Genesis GV60 will have wireless charging, new engine details

Genesis GV60 will have wireless charging, new engine details

Genesis GV60 will have wireless charging

GV60, the new electric SUV by Genesis / Hyundai seen in recent days already seemed very futuristic for some interior technological solutions. But now there are other revelations that confirm that the Korean manufacturer wants to position it at the top of the ranking of the most modern models. As Genesis itself confirmed to the GreenCarReports website, it will be one of the first EVs (if not the first ever) to offer wireless charging.

At launch, also due to the available infrastructure, only in the first models distributed in South Korea. But later this feature is expected to be extended to the rest of the world, starting with the United States and Europe. But how does it work? By applying the technology developed by the American WiTricity, similar to the same charging method seen on smartphones. This is magnetic resonance imaging: in practice, the vehicle is recharged from a platform located in the immediate vicinity (usually under the parked vehicle).

The benefits begin with the convenience of not having to leave the car nor having to use the usual connection cables. In addition, the WiTricity charging system works through numerous materials (including ice and snow) and is compatible with any vehicle. Not only SUVs and other large vehicles but also sports cars, utility cars and so on. According to the manufacturers, the leakage of electricity from the grid to the car battery is limited to 7% and the system supports level 2 charging (about 11KW).

Returning to the GV60, the latest tests carried out in Korea have revealed the "base" powers although not yet confirmed by the parent company. There is talk of at least 220 horses for the standard version, followed by two other models with 320 and 430 horses. Probably, the top of the range will have some aesthetic retouching to position it in a more “sporty” market segment than the other two. In any case, we will know more about the next few months given that the launch is still a long way away: it remains fixed at the beginning of 2022.

Iron-air batteries, dynamic wireless charging, EQS first drive: Today’s Car News

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS establishes the serene side of a growing cohort of large electric luxury cars. A dynamic wireless charging project could put the tech on the Interstate in Indiana. And are iron-air batteries good for a smart-energy grid? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A startup claims to have reached a breakthrough on an iron-air cell chemistry that could be put to use in economical grid-storage or buffering roles—thus helping with some of the logistical hurdles of putting heavier loads on the grid with more electric vehicles. 

With a project in Indiana, dynamic high-power wireless charging could be deployed on a stretch of Interstate highway—after preliminary testing in concert with Purdue University and the state’s Department of Transportation. 

Did you catch our first drive of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS? Although there’s very little Model S rivalry up close, we found that this big electric fastback succeeds on the grace note. 

And over at Motor Authority: Mercedes-Benz just teased its upcoming EQS electric crossover—in top-lux Maybach form. 


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