Genshin Impact: roxanne.kho's Raiden Shogun cosplay is electrifying

Genshin Impact: roxanne.kho's Raiden Shogun cosplay is electrifying

Genshin Impact

The cast of Genshin Impact will expand further in a few days by introducing one of the most anticipated playable characters by fans. And to welcome the new entry roxanne.kho has created a truly electrifying Raiden Shogun cosplay.

Raiden Shogun is the incarnation of Baal, the Archon who represents the Electro element who watches over Inazuma , also known as God of Eternity. He is an extremely important character in the narrative arc of the Inazuma archipelago and it will be possible to add him to your team starting from September 1, with the Reign of Serenity banner. Its appearance is very reminiscent of Raiden Mei, one of the most famous characters of Honkai Impact, another successful title of miHoYo, with the difference that Baal is not really good for cooking.

Raiden Shogun cosplay by roxanne.kho is very well done, starting from the kimono very faithful to that of the virtual counterpart, as well as the long hair and purple eyes. Even the pose of the shot is particularly apt and perfectly imitates (with lots of special effects) the secret art Musou Shinsetsu, thanks to which Baal extracts a sword from his body.

Staying on the Genshin Impact theme, we recommend the Yoimiya cosplay made by Shirogane_sama which is like a fireworks display. How not to mention the fascinating cosplay of Fischl by sakura.loli.

Changing gender instead take a look at the cosplay of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 with short hair made by aleahime and the cosplay of Misa Amane from Death Notes signed Win_winry which is gothic and glamorous.

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Genshin Impact 2.1 Update Launching Next Week

Developer and publisher miHoYo announced that it’s version 2.1 update for Genshin Impact will launch on September 1, 2021. The update is titled “Floating World Under the Moonlight” and features the conclusion to the main story around Inazuma. It includes two more major islands — Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island — and adds Raiden Shogun, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Kujou Sara as playable characters. The update will also include new boss fights, introduce fishing to the game, and add the game’s first crossover character, Horizon’s Aloy.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG that originally released in September 2020 and is available is PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. Players control a character in the world of Teyvat known as “the Traveler” and must embark on a journey to find their missing sibling. They are joined by NPC companion Paimon, travelling in a party of up to four active members.

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