Visa: new initiative to support the digitization of small businesses and Italian SMEs

Visa: new initiative to support the digitization of small businesses and Italian SMEs


Two new collaborations are underway as part of Visa's commitment to the digitization of small local merchants and SMEs. Together with myPOS and Vidra, Visa presents two new offers to facilitate the adoption of tools such as ecommerce and the acceptance of electronic payments by local small and micro businesses, at advantageous conditions for the months of April and May.

Throughout Europe and in Italy, Covid-19 continues to have a highly negative impact on small businesses. Research conducted by Visa revealed that 65% of SMEs are worried about the future of their businesses.

Forced to operate under restrictions and closures, small businesses are progressively migrating their business to online channels and increasingly adopt digital payment acceptance systems.

The latest Visa data shows that more than 10 countries in Europe have recorded a 20% increase in online sales, which in Italy reaches a peak of 30% , and that eight out of ten card transactions made in-store are now contactless.

For the whole month of April and May, local merchants and small and medium-sized enterprises will have access to, at particularly advantageous conditions, two quick, innovative and simple solutions to grow your online business and develop acceptance of new electronic payment tools.

In particular, local merchants and SMEs will be able to access myPO S, the solution that offers the service and equipment necessary for the acceptance of all types of digital payments.

Thanks to the collaboration with Visa, merchants and small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to take advantage of one of the more versatile terminals than myPOS, myPOS Go, together with a business Visa card included in the package. Initiative available at the dedicated link.

But also to Vidra, the platform for creating an e-commerce that offers all the services necessary to bring your business online without having technical or design skills: from site configuration to warehouse management and of shipments, to the acceptance of credit card payments.

This initiative is part of the broader program to support the digitization of SMEs launched by Visa last year, with the aim of supporting 8 million small businesses and local exhibitors at European level, of which 2 million have already joined the program.

An initiative that in Italy has seen, starting from May 2020, the involvement of some of the main players of the sector, who have collaborated in the creation of the Visa platform, including Nexi, myPOS, Vidra, Axepta BNP Paribas, Axerve, Shopify, Sumup and WebSite X5.

Small and micro enterprises are the backbone of the economy global, and rappr exempt over 50% of European GDP. The program launched by Visa to support them in this moment of particular difficulty is focused on some strategic areas, including the development of advanced payment systems that meet the new needs of security, immediacy and simplicity.

Raising awareness among consumers about the importance of supporting local merchants through their purchases, supporting the digitization process and the adoption of digital payments, to give continuity to business activities and make SMEs and local merchants more competitive, in Italy and all abroad.

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