards an open world system and the desire to push on role-playing elements have therefore led to a layering of the story and to the characterization of characters and settings, in order to make the decisions we will make in the course of experience.

So let's summarize what is currently known about the history of King's Bounty 2, starting from the narrative incipit and seeing how it could develop in the full game.

L 'incipit narrative

King's Bounty 2: you will meet various characters King's Bounty 2 is set in Nostria, one of the continents of Antara. Over time, this kingdom has been the symbol of all those who called themselves our own. King Claudius is gone and his son must hold the reins of the kingdom. The chaos resulting from this situation has attracted a darkness that presents itself in the most disparate forms: from necromancy to conspiracies, passing through fake preachers of a non-existent freedom. The counties are clamoring for independence and gangs of criminals enjoy the situation of instability to make the streets of the kingdom unsafe. In this moment of great difficulty, our actions come into play. Recruiting soldiers, stabilizing the kingdom and extirpating the darkness from the lands of Nostria.

Humans, undead, dragons, dwarves, trolls and many other races fit into this context. Each race will have at least two internal factions, each characterized in a particular way and guided by its own philosophy, and which will stand out both in the fighting style and in the narrative background.

King's Bounty 2: an arcane ritual We will find ourselves experiencing an adventure in a fantastic scenario of all respect, which follows numerous trappings of the so-called "high fantasy" (The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia), where the balance of the world is endangered and the hero's journey will be the means by which to save the situation. Despite the strongly fantasy elements, however, the development team wanted to pursue a more "realistic" experience than that of the previous chapter. The realism of King's Bounty 2 aims to make the world more believable, and despite being inhabited by elves, dwarves and orcs, it follows very specific rules, has its own factions and political issues.

The characters and moral choices

King's Bounty 2: the gloomy walls What you will face will therefore be a journey that will tell different aspects of the kingdom of Nostria, following its evolution (or involution if you prefer), starting from the glories of a time to arrive at the current tragic consequence of the choices made by King Claudius over the years. The developers have stated that the time spent in battle sections by the player will be around 1/3 of the total hours of play, while the remaining 2/3 will be divided between exploration, character enhancement and narrative. Here, therefore, that also in this case emerges the will of the development team to focus on a new register compared to the past. During the hours of exploration, therefore, you will meet different characters to interact with, each with its own moral alignment divided between: Cunning, Order, Power and Anarchy.

Each of these "ideals", in addition to representing the possible alignment of all living beings in the game, it will also be part of a dedicated menu where the player can spend talent points to get some bonuses. Moral alignment will not only depend on the choices you make but will also be essential in dealing with other living beings. In fact, if you are loyal to Power and Anarchy and meet a group of bandits with the same ideals, it is possible to avoid the clash between the two factions. Conversely, having different ideals could lead to situations with a different outcome. The freedom, however, the developers promise, will be maximum: you can follow more positive ideals and still choose to complete some side missions by embracing immoral solutions. The bar of choices is therefore completely in the hands of the player.

King's Bounty 2: mysteries on the horizon To change some aspects will also be the backgrounds of the three different playable characters that we remember being: a paladin, a warrior and a sorceress. At present, two of the three characters with their backgrounds have been shown. The sorceress Katharine comes from a long lineage of noble counts of Rigern, the mountainous region of Nostria. You have spent more than 50 years away from Nostria, searching for arcane knowledge. However, with the chaos following the rise to power of King Caludius' son, he discovers that his nephew, Maurice, has taken control of his county.

The warrior Aivar, on the other hand, is a descendant of an impoverished noble family and he was a knight of the Royal Guard. However, he refused to support the coup that would lead to the ascension to the throne of King Claudius and for this he was banished from the Guard. Aivar then fled to Artisania, where he earned a reputation as a mercenary and became the captain of a handful of warriors: the Hounds of War. Recently, Aivar received an invitation to the Universal Assembly and Prince Adrian promised him forgiveness.

The possibilities offered by the new role and open world structure are varied and it will be interesting to find out how this narrative made up of plots and relationships will be managed. What is certain is that the replayability of the title will benefit both from the possibility of having different outcomes based on the various alignments and from the possibility of seeing some missions precluded depending on the chosen character and his pursued ideal.

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