Ikea starts selling electricity in Sweden

Ikea starts selling electricity in Sweden

The new service of the Swedish giant in testing since September: supplies from renewable sources are added to the sale of solar panels

(Photo: Ikea) No longer just furniture. In Sweden, Ikea will also start selling electricity to its customers. From September, the furniture giant will add a new service in the motherland. For the multinational it is another step in the energy field, after the sale of solar panels (now available in 11 markets). And it is from this experience that the new service is born.

As explained to Reuters, Svea Solar, the company that produces photovoltaic panels on behalf of Ikea, will also take care of acquiring energy and reselling it without surcharges to customers of the mobile multinational, who will pay a fixed monthly fee plus a variable fee depending on the cost of energy on the market. The division in charge of following the project is Ingka group, the holding company that owns the largest number of Ikea stores in the world. The energy sources will be renewable (mostly solar or wind farms with a maximum of five years of service behind them) and the company will also develop an app to track consumption.

If the home test yields good results, the Swedish furniture giant expects to expand the supply of energy and renewable plants in other markets in which it is present. The project is part of the broader emission reduction program launched by Ikea and which, with this new service, aims to involve the same customers. According to Jonas Carlehed, head of Ikea's sustainability division in Sweden, customers will make some sort of indirect contribution. According to the company's calculations, explains the manager, “the use they make of our products accounts for about 20% of Ikea's overall environmental footprint: from appliances, lights, electronics such as speakers and more”.

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