The Witcher 3: Ciri's cosplay in the Saiwestwood sauna is enchanting

The Witcher 3: Ciri's cosplay in the Saiwestwood sauna is enchanting

The Witcher 3

Often the most loved characters are those who know how to show themselves from different points of view, both in terms of character and aesthetics. Ciri, from The Witcher 3, is a constant figure in Geralt's adventures and we get to see her in different situations. In an advanced phase of the game, the young warrior finds herself in a sauna with only a few cloths to cover her: one might think that it is not particularly interesting to recreate in a cosplay, but this does not stop content creators from all over the world from putting themselves in the test. Now, Saiwestwood offers us his own version of Ciri in the sauna.

As you can see in the two images shared by the cosplayer on Instagram, her version of Ciri in the Sauna from The Witcher 3 is extremely faithful to the original. Saiwestwood explains that he didn't get the chance to take these photographs in a real sauna, but he tried to recreate an interesting environment in his studio. The result is certainly of quality, also thanks to the careful choice of colors, which move on various shades of yellow and white.

It is not the first time that we have seen this character proposed in this version. For example, in the past we have admired Ciri's cosplay in the sladkoslava sauna: she is hot, beware! Changing genre, we also propose the cosplay of Zelda by Grusha: she is celestial.

How not to mention the cosplay of Himiko Toga by lit.miracle: she bewitches you with her eyes. Pepper's Lisa cosplay is also perfectly done. Finally, if you want to stay in The Witcher 3 theme, here is the cosplay of Ciri from Likeassassin: she is the most beautiful ever.

What do you think of Saiwestwood's cosplay? Has this version of Ciri in the sauna from The Witcher 3 convinced you, or have you seen higher quality creations?

Have you noticed any errors?

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Broke CDPR’s Profit Record, Triple The Witcher 3’s Launch Year

Cyberpunk 2077


While the legacy of Cyberpunk 2077 is mostly that of an unfinished game that has had so many problems it remains banned from the PlayStation store, one narrative that is sliding under the radar is just…how many copies this thing sold.

CDPR has released some preliminary numbers ahead of its full annual earnings report, and they are deeply impressive, especially considering the issues surrounding the game at launch.

The 2020 release of Cyberpunk allowed CDPR to break its all times sales record with $562 million in consolidated sales revenues.

This is about 2.5 times, nearly triple, the previous record when The Witcher 3 launched in 2015, which had $210 million in revenue that year. The profit record was also broken, and that one was triple 2015, $303 million versus $89.8 million.

Think that’s crazy? It’s even more significant when you remember that The Witcher 3 launched in May of that year, while Cyberpunk 2077 launched in December, with just a few weeks to sell all those copies. The last numbers we heard from CDPR were back in December with 8 million pre-orders leading to 13 million copies sold. And yes, that was after refunds at the time, which were likely less large in volume than you think.

The Witcher 3


The Witcher 3 was more of a long tail success, going on to snowball in popularity over time. Cyberpunk 2077 absolutely has had some sharp sales drop-off, given both the problems with the game and the fact that Sony, owner of the largest console gaming platform on earth, is refusing to sell a digital copy of it in its store. But it’s already a huge sales hit regardless.

This is where CDPR feels like they’re in limbo now, and the plans for Cyberpunk 2077 remain somewhat nebulous. They have said they are committed to fixing the game so it can “sell for years to come.” They are still doing free DLC this year and the next-gen release of the game probably this fall. They still say they’re doing paid DLC expansions, but they’re not talking about them yet. They have, however, cancelled a huge multiplayer game tied to Night City.

Cyberpunk is a really, really complicated situation almost unlike anything else in the industry. Massive sales at launch, but a game so broken it was pulled from a major store. But if you could get past the bugs or played on a hyper optimal system like a high-end PC, there were many elements of the game that were actually quite great. As much as I write about Cyberpunk’s problems, I myself quite enjoyed it, and I’m not alone. But the legacy of the game is clouded by its issues and CDPR’s reaction to those issues.

This is going to be a long saga, mark my words. But in the end, it’s unclear if CDPR will alter the current legacy of the game and change the narrative surrounding it. If not, hey, at least it sold well.

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