The new comic releases of the week

The new comic releases of the week

Children, adolescents and adults. There is something for comic manga fans of all ages with the latest releases at newsstands, bookstores and online stores

Superheroes, zombies, teenagers and astronaut musicians. The cast put into play by the new comics released this week in bookstores, newsstands and online stores is more varied than ever.

With a special guest from the world of video games, the arrival of a dystopian sci-fi saga to the rhythm of music, a manga of zombies and teenagers and an Italian superhero unleashed against the fascists. What more could you ask for?

1. Batman / Fortnite: zero point, by Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, AA. VV.

TM & 2021 DC. All Rights Reserved The worlds of comics and video games have always been adjacent, and DC Comics is not new to seeing their superhero icons successfully used in successful titles such as Injustice, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe or in the born series. with Batman: Arkham Asylum. This time the passage is reversed and it is the world of comics that is invaded by the universe of gamers - indeed, by a video game in particular.

So poor Batman finds himself sucked into an anomaly that appeared in Gotham City inside the island of Fortnite, one of the most successful "pop shooters" of recent years, a battle royal (free-for-all competition in which there can be only one surviving winner) that skilfully mixes shootings, constructions and unlikely characters ( including Captain America and the Avengers).

Batman will have to use all his gadgets and deductive skills to solve the mystery behind the island and the truth of the mysterious "zero point". Thus begins a six-issue miniseries in which each issue will contain a code to redeem special content in the video game, all Batman-themed of course (Panini Comics, 32 pp, 3 euros).

2. The Prism vol. 1. Burn, by Matteo De Longis

Music will save the world, literally. A monstrous shadow snakes over the Earth's oceans, bringing catastrophe and devastation. Smoke On The Water (does anyone remember Deep Purple?) Is a deadly form of noise pollution that threatens to end society as we know it.

Megacorporation Plexi has a plan as crazy as it is ambitious. Send a band of the best musicians on the planet, each with their own style and personality, into space to capture the sound of the cosmos and use it to defeat the creeping menace.

Da this premise that in other hands would soon slip into parody or action-fantasy-alternative (such as happened in Daniel Warren Johnson's MurderFalcon, where sound metal was used to counter giant Kaiju), Matteo De Longis draws a science fiction saga with dystopian flavors and anime tones, in which for the first time he deals with texts, pencils and colors. The Prism - Burn! is the first volume of seven (Bao Publishing, 184 pp, 21 euros).

3. Black daggers, by TAMassociati (R. Pantaleo, M. Gerardi, M. Spallino)

In a fascist and black and white Rome, Professor Leone Valenti is about to be attacked by the black shirts. His fault evident to everyone: not having signed the oath of allegiance to the regime. But the professor also hides other subversive activities, such as being the head of a clandestine organization that gives assistance to those persecuted by fascism.

Fortunately for the professor, that night he is saved by Ettore, a gypsy boy from incredible athletic prowess. A friendship begins between the partisan intellectual (whose only son died in Abyssinia) and the orphan who grew up in a circus, who in turn could hide much more than a secret.

Who hides himself, in fact, behind the mask of Aenigma, the masked man who is giving the fascists a hard time, the only one able to oppose the sinister secret brigade of the Black Daggers? A little "super" but very "hero" character is the protagonist of the new graphic novel which reminds everyone of the importance of resistance to fascism (BeccoGiallo, 336 pp, 20 euros).

4. Zombie 100. A Hundred Things To Do Before You Don't Die, by Haro Aso, Kotaro Takata

What is life like after a zombie apocalypse? Not bad for young Akira. Before the undead conquered the world he was exploited by the company he worked for, he had no special qualities or talents, he was devoid of enthusiasm and he was also without a girlfriend.

The only pastime capable of distracting him from a gray and bleak existence was obsessively watching zombie movies, compiling a list of "100 things to do before becoming an undead". When he wakes up one morning to find Tokyo teeming with walking corpses, it's a dream come true. And a great chance to start ticking off your wish list.

The first issue of a funny manga that starts with the motto of "I'd rather be devoured by a zombie than tell her I love her" (J- Pop, 192 pp, € 5.90).

5. Words can do everything, by Silvia Vecchini, Sualzo

Words can do everything, if you can use them. But it's not easy for everyone. Let's take Sara, who has really too much happened in the last year. An accident, the divorce of the parents, a possibly incurable quarrel with her best friend. And now Sara can no longer find words, she is no longer able to tap into their power.

Until she meets Mr. T, an elderly man obsessed with the Hebrew alphabet and old stories. Maybe a crazy old man, maybe an unexpected mentor who came into Sara's life at the right time. The mysterious letters that the girl begins to learn awaken something in her and, little by little, the right words return to live, to rediscover friendship, to love.

The new work by Silvia Vecchini and Antonio “Sualzo” Vincenti, a couple of authors of children's books published all over the world, from Japan to the United States (Il beaver, 240 pp, 15.50 euros).

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