Does Hades really cost too little? The point of view of a Japanese analyst

Does Hades really cost too little? The point of view of a Japanese analyst

Hades is one of the independent titles that has garnered the most accolades over the past few years. Suffice it to say that since its arrival in Early Access on the Epic Games Store it has enjoyed considerable success, since its debut in Early Access. In 2020 the definitive consecration: the 1.0 release convinced most of the foreign (and also Italian) colleagues to give him a well-deserved Game of the Year Award. For a few days the work of Supergiant Games has also been available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles, but is it really worth the price of the ticket?

For every Hades there are at least ten obscene stuff. And that's not good. Nobody doubts the quality of Hades: from the artistic to the technical department, Supergiant Games has certainly succeeded in providing a game that is almost complete from every point of view. The price, however, could be wrong, at least according to Serkan Toto, a Japanese analyst who works in the field of video games. Toto turned his thoughts to Twitter, stating that he thinks the stock is being sold below cost.

“If I were an advisor to Supergiant I would have begged the team to sell Hades for more than $ 30. For this quality, the game is sold at 30% of the value less ”, the words of Toto, spread on Twitter. A legitimate point of view, especially considering that we are talking about a much smaller team and that has not received large external funding or the support of a large publisher. A sort of financial analysis, which, however, perhaps does not take into account the sales of the Early Access version: the price of the game in fact in December 2018 was $ 19.99 and reached its maximum in May 2019, without then changing further.

If I had been Supergiant's advisor, I would have * implored * them to offer Hades for higher than the US $ 30 it is going for now.

For its quality, the game is at least 30% underpriced. #eviladvisor #zagreus

- Dr. Serkan Toto / Kantan Games Inc. (@serkantoto) August 14, 2021

Hades is definitely one of the games that will be remembered in the history of this industry . Even if sold below cost, at least according to Serkan Toto, it is probably a plus point to the distribution: with a higher price, perhaps, it could not reach all the players who are rushing to discover the beautiful rogue like created by Supergiant Games.

The physical version of Hades for the Xbox console is still available on Amazon, without price increases.

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