Jurassic World Evolution 2, the preview of the new management software with dinosaurs as protagonists

Jurassic World Evolution 2, the preview of the new management software with dinosaurs as protagonists

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Although it was announced at E3 2021 we haven't talked much about it yet, so let's try to fill some gaps with this preview of Jurassic World Evolution 2, a game that looks like a clear evolution of the first chapter. Although it was not received with great critical acclaim, the first Jurassic World Evolution was indeed a remarkably successful title, reaching 3 million copies in March 2020 and presumably going even further in the following year. On the other hand, a game that carries the official Jurassic World brand with itself has considerable visibility, but a good resonance has also been given by the streamers, who have helped to spread the title to a varied audience, despite the fact that traits of a rather particular genre.

The idea of ​​a management system based on dinosaurs is somewhat in line with the tradition of Jurassic Park and Evolution promised to take this concept to new levels thanks to modern technologies and experience gained by Frontier Development in the field. In the end, a very interesting title came out but also with various shortcomings, only partially filled with the release of numerous DLCs. There was therefore ample room for improvement, an element that paved the way, together with commercial success, for the arrival of Jurassic World Evolution 2. The second chapter therefore starts from an excellent basis to potentially arrive at the definitive management simulation on the park. dinosaurs and for now the conditions are excellent.

Gameplay evolution

Jurassic World Evolution 2 introduces new structures and management possibilities The intention of Frontier is to evolve the first chapter in every direction, both from a structural point of view and in terms of contents, starting therefore from the foundations of the first chapter in complete edition and going beyond. The intention is therefore to enrich the game systems by allowing a greater and more extensive control of the park, taking into consideration a larger number of elements and a further stratification of the controls, as well as expanding the contents with a general increase in the species of dinosaurs present and a greater possibility of customizing the environments. This, for example, passes through the control of paleobotany and the construction of more complex environments in line with the needs of animals.

There are four main game modes announced so far by Frontier: the progressive campaign that tells an original story placed later than Jurassic World: The Destroyed Kingdom, the Chaos Theory mode that places us in front of different "scenarios" taken from the film series, placing us in control of various elements of the park to solve the emergencies of the films, the Challenges and the usual Sandbox mode for those who simply want to focus on building and managing the park regardless of the narrative elements. The team has paid some attention to the construction of the new Campaign, but in general all the modes are clearly enriched compared to what we saw in the first chapter.


Jurassic World Evolution 2 presents new dinosaur species to manage The video materials released so far focus mainly on the main raw material of Jurassic World Evolution 2: dinosaurs. These were present in a limited amount in the first chapter, in terms of variety of species, with many additions made only through DLC. The second chapter should represent a clear improvement on this front, not only with the addition of additional species to manage but also with a clear improvement of all the types of animals present, both in terms of simple polygonal modeling and of managed behaviors. by artificial intelligence. For the moment we have seen triceratops, amargasaurs, brachiosaurs, coelophysis, stegosaurs, dimorphodons and pteranodons, but these are only part of the predicted fauna, in addition to that already present in the first chapter.

In Jurassic World Evolution 2 obviously there will be no lack of more classic species The more complex behavioral models also affect the management needs of the park, introducing new situations and parameters to be controlled: dinosaurs actively seek food and refreshment in a logical way based on their instincts and require a balance greater with the surrounding environment. This leads to the need to model the environments and choose the zones according to the characteristics of the dinosaurs, as well as having to take into account the new possibilities of interaction between different species that require finding new balances in the ecosystem.

Herbivores , for example, they introduce more advanced elements of paleobotany: the management of these aspects was introduced only in the Claire's Sanctuary DLC, while in the second chapter it will be an integral part of the game structure. Instead of basing everything on a generic vegetable feed, it will therefore be a question of studying and managing prehistoric plants, positioning them and making them grow organically with the structure of the park.

New management elements

Jurassic World Evolution 2 pays great attention to the natural environment From the most practical point of view, the pragmatic management of the park goes through a general revision in the organization of rangers and ground units to be used to inspect and control the situation. The rangers can be organized in different positions and it is possible to set paths for them that create real organized patrols of the various areas of the park. This becomes particularly important because in Jurassic World Evolution 2 it is essential to send teams to analyze the areas and the dinosaurs to know precisely their situation. Likewise, the system of treating sick dinosaurs has been changed and now requires a veterinary unit to be sent directly to the site, so that it reaches the creature and can treat it specifically.

Various news are also included in the management of the attractions and the public, which is now characterized by different tastes and trends to be taken into consideration. In addition to the classic needs that fall into the standard audience, there are three other new categories of users to consider: these are the types attracted to nature, adventure or luxury, according to which to organize new attractions and structures. In this way, the game forces you to respond to different needs and build the structures of the park in order to satisfy even different tastes. This is also associated with a deeper and more multifaceted management of individual structures, which can be enriched with various internal elements and customized in various ways.

The great potential of the Frontier management software could be expressed to its fullest in Jurassic World Evolution 2 : the game starts from a good base, brings with it a franchise of enormous appeal and seems destined to fill all the gaps that characterized the first chapter. The expansion of the contents and the deepening of the simulation and management mechanics of the park seen so far go exactly in the direction we were hoping for, enriching and completing the construction and control options, as well as expanding the amount of dinosaurs present and the complexity of their behaviors. All that remains is to evaluate if all the various pieces are able to compose an organic and stimulating game even for those who are not really a great fan of dinosaurs or the Jurassic World series, but for this we must wait for more complete build tests.


Evolution in all directions, between game mechanics and contents New elements to manage enrich the simulation structure Good technical progress between graphics and interface DOUBTS To evaluate the implementation of the new features and the general balance It may not differ much from the first chapter, considered with all its DLC. Have you noticed any errors?

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